Author: Jeremy Bagott

Occupational Licensing Used to Intimidate and Shut Down Discourse 39

Occupational Licensing Used to Intimidate

It provides no better illustration of how occupational licensing promotes groupthink and intolerance to differing viewpoints… CALIFORNIA: WHERE RIGOROUS INQUIRY GOES TO DIE It smothers innovation and silences debate. These have been principal criticisms of occupational licensing over the years, and nowhere is innovation and debate under greater attack than in California. Last year, lawmakers there passed a bill tasking the state’s regulator of real estate appraisers to apply lopsided scrutiny to valuations that come in “low” (a friction point with the state’s powerful Realtors, lenders and homebuilders). California lawmakers now want to use the state’s medical board to intimidate...

Dystopian Future for Occupational Licensees; Appraisers Take Heed 70

Appraisers Take Heed

Her plight is an attack on occupational licensees everywhere. The nation’s long-suffering real estate appraisers, under attack by Congress in an election year, should pay close attention to what has happened in Nashville… Nurse’s Plight Signals Dystopian Future for Occupational Licensees; Appraisers Take Heed To err is human, but not if you’re a licensed nurse in the Regulatory Republic of Tennessee, where “dog eat dog” has become the state’s unofficial motto. In a first of its kind, a medical accident has resulted in both a license revocation and a criminal prosecution as a nurse was both stripped of her license...

Anti-Appraiser Agenda - Follow the Money! 25

Anti-Appraiser Agenda

Money may have been used to buy influence and promote the current anti-appraiser narrative being embraced by key public servants in the executive and legislative branches. TOOL MAY HELP APPRAISERS CONNECT DOTS TO UNRELENTING CHARACTER ATTACKS It’s reminiscent of a practice pioneered by Texas savings-and-loan kingpin Tom Gaubert in the 1980s. The idea was to have employees at his crumbling institution and those of his friends funnel a large number of small-dollar political donations to his buddy, Democratic House Speaker Jim Wright. The speaker, one of the most corrupt to hold the position (and that’s really saying something), spread the...

Scofflaw U.S. Agency Taps States for Its Backchannel Budget 1

Tapping States for Backchannel Budget

Scofflaw U.S. Agency Taps States For Its Backchannel Budget VENTURA, Calif. (February 4, 2022) – History is replete with cautionary tales about federal government enterprises with unchecked funding sources – that is, those outside the annual congressional appropriations process. One alternately funded enterprise was nicknamed “The Little Green House on ‘K’ Street.” Harry Daugherty, President Harding’s attorney general, set up the organization to accomplish ad hoc goals. It became a den of corruption that led to the Teapot Dome scandal. A half-century later, H. R. “Bob” Haldeman, President Nixon’s chief of staff, set up a similar off-the-books enterprise called the...

States Want Appraisers to Play Ball - Grievance Filed Against Appraiser 10

States Want Appraisers to Play Ball

“[The builder] filed a grievance against me… and threatened to file a grievance every time I or others appraised below purchase price.” California and Nebraska couldn’t be more different, but both clearly want their states to be more like the fictional town of Lake Wobegon – a place where all the men are good-looking, all the children are above average and all properties appraise at or above their sale price. Parts of California Assembly Bill 948, which was signed into law in September, read like something from the satirical news site The Onion. The statute requires the state’s appraiser enforcement...

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