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Class Valuation Maximizing ROV Conversion Rates 47

Class Valuation Maximizing ROV Conversion Rates

It’s truly mind-boggling that a company would brag about their higher ROV conversion rates for the ROV process as if it’s some kind of badge of honor. Recently, Class Valuation took to social media to boast about their Reconsideration of Value’s process (ROVs), claiming higher conversion rates and urging clients to choose them for a confident closing. Any company that is touting they have the highest ROV conversion rates should raise some red flags. The process of ROVs is meant to be a last resort when there are legitimate concerns or discrepancies in an appraisal report. It should not be...

Class Valuation Requests for Proposals 80

Class Valuation Requests for Proposals

It turns out they were actually rejecting your proposals and not your bids!  It’s time to grab your popcorn and settle in for another round of AMC shenanigans. Last week, Class Valuation, the esteemed AMC known for their impeccable reputation, sent out an email to appraisers claiming that they do not “bid for the cheapest and fastest appraisal.” Instead, they send out a request for proposal, because apparently, they are now a Fortune 500 company looking for fancy proposals from appraisers. Just imagine the appraisers scrambling to put together PowerPoint presentations and fancy graphs to impress Class Valuation. But hey,...

Clean-Slate Laws, Bad Policy Could Dispatch More Felons to Borrowers Homes 8

‘Clean-Slate’ Laws, Bad Policy Could Dispatch More Felons to Borrowers’ Homes

The idea of unlicensed individuals being hired off the streets and paid a pittance to video and photograph the interiors of borrowers’ homes, which would include the exact location of valuables and children’s bedrooms, has been unsettling to some.  An astute real estate broker recognized the name of a Michigan man awaiting sentencing in an armored-car robbery. The latter had been engaged by one of six companies authorized by mortgage giant Fannie Mae to dispatch so-called “data collectors” to borrowers’ homes. The broker alerted the bank and the National Association of Realtors. New, progressive laws designed to conceal felony convictions...

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