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Mortgage Application Volume Nearing Historic Low 8

Mortgage Application Volume Nearing Historic Low

Appraisers, I’m almost reluctant to distribute this article, but the reality is what it is. Per the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), the loan application volume is at another low point in our history. The article in Mortgage News Daily titled “Mortgage Application Volume at Lowest Levels Since 1996” in this link provides context. For a related perspective, the article contains a graph, which can be expanded to show mortgage rates and application volume for decades. The brown line in the graph shows 30 year mortgage rates – since early 1971. The light blue indicates the loan application volume, which corresponds...

It’s a Great Time to Leave the Appraisal Profession 122

Leaving the Appraisal Profession

It’s a Great Time to Leave the Appraisal Profession. I can hear the chorus of my fellow appraisers rising up in disagreement with me. I envision many of them screaming, “But I love being an appraiser”! Yeah, I hear you. I loved being an appraiser too. Let’s not consider what we were but what they want us to become. First, ask yourself if you are still making a livable wage. I’m not and instead of blaming myself, I started running the numbers. In, my high value market, 18% of the solds were cash sales. No appraisal required on those! Values...

Appraisers Pressured to Inflate Values Based on Race 12

Appraisers Pressured to Inflate Values Based on Race

The real estate appraisal industry has long been subject to pressure from various sources, such as lenders, borrowers, and agents. In the past, this pressure often came in the form of withholding business if appraisers refused to inflate values, or ignore property deficiencies. Nowadays, it appears that government efforts, aimed at curbing discrimination, are actually leading to increased pressure on appraisers to inflate values. This is a troubling development for honest appraisers who may be feeling more pressured than ever before by those looking for higher numbers than what an accurate appraisal would yield. Unfortunately, some have taken this opportunity...

The Unbiased Reality of Census Tract Data Dump... Open Letter to FHFA 11

The Unbiased Reality of Census Tract Data Dump… Open Letter to FHFA

Folks, the following letter was sent to FHFA by an appraiser I know. It was sent in response to the ‘first’ data dump FHFA made which uses CENSUS TRACT data to try to convince others that appraisers are biased by using ‘people demographics’ contained in Census Bureau info. You can find that ‘dump’ here. The writer of that first FHFA dump was identified by name, and included an email address. So the appraiser wrote a respectful email to Mr. Russell. It turns out, shortly after this FHFA document was released, Mr. Russell left FHFA. So this nice letter sent several...

Finding of Bias in Home Valuations Fails by Own Measure 34

Finding of Bias in Home Valuations Fails by Own Measure

To the surprise of no one, their redacted study found that what Perry et al. had characterized as race-based differences in home valuations were almost entirely due to socio-economic status, not racial bias by real estate appraisers. In an updated refutation of the findings of Brookings Institution researcher Andre Perry, Edward Pinto and Tobias Peter of the AEI Housing Center demonstrated just how broken the Brookings research was. Perry’s 2018 research, titled “The Devaluation of Assets in Black Neighborhoods,” pinned the nation’s racial wealth gap on 80,000 state-licensed real property appraisers. Unfortunately, these now-discredited findings have been levered by housing-industry...

Appraisal Bias - A Counterpoint 14

Appraisal Bias – A Counterpoint

It is a fact that 85% of appraisers are white with the majority of them being middle-age white men, although that is rapidly changing. The bias argument presupposes they are inherently more biased than women, Hispanic, African American, Asian, Pacific-islander, etc. We simply don’t have enough data to verify whether this is true or not. Therefore, as the argument goes, white appraisers must be biased. Just as there are more black NFL players in professional football it follows that the majority of touchdowns will be scored and fumbles made by a black player. We can, and should, encourage more diversity...

Isn't that Just PAVEY! PAVE Response and Marcia Fudge 16

Isn’t that Just PAVEY! PAVE Response and Marcia Fudge

Folks, the American Enterprise Institute Housing Center has been, to date, the only major voice in the wilderness I’ve seen publicly defending appraisers and the appraisal process. They have refuted most of the highly touted ‘studies’ promoted by Dr. Andre Perry and others, which the current administration has considered the gospels of appraiser intolerable performance. The Biden-created ‘black oriented’ 13 agency PAVE Taskforce, co-chaired by HUD Secretary Marcia L. Fudge, who is a black lady, issued another report recently. AEI’s response to that is in the PDF below. Please read it. Meanwhile, Ms. Fudge recently appeared at the 75th Annual...

PAREA Program & Its Negative Impact on Diversity 15

PAREA Program & Its Negative Impact on Diversity

The study also found that the PAREA program is not as effective in providing a more accessible pathway to licensure as the traditional apprenticeship model.  Practical Applications of Real Estate Appraisal (PAREA) is a program that aims to revolutionize the real estate industry by increasing the number of appraisers. However, after listening to the Appraisal Institute speaker at yesterdays board meeting it quickly became evident that this initiative is a complete failure. You cannot start PAREA until you have received all your real estate appraisal education. 94 hours = $1,700 per McKissock Appraisal Institute speaker said that most AMC’s/banks won’t...

List of Banned Words... The Nightmarish End of Home Appraisals 27

The Nightmarish End of Home Appraisals

In his 1946 essay “Politics and the English Language,” the late British novelist, essayist and critic George Orwell examined the connection between political orthodoxies and the debasement of the English language. In a truly Orwellian move, mortgage giant Freddie Mac recently announced its intent to censor an arbitrary collection of words such as “desirable,” “safe,” “well-kept,” “student” and “crime” when they appear, in any context, in the hundreds of thousands of appraisal reports it relies on in mortgage underwriting. It would be hard to make this up. One of the banned words – “desirable” – will be recognized by students...

AMC Engagement Letter: Do Not Include Your Invoice 16

AMC Engagement Letter: Appraisers Do Not Include Your Invoice

File the complaint against the AMC yourself OR Forward the engagement letter to VaCAP to file on your behalf.  At the recent Virginia Appraisal Board Meeting on Wednesday June 28th, a discussion occurred about Appraisal Management Companies prohibiting appraisers from including their invoices with the appraisal report. The overall consensus of the Board Members was this practice could be a violation of Virginia Appraisal Management Company Statute § 54.1-2022 B. “B. The appraisal management company shall not prohibit an appraiser from disclosing in the appraisal report the actual fees charged by an appraiser for appraisal services, and shall otherwise comply...

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