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Fannie Mae Eroding Consumer Protection 0

Eroding Consumer Protection

Waiving appraisal requirements on residential homes could erode consumer protection, stall attempts to create diversity in the profession…  The recent announcement from Fannie Mae that they will waive the requirement for residential home appraisals has caused quite a stir in the industry. Fannie Mae’s decision to waive appraisals during this time of soon to come recession and bank liquidity issues is both surprising and concerning, and could have serious implications for both consumers and financial institutions alike. With falling values across many markets combined with rising mortgage rates putting even more pressure on borrowers’ wallets, this decision could potentially put...

Dear Representative, FNMA Has Gone Rogue! 36

Dear Representative, FNMA Has Gone Rogue!

Dear representative, waiving/eliminating property appraisal for lending purposes is wanton recklessness.  Fannie Mae’s decision to waive/eliminate property appraisal for lending purposes is nothing more than wanton recklessness that could have serious repercussions in the future. The truth of the matter is that appraisals are an essential part of any mortgage transaction and should not be taken lightly or eliminated without due consideration. Without them, there can be no assurance as to whether a homebuyer will get what they pay for or if lenders will make bad investments with their money. In short, waiving/eliminating property appraisal requirements puts everyone at risk...

AQB Initial Fair Housing Course 11

AQB Initial Fair Housing Course

Mandatory completion of an initial fair housing course lasting 7 hours by January 1st 2025, as well as 4 additional hours every renewal cycle thereafter.  Recently, the Appraiser Qualifications Board (AQB) has proposed new requirements for those looking to become an appraiser or renew their certification/license. These include mandatory completion of an initial fair housing course lasting seven hours by January 1st 2025, as well as four additional hours every renewal cycle thereafter if this becomes standard practice. The following is taken right out of the new exposure draft on real property appraiser qualifications criteria. “The core goal is to...

How U.S. Home Valuations Are Being Subverted 20

How U.S. Home Valuations Are Being Subverted

At the crossroads of it all is a campaign to weaken or eliminate valuations… The nonprofit is now exploring ways it can set standards for automated valuations… Expect greater distortions from Freddie and Fannie’s plodding and committee-driven foray into automated valuations.  Sometimes when the hair on the back of your neck stands up, there’s a reason for it. The nation’s $11 trillion mortgage market has been nationalized. This coup occurred in broad daylight and gradually. With Freddie and Fannie now in their second decade in federal conservatorship, the prospect that they will ever again be subjected to the watchful eye...

We Need a Lobbyist to Protect the Public Interest 132

We Need a Lobbyist

Who is going to organize raising the funds and hiring the lobbyist? We are woefully behind the curve here. Myself and many others were organized in the early 1990s and managed to protect the appraisers’ interests for the most part at that time. Here in 2023, there does not appear to be any meaningful response other than the same old anecdotal war stories we pass along among ourselves. Yes, past markets crashed due to really bad mortgage products/underwriting, and banks failed due to really bad management decisions to go along with those mortgage schemes, but if Uncle Sam is going...

Garbage Data In Means Garbage Results Out Every Time! 23

AVMs… Garbage In, Garbage Out

Garbage data in means garbage results out every time!  It’s no secret that AVMs have been a thorn in the side of real estate appraisers since they first came out. Despite all their bells and whistles, these automated valuation models still rely on inaccurate public records and often come up with wildly inaccurate home values. Unfortunately, some consumers don’t realize this until it’s too late – when reality comes crashing down from a local real estate professional after they’ve already gotten their hopes up about their home value thanks to an AVM. Yesterday, a Virginia assessor emailed us with an...

Slew of Negative Reviews for Appraiser Miller 45

Slew of Negative Reviews for Appraiser Miller

Her Google & Yelp business pages have received a slew of negative reviews from people living as far away as New Zealand! As real estate appraisers, we understand the importance of accuracy and fairness in our work. We are expected to perform valuation services competently and in a manner that is independent, impartial and objective. We also know how important it is to uphold ethical standards in order to protect ourselves and our clients from potential legal action. The recent case of Austin v Miller serves as a reminder that even when we do our best, things can still go...

No Appraisals Required in the Future! The End of Appraisers? 43

No Appraisals Required. The End of Appraisers?

No appraisal may be required in the future! Fannie Mae took a direct shot at appraisers with the announcement of changes in their Selling Guide. Two options for the future, both of which do great harm to the appraisal industry. First, “third party” inspections. Appraisal trainees aren’t good enough, so now we will have unlicensed inspectors going through the homes of unsuspecting homeowners. And, with this inspection a traditional appraisal is no longer a requirement for the mortgage loan. Secondly, the 3rd party inspection is sent to a licensed appraiser. Fannie Mae wants an appraiser’s signature so the appraiser can...

Speed Regardless of Accuracy Under the Banner of Modernization 13

Speed Regardless of Accuracy Under the Banner of Modernization

Appraisers, something – comparing and contrasting – dawned on me last week, after reading another news release titled “Dean Kelker: Appraisal Modernization is Starting to Gain Momentum“, which is basically pushing an “Enterprise” singular ‘agenda’ of valuation speed regardless of accuracy. Under the banner of “modernization.” VA does not demand appraisers complete assigned appraisal assignments extraordinarily quickly. They give appraisers 7 – 10 days (depending on location) to submit the report after assignment. VA expects good quality and accurate information. FHA/USDA/ONAP also expects appraisal accuracy using an inspection protocol that many appraisers object to, and some choose not to do...

Marin City Discrimination Case Settled 30

Marin City Discrimination Case Settled

It’s unfortunate that this case was SETTLED in the way it was, because in reality, nothing about racial discrimination and disparate treatment was actually proven at a full trial…  The first case that’s been adjudicated claiming appraiser discrimination has been SETTLED by the defendant appraiser and the plaintiffs, with the judge “dismissing all claims with prejudice”, meaning it cannot be re-opened by the plaintiffs, but it can be appealed to a higher court by the defendant. From what I know, this case never went to a full trial. Motions were only presented to the presiding judge, who made this ruling....

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