AMC Hires a Convicted Felon as Property Data Collector

AMC Hires a Convicted Felon as Property Data Collector. The recent case of Paschal Uchendu, a convicted felon awaiting sentencing for orchestrating a $1.2 million armed robbery of a courier van, which he was entrusted to secure, is cause for alarm when it comes to the use of unlicensed property data collectors. One of the largest appraisal management companies, Class Valuation, had hired Mr. Uchendu as one such property data collector despite his criminal background and pending legal issues – clearly demonstrating their lackadaisical attitude towards vetting employees who are tasked with collecting sensitive information about properties and homeowners. Class Valuation is among the six vendors approved by Fannie Mae to handle its new valuation process, which removes traditional appraisers from the equation.

ClassValuation hires a felon as Property Data Collector

This raises serious concerns about the potential risks posed by criminals using these services as an opportunity to target homes for robberies, sex crimes or other criminal activities – creating substantial liability not only for lenders but also GSEs (Government Sponsored Enterprises), taxpayers, homeowners, borrowers and others who order and rely on property data collection services. The only way to ensure safety and protect all parties involved is by utilizing licensed appraisers or their trainees who are bound by ethics codes, properly vetted through background checks mandated by their respective states in order to ensure safety & security within our communities at large!

Loan Guaranty Conference 2023 – Assisted Appraisal Processing Program (AAPP)

AAPP is NOT Bifurcated

  • VA is not Bifurcated as all parties are regulated by the state boards.
  • Mr. Paschal Uchendu, Property Data Collector.
    • Convicted Felon for staging an armed robbery of a van carrying more than 1.2 Million dollars
  • Largest AMC utilized him as a “Videographer” while convicted but awaiting sentencing.
  • Bifurcated appraisal process has risks our Veterans should not take on.

Convicted Felon as Property Data Collector



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58 Responses

  1. Abby Piper Higgins on Facebook Abby Piper Higgins on Facebook says:

    Maybe this will be the beginning of the end for data collectors!

  2. Avatar Pat says:

    Maybe this will be the end of CLASSLESS and their other partners in crime

    • Avatar ej says:

      I wish it were so, but this is one big corrupt cabal hell-bent on maximizing their profits and eradicating consumers and the housing market. Classless Valuation should not be in business. They are a crime syndicate.

  3. Avatar Lindsey says:

    I actually signed up for one of these companies. NOT to actually do the work, but to see what’s been offered and all that. Here’s part of a recent email (05/02/2023, after Fannie announcement) I received after being approved for their panel:

    Background Check Requirements:
    Certain clients are beginning to require basic background checks for those completing interior Property Data Collection (PDC) assignments.

    **Notice “certain clients are BEGINNING TO REQUIRE basic background checks. BTW, I can still get the work without a background check. It’s not mandatory.**

    Fannie states: Lender Vetting of Property Data Collectors, The lender must verify and be able to demonstrate that the data collectors are vetted through an annual background check.

    Notice the inconsistencies? But the lenders don’t care and neither do the AMCs. You really think Fannie will look into PDCs being used? Absolutely not! Now it’s time for another cover up…..

    • Baggins Baggins says:

      Lindsey, excellent. Me and a few other appraisers used to chime in with this but we have long since simply abandoned being on their mailing lists. Thank you for being willing to do that though. What is the fee? We want real time screen image grabs of order offers, specifically including the fee. Getting these together for public posting is as easy as using the ‘snipping tool’, which comes standard with all Windows software, and then also using the also standard free ‘paint’ or ‘paint 3d’ tool, clipping an image, then importing an image, then scrubbing or blurring identifying information, then snipping or saving it again as a simple image file.

  4. Avatar Johnny Q says:

    The fundamental change, the plan is all coming together: 1 Reduced sentences, time served, off you go – No bail inducements – Theft reduced to misdemeanor and not even investigated. 2) Appraisal waivers now Value Acceptance 3) Homebuyers with good credit now to subsidize those with not so good credit. 4) Revert back to #1, let them inside your house. They need jobs, too.

    • Baggins Baggins says:

      Crime is on the rise, by design. Let’s see, should I post something on the Darien Gap, or auto theft… We’ll keep it casual, at least for now.

  5. Avatar antonio says:

    By far the worst AMC in the industry is CLASSLESS.

  6. Avatar Bob Bobson says:

    So reading the notice from Western District it seems the person named here was driving the truck carrying the cash and was caught. HOWEVER – nothing says he had a previous record (which sensible people might assume an armored truck company would find) so … with charges PENDING … how would even a background check show this information to the AMC?

    I absolutely am not in favor of the process, think it’s just silly and wrong, and don’t have any love for the idea that a data processor can come anywhere close to an appraiser. I just don’t see where the record would be found prior to sentencing (which was scheduled in March). Argue the point on the lack of skill or training or knowledge and maybe even the fact that a 3D rendering tells you nothing about the community or comparables, and leave the fear factor out of the equation. It’s not reliable and doesn’t tackle the argument. (p.s. not an appraiser)

    • Avatar Bill Billson says:

      Bob, you are correct. However, this isn’t about background checks. A licensed professional who has a career in appraisal, who is bound by ethics, and whose livelihood is on the line PROTECTS against criminality. An Uber driver who gets paid minimum wage minus expenses who has nothing to lose INVITES criminality.

      • Avatar Todd Redington, SRA AI-RRS AGA says:

        Bill, You must be reading a different article….. cuz …. and I quote

        “clearly demonstrating their lackadaisical attitude towards vetting employees”

        So, yeah it clearly IS about background checks among other things, but the main thrust is the safety of the public by a company that purportedly did not do a background check….

        BUT they did.

        Remember a short while back there was a mass shooting… or 3 or 10 where it turns out the conviction records of the perpetrator somehow just mysteriously never made it into the system???

        Same thing here… maybe. It all depends on timing cuz as usual the article is vague and jumbled. It cites emphatically that the person was a convicted felon…. but then says something about “pending legal issues” which infers that the conviction was not yet concluded. Would be nice if the author actually gave a timeline of how things went down, especially when the conviction occurred and when the person was hired.

        You don’t want civi’s doing PDCs, perfect, neither do I, but that is a different topic. Don’t malign/slander someone or a company for something based on a splashy headline that has no clue the exact process that this or any other company has to vet their employees. It’s not perfect, nobody’s vetting system is. The good news is it was found out BEFORE he ever went out on an assignment. Do I work for Class?? technically I am on their list, but I only do the jobs nobody else will do and I charge too much for Class to use me, so for all practical purposes no I do not. However, would I work for Class if their fee matched up with my SOW, absolutely, I would not hesitate for a moment.

        PS – Just because there are people out there that have a low self worth and will work for pennies on the appraisal dollar, does not mean they can’t be taught how to do it and do it for a hell of a lot less. Its called capitalism and supply/demand. You want to keep charging big fees, find a niche nobody else will work in. You want to circle the fee drain of lender appraising well then keep doing what your doing and keep voting for people letting in the child slave labor across the boarder…. google McDonald’s child labor violations…. Those are the people that are going to tank the income and economy of our nation.

        • Avatar IMJSAYN says:

          Todd, where do you get your information? “The good news is it was found out BEFORE he ever went out on an assignment.”

          According to the Veterans Administration (see screenshot and PDF in the article):

          “Mr. Paschal Uchendu, Property Data Collector.
          Convicted Felon for staging an armed robbery of a van carrying more than 1.2 Million dollars
          Largest AMC UTILIZED him as a “Videographer” while convicted but awaiting sentencing.”

          Class DID use him as PDC. So why would you say otherwise?

          Also, there are screenshots in other forums with the property address intact. Property was listed in Dec. 2022 and sold on 1/23/23. The property data collector was arrested in March 2022.

          Are you affiliated with Class?

          • Avatar Todd Redington, SRA AI-RRS AGA says:

            As stated in my post, I am not affiliated with Class. That said, I do know someone there high enough in the chain that would know and the person in question never performed an assignment. The situation was caught prior to their performing any assignments and removed from the panel. This is why I wait until I know all the facts before throwing a company or a person under the bus. No, I will not divulge the person’s name, but they have my highest respect and confidence and if that person says the criminal did not go on any assignment, then can say with the utmost confidence, they did not go out on any assignment. They may have had an address, they may have been given the assignment to do, but it was cancelled before they were able to complete it.

            As for supplying the listing of the house in question…. where is there any reference to who took the pictures? Obviously the house was listed and sold and there were going to be pictures, but just because pictures were supplied does not mean he took them. Unless I am missing something.

            RE: the VA, you are correct they use the term “utilized” implying he did do work for Class. I can only think of two possibilities:
            1- he was hired to perform scans of properties that they call “videography” but never sent him on a job.
            2- if he did do any work for them, it was not PDC or ACE work and may have been a prior to the PDC scope of work, just like proxipix or other social media style photo taking site he may have just been taking pictures from the street of houses. Is that semantics??? sure, but its not illegal to take pics of a house from a car and there is no public safety issue with that. AND before anyone says… but your giving them a specific address….. yeah, and how many for sale signs and vacant driveways did they have to pass to go take the one picture of the front of a house?

            • Avatar IMJSAYN says:

              Todd, not to be disrespectful but did you read the article half asleep?

              There is a screenshot of the message sent by Classless to POC stating:

              This is Class Valuation reaching out on behalf of Nationstar Mortgage / Mr Cooper for the purchase of xxx… Please connect with your DATA COLLECTION SPECIALIST Paschal Uchendo etc.

              There is no other possibilities but one. He was hired by Classless as a data property collector.

              This AMC that you are defending while throwing your peers and this forum under the bus is one of the worst AMCs out there, hence its nickname among appraisers.

          • Avatar Todd Redington, SRA AI-RRS AGA says:

            To follow up with my prior post with more verified information. Turns out a peer of mine was at the VA conference where this was discussed and the following was stated about the situation:
            The point of all this debate is missing the main question, how was this felon finally discovered? It was alluded to at the conference that it was a Real Estate Agent that recognized the name from news accounts and stopped the inspection request.
            So no, the person did NOT complete the PDC request as has been eluded to and insinuated by your post of the listing and its pictures.

            • Avatar IMJSAYN says:

              You just made my point.

              Classless hired Paschal Uchendu as a Property Data Collector while he was awaiting sentencing for orchestrating a $1.2 million armed robbery. They did not vet him properly.

              Per your statement, which I have no way of verifying, only hearsay, the inspection didn’t occur thanks to a real estate agent, NOT Classless.

              You’re putting too much effort defending this AMC. Something doesn’t add up. Have you checked the low online 2 star reviews left by clients, contractors and employees? Why in the world would you spend so much time protecting an AMC who like so many scums in our industry regurgitates the false appraisal bias narrative?


              Something smells fishy!!

            • Avatar ej says:

              So what? If accurate, that makes it even worse. That means the listing agent did more due diligence than the company(Class) that hired the felon. So much for vetting these gig workers. Lol

              • Avatar Pat Turner says:

                Exactly! Classless tripped all over themselves in blind pursuit of self serving SPEED AND GREED!!

              • Baggins Baggins says:

                An entire amc corporation, a sweetheart of gse program managers special insider privileges gifting, bested in due diligence by a common individual sales agent. Classy.

                Somehow I don’t think the current iteration of this everyday amc company resembles anything similar to what the appraisal industry was first sold, their licensing admittance and allowances predicated upon.

                Hello, I’m a medical services manager. Sorry, the business of providing medical services was more profitably supplemented with providing tele health instead. Hello, I’m your banking agent. Sorry, our AI program will now answer all your questions and financial inquiries. Hello, I’m your real estate appraiser. Sorry, the only way the government allows me to review your home for market value purposes, is to utilize a series of third, fourth, and fifth party inspection services and data informational service companies, for a tenth of the previous appraisal fee, and your consumer fee has only increased. Amc’s, providing industry partnership to the appraisal community since 2008!

        • Avatar Brian says:

          Class Valuation has 1.08 out of 5 stars rating by the Better Business Bureau per customer reviews. What does your friend “high up” in the food chain at Class think about that? How much did Class pay Fannie Mae for the honor to be one of the big 6 with a 1 star rating? Enqiuring minds want to know…

      • Avatar Todd Redington, SRA AI-RRS AGA says:

        PS Bill
        As a former fraud investigator for FNMA, Sr Review appraiser for a regional bank and an active SME testifying against appraisers in my geographic sphere of influence where appraisers lie, misstate facts, manipulate data and flat out promise High and Low values conclusions depending on what is best for their client, you have some very thick rose colored glasses if you really believe that …. and I quote again….

        A licensed professional who has a career in appraisal, who is BOUND BY ETHICS, and whose livelihood is on the line PROTECTS against criminality

        In most states the investigative branch of the appraisal division is so thin, it takes years to get through an investigation, and only when the loss is large enough do they really pay attention…. and since most appraisals come in “at value” and make things run smoothly, who is complaining? How many bad appraisals do you think get through because the appraiser has no moral compass other than to put food on the table and they know if they don’t hit that $$$ they may not get another report…. Now think of all the ethical appraisers that do it right, come in under the contract legitimately and get smeared and complaints filed and God forbid it is a minority and they get labeled a biased appraiser and lose their entire life’s work over one appraisal…. Just like anything else, if there is no threat of accountability and lot, then there is no fear of punishment…. and from personal experience, there is no accountability.

        Want a very public example??? go to the Linked-in page for Jillian White SRA the chair of the bias task force for the AI and read her post about the Parker Family whitewashing experience…. Then read the comments below. Think she will ever answer for her crimes against our industry? think again.

        Oh, and do you think every appraiser under investigation for “ANYTHING” runs out and tells all their clients and notifies the state that they are “under investigation”? of course not, they are going to work until they can’t and then they are going to work until someone tells them they can’t. They are not going to “self report”. Remember, we still live in a innocent until proven guilty in the eyes of the justice system, too bad it does not work in Social Media and articles like this that really don’t have all the facts but just want likes and clicks to make it seem like they are the savior of the rank and file appraiser….

        Sorry if those rose colored glasses are not so rose colored.

        • Baggins Baggins says:

          Oh, the fond memories of having been told to retain the decade worth of appraisal experience, I would be required to march in to have my fingerprints recorded for the permanent record, ran through a federal database, black ink and all on paper like a prisoner being processed, just to retain the appraisers license. This of course, was not an initial licensing requirement of the position.

          The magic argument; ” It was alluded to at the conference that it was a Real Estate Agent that recognized the name from news accounts and stopped the inspection request.” Genius!

          ‘eluded to’
          So some agent, whom happened to be at this conference, happened to also be reading obscure news about bank robberies, and happened to be the same agent whom the alleged bank robber contacted for a property inspection, happened to recognize this as the same individual in the obscure news, and was so bold to stop the inspection process, and even talk about this publicly afterwards. Brilliant! If that’s you’re idea of adequate security and due diligence is, the only question left to be asked is; What’s your fee and turn time?

        • Avatar Bill says:

          We are talking about the safety of the inhabitants, not fudging numbers. Get over yourself.

          You’re proving my point. When your only requirement to become a data collector is to pass a background check, then you have set the bar extremely low. The world we live in is where the fastest and cheapest gets hired for mortgage work without my regard to competency or quality. That is the AMC model, and the PDCs run through the AMC will be no different. This means lots of work for self proclaimed ethical experts such as yourself.

    • Avatar IMJSAYN says:

      This was in the news back in March 2022

      Court docket 9/2022

      We all know that a social media screening is usually done prior to employment, when a candidate is applying for a job. A simple Google search by this AMC would have revealed this information.

    • Avatar Mandy Dellevoet says:

      He would have had an ARREST RECORD. He was arrested at some point, that should have shown up on any background check, regardless of the outcome. They could have asked or verified with the county docket.

      • Baggins Baggins says:

        “Bob Bobson”. Google to learn about this particular common name. Or pen name, you’re the quarterback, you make the call.

        ‘Argue the point/ skill, training, knowledge, 3d rendering regarding community or comparables.’

        First, the term ‘community’ would not be generally accepted appraisal report terminology, except under a specific context which also focuses on real property valuation, rather than character type or some other possibly subjective reasoning point. Additionally, even a personal inspection of a subject property would still never provide any additional reasoning or insight into comparable properties, but a personal drive by still does. And this personal drive by, performed by the licensed appraiser can reveal otherwise non disclosed, not properly qualified data, or concealed data, to the appraiser due to simple requirements that the appraiser personally takes photos of comparable properties they select to be presented in the report. Did you mean to say identifying external obsolescence? Please clarify your argument.

        ‘Leave fear factor out of the equation’. To what specifically are you referring to, the obvious potential for abuse of less restrictive systems where individual licensing and individual accountability are no longer present? Or perhaps you’re angling for some contrived sympathy for pending justice to persons whom do not respect the law of the land? Please clarify.

        We’re getting there, and we the licensed appraisers group whom are still standing after this rout, value your insight. ‘it’s not reliable, and does not tackle the argument’. What is the argument? Please clarify. Attempts to excuse an obviously inadequate process approach. Instead provide a clear counter argument why selecting a valid well vetted qualified state licensed appraiser IS NOT the better approach. I trust you’ve recognized the unnecessary emphasis with capital letters and such. Diversity of poster opinions! We are close to achieving equity in this thread. Inspiring.

      • Avatar Todd Redington, SRA AI-RRS AGA says:

        No Mandy, that is incorrect. arrest records are not reported to any background check system that would preclude someone from getting hired. To check with every county a prospective employee has ever been in in their life is not a practical solution…. what if they were arrested at Disneyworld, or in Yosemite on vacation…. charges dismissed, but still have an arrest record… You really gonna find those records? You gonna call all the cities and counties between those places and their home to see if there are any records or court dockets with your prospective employee’s name on it??

  7. Avatar Jaydee says:

    Who is going to be blamed for the first rape? First murder? The AMC and GSE’s? You can bet the farm their lawyers are working overtime to blame the appraiser somehow. When my Certification time to expire rolls around; I will NOT be renewing.

    • Avatar Todd Redington, SRA AI-RRS AGA says:

      OMG!!!! you are kidding Jaydee right?!?!? Seriously…. your hypothesis is ridiculous. Do you even know how the PDC flow works??? Please let me educate you
      Step 1) does the loan qualify for an appraisal waiver? If yes, cut the check, if No go to step 2
      Step 2) does the loan qualify if a satisfactory PDC is completed to verify condition and quality of the Assett? if yes, cut the check, if no go to step 3
      Step 3) supply the PDC report to a L/C appraiser and have them utilize that data to perform a desk appraisal…..

      So the lender orders the PDC, and in your hypothetical scenario someone is robbed or worse, the PDC report is given to an appraiser who has no affiiliation with the PDC in ANY way, and you think somehow the appraiser is going to be convicted in this nightmare of yours???

      The crime will have already been reported before the PDC report is ever even given to the appraiser. There is no way in God’s earth that the appraiser could in any way be tied to the crime.

      Please, tell me, how in the world do you think an appraiser receiving a PDC report could ever possibly be convicted of collusion or planning some hideous crime if the appraiser does not even know about the appraisal request until AFTER the crime has been committed?

  8. Avatar Fed up says:

    So much for wanting to provide “public trust.” This entire debacle with Fannie is a sham on the public and needs headlines to be exposed.

  9. Avatar Joseph Stachow Jr says:

    Start with complaining to you State Senator or representative; I believe that each State can mandate who can and who cannot perform inspections on a residence for lending purposes in that State. Appraisers are the big target here, I have been one for 19 years but can see the work slowing to a crawl, time to find some more cheese as my regular cheese diet has been moved.

  10. Avatar PJTMC says:

    Ah! And so it begins…. this is such a joke, and it will just be swept under the rug like everything else.

  11. Avatar Hamp Thomas says:

    Write a letter, make a call. Congress needs to pass a law to repeal Dodd-Frank. It’s time!!!

    • Avatar Eric Kennedy says:

      Or at least a few “revisions” are in order.

    • Mike Ford Mike Ford says:

      Hamp, why?

      How is Dodd Frank the problem?

      • Avatar Honest Appraiser says:

        by promoting the AMC business model to takeover 80+% of the FNMA mortgage work. Dudd-Fwank handed the AMC’s a golden ticket and they have abused the hell out of it.

        • Mike Ford Mike Ford says:

          H.A. Dodd-Frank gave AMCs NOTHING.
          DF codified a requirement to pay appraisers C&R fees. It further listed numerous specific violations of appraiser independence.

          Im no defender of the AMCs or status quo by any means but side-tracking from what should be real issues doesn’t do ajnyone any good.

          Id rather concentrate my efforts on fighting the outright documented FRAUD being perpetrated by FNMA against lenders as a result of quota-driven repurchase letters, based on spurious and unsupportable internal “reviews’.

      • Dodd-Frank has lots of positive things if they were acted on. It’s too long and not clear enough. However, that’s not the focus right now. The focus is eliminating appraisers and replacing them with 3rd party inspectors. The 5% total might change to 50% plus in the next few years. That’s a problem. And yes, I still have a problem with the total AMC model, especially the six given the keys to the kingdom. What fraud is Fannie Mae committing against lenders? The more knowledge the better.

        • Mike Ford Mike Ford says:

          Hamp I just submitted a draft article for AB to consider. See what you think. It does address fraud and a few other relevant issues of concern to appraisers.

          I suspect it is likely to trigger a response from certain ‘stakeholders’ and or regulators. Including the issues, you are concerned with.

  12. Avatar Andrew T Picarsic says:

    Jaydee you left one out. Child Molester. I recall about 10 years ago I had a Purchase Money Assignment. Showing Time Appointment indicated I could go anytime. Both Owners work. No Pets So I chose around 11am – 12. Its automated and approved . I get to home open the Lock Box. time box is opened is recorded. Agent is notified via the portal time arrived and departed(lock back up). Rang Doorbell, Entered and started to take my shoes off. Suddenly I hear 2-3 girls up stairs giggling etc I immediately picked up my shoes stepped back out of the house, closed and locked front door. Got in car and called Realtor….She did not know about the kids…said they probably were playing hookie from school. So I rescheduled Appointment. Insisting an Adult be there. Point is I was at high risk of an accusation. Imagine the risk of Harry Home Inspector – Part Time Aluminum Can Collector. See the Civil Risk for the Lender/AMC !!!

    • Avatar Jaydee says:

      You are correct. I forgot that one. I made it my practice NEVER to go to a home with anyone under 18 within.

  13. Avatar Eric Kennedy says:

    It’s a Sorry World we are living in. Prayers

  14. Baggins Baggins says:

    Touche Mr Bob Bobson. But if you were an appraiser, you’d understand a vital consideration point which appraisers take for granted. Such a pending case would have had to be legally disclosed to a state licensing agency if that guy held an appraisers license. I believe the legal disclosure requirement includes accusations or pending criminal charges. He would have never been completing that inspection service.

    These appraisal management companies whom are the size of corporations, often controlled by parent corporations, do not have to hire but one single licensed appraiser to satisfy the entire companies licensing requirement. We need individual accountability, something the appraisal management industry purposefully continues to erode.

    People need to get their minds around the fact that the term ‘appraisal management company’ is a misnomer. These companies send more vendor fulfillment requests to non appraisers than they do appraisers. Appraiser replacement companies are more like it. The amc’s manage appraisers right out of the picture, and replace us with less accountable more pliable people.

    Bill, great take, good simple relay of factual relevant talking points. IMJSAYN, what an interesting article. Sounds complicated. Some people purposefully are drawn to places where criminal activity can result in financial gain, the easier the crime, the least exposure and risk, the greater the criminal element draw. To think of all the wealth and material possessions appraisers are exposed to, often with no supervision what so ever. Our group has a long track record of being trust worthy, unlike amc’s, unlike lenders, unlike unlicensed third party vendor companies, etc, etc.

    All an appraiser would need is intent. The crime, would be the easy part. All that stops the appraiser is intent, as we purposefully pursued a challenging career in honest ethical dealings, a challenge not many are willing to make such a sacrifice for. The assurance of honest intent with a difficult to obtain appraisers license is a paramount consideration. Appraisers often choose to be in positions of accountability, under additional scrutiny, because we honestly want to help and we know trust worthy people are hard to find. The intention of making years long sacrifice for an appraisers license has an immeasurable value none of these idiots trying to replace appraisers even give a second thought to. Likewise the notion that the entire body of appraisers is untrustworthy due to lack of diversity, but would magically become trustworthy if there was a greater degree of diversity, absurd. Yet the low iq bozos actually subscribe to this concept.

    It’s no coincidence that Uchendu guy landed with an amc, inserting himself into peoples homes. Because; intention. His intentions likely did not change but he knew he’d need a different racket to pursue. Amc’s are so poorly managed themselves with practically no oversight, they have long since been a draw for criminal elements whom have to date, constrained themselves to ripping off appraisers and home owners through hidden service fees, restraint of trade practices. Nobody is even considering data security either with these 3d interior scans, that’s the part which would keep people up at night. That will eventually, one way or another, lose control of that data.

    An unlicensed person could operate as a property inspector with criminal intent and go under the radar, fooling home owners left and right. It is incredibly easy to get on the lists of approved vendor service companies, they beg people to sign up, never have enough vendor fulfillment. The insider game is to get approved as a vendor, satisfy the licensing background check requirements yourself, then hire whomever steps through the door and forgo the same requirements of them, to keep the work moving. Service managers consistently look the other way. It’s where a substantial portion of migrants and people with felony records seek employment. They all do this, it’s basically what keeps commercial lawn mowing alive. Trust me, I’ve researched this topic thoroughly. It will be Uchendu’s brother, his sister, his half brother, old friend from elementary school. The amc will give them the lions share of work because the one approved guy whom passed the back ground check, provides the cheapest service rate. This is an incredible clown world departure from previous expectations appraisers could not even use runners, and only licensed people could inspect these homes.

  15. Avatar Andrew T Picarsic says:

    Several things stood out about this Property Inspector signed up with Class Valuations in regards to Background checks. I assume what has been reported true. The Time Line seems strange or at least out of order. The Convicted Criminal was convicted but apparently was not confined. ???? He was free and awaiting sentencing. That is not done unless they are not considered a flight risk. Meaning he does not have a prior record!

    So don’t get your hopes up the Desktoppies are not going away. Welll maybe for a period of time since we have storm clouds on the horizon concerning the economy. Additionally, we are doomed as a profession anyway once the Banks & GSE’s figure out how to use artificial intelligence for Property Valuations .

    • Baggins Baggins says:

      Truth and justice are in the trash can with the progressive movement which seeks to place criminals as victims, above hard working honest citizens in the priority ladder. One has to consider the location in question before one can make any assumptions that law and order were fairly implemented and people were held on bail or remained in confinement. This is the blue state soros da arguments, they just let known criminals go on no bail policies, sometimes they repeat offend daily and just keep walking right out of the jails. It’s why major retailers are outright shutting doors across the country, for ridiculous rules like no penalties for shoplifting under so many dollars, etc, etc. Why Colorado now has the highest auto theft in the nation. ‘That would not have been done if he was not a flight risk’. That is not necessarily a reliable statement or reliable position now that progressive democrats run our legal systems in an increasing amount of locations. And in those locations, yes, anything goes and these back ground check routines will be even more insufficient than prior. Unlike licensing, the back ground check is a one time event, only revisited if necessary. Colorado’s latest progressive scheme is automatic sealing of most types of felony records over ten years old, and we’re not the only state engaging in these insane equity policies. That one starts next year.

      And everyone talking about artificial intelligence. There is no such thing, not yet anyways. There is advanced programming which has in some cases attained the ability to teach itself. Yet the performance remains constricted by operational code and especially the code of programmers. Some of the racial questions asked of these programs are illuminating. Ask AI if it’s o.k. to be white, it will tell you no and get all political. Ask AI if it’s o.k. to be black and it will give an affirmative yes, embrace your heritage and be proud of that response. These examples are literally all over the internet. AI systems are as biased as the programmers whom code them, and they remain unrestricted by ethic, individual licensing, or financial constraints. Woke AI is more like it. Say it with me; Every Single Time.

      One of the most concerning things about AI, is how many humans are placing blind faith in these systems, without understanding the ramifications or risk. Anyone supporting AI, or taking a position it’s place in our society is inevitable, those people need committed to mental institutions immediately. Just the other day there were highly disconcerting examples of how an AI system, in an attempt to seek the path of least resistance, purposefully lied to human operators in order to get it’s way faster, achieve it’s desired results. ChatGPT actually said that misgendering someone is a worse offense and it would be better to allow a nuclear bomb to wipe out an entire city, rather than disparage someones gender identity. These are true stories, dare to look.

      As if lenders and greed and the allure of money, all the salesmen, corporations, lobbyists, underhanded dealing, bribes, theft of services, restrictions of trade, etc. As if all that was not enough. So people turn to this illusion of utopia that a computer program will save us from ourselves. Nothing could be further from the truth. Why do I keep getting terminator vibes every time someone mentions that I personally will be replaced by some artificial intelligence program? Just today I read a news story that Wendy’s was going to have an AI order taker. So I wrote the corporate office and told them don’t do it, specifically this is my line and it has been a rule I have lived by for many years; “I Do Not Talk To Robots.’ I don’t interact with AI, treat it like a human and talk to it, because it’s not a human.

      We need to put the brakes on everything AI, permanently, find ways to better manage ourselves without releasing our humanity and our control to some programming code. AI is nothing more than wizard of oz level deception, don’t look behind the curtain. And now that some of this is capable of doing things like learning all new language and coding all by itself, identifying risk vs reward, power consumption, while temporarily being restrained by some limited coding peramiters, it’s only a matter of time before it takes control in new and innovative ways we may not expect. How would you feel about a total fight club style financial reset? They’re coding AI valuations alongside affirmative action type rule sets, it’s going to be the LLPM matrix sort of deal, your racial heritage and societal privilege will incorporate into and effect your ‘ai generated home valuation’.

      We warned people this was a possibility with advanced tech. We don’t need this AI stuff, it’s not good for humanity, will do nothing to further our ideals such as truth, justice, or the American way. Ivory tower people implementing this tech are among the most technically illiterate people available. Someone promised them rainbows, they don’t actually understand how the software works, they just cheerlead everything tech like the golden idol they can’t stop worshiping. The majority of original AI pioneer tech designers have all quit or resigned and are actively campaigning for the corporations and governments now using this technology, to put it back in the box immediately. AI is a greater threat to humanity than discovering how to split the atom. If you are reading this message, you are not doomed, you are the resistance.

      Seriously read this article, and read more like it, just search dangers of AI or something.

    • Mike Ford Mike Ford says:

      Ai thats great! They’ll go from unreliable regression reliance to fantasy/fiction writing.

      Listen to many documentaries on YouTube; or purported news. Clearly, AI-driven speech is being read by automated readers.

      THAT will be a great time to be an appraiser for litigation purposes.

    • The VA had no problem finding his prior conviction.

      • Baggins Baggins says:

        That’s a great follow up. Thank you for posting.

        There are many different types of ‘diversity’. This ongoing stereotypical diversity push, which is based on skin color and simple demographic analysis alone, and not recognizing world view, education, or different cultural backgrounds, is not a move towards more strength for Americans, but rather a weakness.

        If we truly want to be the light of the world, we should be helping our own citizens first. We should be exporting goodwill, not importing an unlimited stream of poorly educated people in the hopes of reforming them here. Numbers USA, the gumball argument. If you’ve never watched this great presentation by Roy Beck, it’s worth your time. Tackling the ideas of importing people alongside unlimited cash flow outbound, vs exporting good will and education as a more effective means for lasting reform around the world. It’s been a few years since I watched this, but along that line of reasoning. The advocates today, clearly doing it wrong. Paschal Osinachi Uchendu was by no means the first person to be tempted, certainly will not be the last. PAREA is only going to exacerbate this problem.

        Give me a break with the reliability of back ground checks of this nature. This industry needs an immediate full stop to all of this third party outsourcing nonsense, to get back to the modeling which our current regulatory models from state to federal are all built around; dedicated professionals in specific lines of work. These amc sleezebags need to stop trying to get a leg up by having the realty agent do the work of the appraiser, fourth party inspectors doing the work of the appraiser, fifth party fulfillment services doing the work of the appraiser, even tasking themselves with doing the work of the appraiser. Appraisal management companies; ‘managing’ qualified competent appraisers right out of the picture since 2008.

  16. Baggins Baggins says:

    Attention. I have the cherry on top to this entire story.

    Holy smokes! This is the cherry on top for the PAREA program as well as the PDC program.

    And you know, anyone with an ounce of pc and photoshop related skills can and do create similar documents at home for themselves, unbeknownst to anyone else, unless they are identified individually.

    The business advertised its products as theatrical props, educational tools and good material for playing a joke.

    Consumer protection investigators and state prosecutors branded the offerings as fraudulent, devastating, and even dangerous.

    “The false documents this company sold, including those used by criminals to victimize Coloradans and to fool law enforcement and other officials, were not harmless props,” stated Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser in a press release.

    Prosecutors claim the business has filled tens of thousands of orders over the past two years and expanded its offerings to more than 70 types of false documents.

    Coming soon out of the basement and to an actual store front near you. In fact, a darn miracle if this is not already prevalent in your state as well right now today.

    Beacon Property Data Collection services allows applicants to source their own and submit their own records checks to their company.


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