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Appraisal news for real estate appraisers and real estate professionals regarding Appraisal Management Companies (AMC) and how they affect the Appraisal Industry.

LoanDepot Appraisal Discrimination Settlement 28

LoanDepot Appraisal Discrimination Settlement

Connolly and Mott v. Lanham, 20/20 Valuations, and loanDepot.com, U.S. District Court, Maryland. This is one of the appraisal discrimination cases that has received significant attention – among appraisers, the media and government agencies. A Black couple in Baltimore – Dr. Connolly and Dr. Mott, both university professors – filed suit in August 2022 alleging racial discrimination against loanDepot.com and the appraiser it engaged to appraise their home for a refinance. They alleged that the appraiser had taken into account their race in his valuation of their home in violation of the federal Fair Housing Act and other laws prohibiting...

The Lack of Transparency in Appraiser Compensation 16

The Lack of Transparency in Appraiser Compensation

The current system of bundling appraiser compensation with third-party fees can lead to confusion and frustration for both appraisers and consumers.  In their letter to the ASC, NAR highlighted the importance of appropriate compensation for appraisers. They stated that fair and reasonable compensation is critical to attracting and retaining high-quality appraisers, as well as allowing them to invest in their skills and education. However, the current system lacks transparency when it comes to reporting appraiser compensation. The issue lies in the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosures (TRID) form, which requires an aggregate appraisal fee to be reported. This means that the fee...

Recap of the 4th Appraisal Bias Hearing 9

Recap of the 4th ASC Appraisal Bias Hearing

On February 13th, 2024, the fourth ASC appraisal bias hearing took place. For those who were unable to attend, the video of the hearing has been included below. The hearing was a crucial event for the appraisal industry, and it is important for all appraisers to be aware of the discussions and topics addressed. The panel of witnesses included: David Bunton, President, The Appraisal Foundation E.C. Neelly IV, Executive Director, Mississippi Real Estate Appraisal Board Maureen Sweeney, Principal, Maureen Sweeney, Real Estate Appraiser Ltd. Melissa Tran, Director, Texas Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board Jillian White, Chief Executive Officer, Appraisal Insights...

The Sales Agents Derailed This Deal! 4

The Sales Agents Derailed This Deal!

The lender and the AMC could have applied that veto to the sales agents, using the appraisal as proof positive that the agents derailed this deal.  What is the ROV for? The answer is the listing agents pricing strategy and the buyers agents buying strategy. The lender will go through the appraisal with a fine tooth comb and microscope, while ignoring the fact the initial BPO and CMA which led to the listed price the contract was formed around, was totally inadequate and riddled with errors. Clearly off the page in relationship to existing market value indicators. I’ve seen numerous...

Let's All Build the Gallows Together 61

Let’s All Build the Gallows Together

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have issued a clarion call to all appraisers to pitch in and help build the gallows from which they will hang us all in 2025. The mission is to “modernize” the appraisal profession into a skeleton crew of compliant zombies who will be rubber stamping appraisal reports for $25 each (Source: Voice of Appraisal) from the dark confines of their private offices. “Grab some nails, get your hammer, pick up that saw and let’s build a new gallows… I mean model, that gives lenders everything they want and need to inflate the housing market into...

Class Valuation Maximizing ROV Conversion Rates 47

Class Valuation Maximizing ROV Conversion Rates

It’s truly mind-boggling that a company would brag about their higher ROV conversion rates for the ROV process as if it’s some kind of badge of honor. Recently, Class Valuation took to social media to boast about their Reconsideration of Value’s process (ROVs), claiming higher conversion rates and urging clients to choose them for a confident closing. Any company that is touting they have the highest ROV conversion rates should raise some red flags. The process of ROVs is meant to be a last resort when there are legitimate concerns or discrepancies in an appraisal report. It should not be...

AMCs Billing Scheme, Hidden Profits & Deceptive Practices 78

AMCs Billing Scheme, Hidden Profits & Deceptive Practices

Appraisers who do not agree to their hidden billing methods are excluded from the majority of the GSE lending marketplace for appraisal orders.  Appraisal Management Companies (AMC’s) do not pass on cost savings for reduced appraisal services to consumers. Instead, they keep the savings for themselves without disclosing the amount to the consumer or the appraiser. What should have been cost savings for the consumer are pocketed by the AMC in secret. This is considered a junk fee or unearned fee billing scheme under current law. Appraisers who participate in this system are in violation of The Management Rule of...

How Many Fees Are Needed for One Appraisal Order 65

How Many Fees Are Needed for One Appraisal Order?

Being beaten up about a fee increase request, new higher technology fees, or losing out to an order in a ridiculous bidding war and learning the AMC made more money than the appraiser on an order, or even having an order cancelled because someone else offered to take less compensation, are only a few of the issues the appraisal industry is facing.  After reflecting on 2023, from the position as an appraiser, experiencing the changes in volume of orders, the compensation being offered to the appraiser, the amount of waivers being given so no appraisal was required, and the roll...

AMCs Violating TILA and C&R Fee Clauses 85

AMCs Violating TILA and C&R Fee Clauses

Fellow Appraisers, the appraisal industry has been facing a major issue with AMCs violating the Truth in Lending Act (TILA) and the Customary and Reasonable fee clauses. This has not only caused harm to consumers but also to appraisers who are struggling to make a living. Despite efforts to bring this issue to light, it has been largely hidden from the public and regulators. However, it is time to change that and reveal the truth about what is really happening. To do so, we need to gather more data and evidence to establish a pattern of violations for these bids...

Class Valuation Requests for Proposals 82

Class Valuation Requests for Proposals

It turns out they were actually rejecting your proposals and not your bids!  It’s time to grab your popcorn and settle in for another round of AMC shenanigans. Last week, Class Valuation, the esteemed AMC known for their impeccable reputation, sent out an email to appraisers claiming that they do not “bid for the cheapest and fastest appraisal.” Instead, they send out a request for proposal, because apparently, they are now a Fortune 500 company looking for fancy proposals from appraisers. Just imagine the appraisers scrambling to put together PowerPoint presentations and fancy graphs to impress Class Valuation. But hey,...

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