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Appraisal Report Corrections Protocol 26

Appraisal Report Corrections Protocol

For some time, appraisers have written or called me, asking about how to do report corrections, or respond to client requests – after an original report has been sent in. I decided to distribute these suggestions to encourage a uniform procedure across the appraiser universe. I don’t recall ever seeing anything published about this topic. Disclose, don’t bury – modifications, corrections or responses to the original report, or even subsequent changes. I have seen too many reports where the appraiser hides changes within the body of the report as if those were part of the original, when in fact they...

Temporary Appraisal Requirement Flexibilities - FHFA Allowing Alternatives 18

Temporary Appraisal Requirement Flexibilities

Temporary Guidance From Fannie Mae… FNMA has issued temporary guidance on appraisal requirements, including allowing desktop & exterior-only appraisals… Folks, due to the ongoing COVID-19 national emergency, the GSE regulator FHFA and both GSE’s have issued new (temporary) guidance on Monday, March 23, 2020. These remain in effect through May 17, 2020, but could be extended due to the on-going situation. NOTE: I have seen nothing yet from FHA or VA. Appraisers (and AMCs) CANNOT modify assignments or reports without specific authorization from the lender client. Appraisers CAN choose to do, or not do, assignments under the inspection guidelines, and per directives...

A Flipper Transaction - Appraisal vs AVMs... Are AVMs Reliable? 3

Appraisal vs AVMs

…the ‘flipper’ realized that the list and contract price was way too high… I just saw an article titled “Realor.com now providing third-party home valuations” about Realtor.com now using a ‘new’ service to provide a home value. Just for grins, I thought I’d do this essay using one of my recent assignments for the case study, which was in Bellingham, WA. The home was undergoing renovations by a ‘flipper’, and it had a signed contract for a high $$ amount. The report was written ‘subject to’ completion of the repairs/renovations. During the initial inspection, the ‘flipper’ was present and doing...

Final Inspection When Not the Original Appraiser - Appraisers Blogs 29

Final When You’re Not the Original Appraiser

When You Complete a Final and Were Not the Original Appraiser First of all, let’s clear the air of any initial confusion that could be potentially floating around out there. It is absolutely okay for an appraiser to complete a final for a property when they were not the original appraiser on the original report. It is perhaps slightly more unusual, but completely ethical. However, there are a few issues that an appraiser could potentially run into if they are completing a final for a report where they were not the original appraiser. I am going to talk about one...

What Makes a Next Generation Home? - Appraisers Blogs 5

What is a Next Generation Home?

What makes a Next Generation home? Appraisers, both FNMA and FrMAC, in concert with manufactured housing builders and the Appraisal Institute, are promoting a new type of MANUFACTURED home, and CE classes to teach appraisers about them (and typical MFH). If your appraisal service area has manufactured homes, and you appraise them, you may want to peruse this essay. The name generically applied to these new manufactured homes is Next Generation (NG). Each GSE has a different name for their LENDING program, see below. Why is this happening? Up until relatively recently, the two GSE’s didn’t purchase manufactured home loans from...

New Client, Same Property... Allowed Options - Appraisers Blogs 2

New Client, Same Property

There is a problem that I would guess most appraisers run into on a somewhat frequent basis. Imagine the following scenario (it probably won’t be too hard since you have likely encountered something similar): You do an appraisal for Client A. Somewhere during the loan process, the loan is turned over or changed to Client B. Client B knows you recently completed an appraisal on the same property for Client A and asks for a copy of the appraisal in their name. What do you do next? It seems to me, at this point, you have at least four options:...

1004D Update Shenanigans... Potential Games Played by Some AMCs 24

AMC 1004D Update Shenanigans

Why wasn’t the original appraiser asked to do the 1004D Update? Here it is the new year, and the potential games played by some AMC’s have already started. On January 3, 2018, I received word from an appraiser that this “substitute” appraiser was asked by an AMC to do a 1004D Update on a report another appraiser had done in September 2017. The AMC provided the original appraisal with the assignment request. I see mentions of this kind of assignment on various forums I read, and the posters always question these requests. On the surface, it was not a highly...

Clarocity May Have Gone Dark.... Have AMCs Gone Dark? 34

Have AMCs Gone Dark?

Clarocity May Have Gone Dark… VaCAP has learned from one of our members the Appraisal Management Company, Clarocity Valuation Services, may have gone dark. The VaCAP member has invoices for their services over 30 days old and Clarocity has been unresponsive to numerous emails and phone calls over the past several weeks. Additionally, new orders are being assigned through their portal, Appraisal Scope. Virginia passed a 30 day prompt payment law that went into effect July 1, 2017. The statute is very clear that an AMC must pay an appraiser within 30 days from the initial delivery of the report....

The 1004D for Disaster Inspections 8

The 1004D for Disaster Inspections – Advice

When Disaster Happens… Appraisers, The phrase “disasters happen” is, unfortunately, all too common. Fires, floods, vehicle accidents, wind storms, hurricanes, tornadoes are all factors that can affect real property. When a local disaster happens, and is officially declared, lenders often ask appraisers to observe the current condition of their mortgaged properties. The assignment date may be days, weeks or months after the declared disaster. The hiccups, hang-ups and head scratching occurs when the lender or AMC asks for a ‘Disaster Inspection Condition Report’ to be done on the wonderful 1004D form. Something it is not designed to do. And this...

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