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AI to Counter the Flawed Appraiser Bias Narrative 26

AI to Counter Flawed Appraiser Bias Narrative

In reality, appraisers have a great story to tell, but we have a long way to go to refocus the terribly flawed “appraiser bias” narrative onto facts and science.  Last week’s email from Cindy Chance, the CEO of the Appraisal Institute, marks an important and long overdue shift in the organization’s approach to addressing accusations of bias in the appraisal profession. For too long, appraisers have faced sweeping claims that their valuations are biased against certain groups, despite appraisers’ ethical standards, rigorous training, and lack of financial stake in transactions. As Chance acknowledges, the Institute should have done more to...

PAREA Program & Its Negative Impact on Diversity 16

PAREA Program & Its Negative Impact on Diversity

The study also found that the PAREA program is not as effective in providing a more accessible pathway to licensure as the traditional apprenticeship model.  Practical Applications of Real Estate Appraisal (PAREA) is a program that aims to revolutionize the real estate industry by increasing the number of appraisers. However, after listening to the Appraisal Institute speaker at yesterdays board meeting it quickly became evident that this initiative is a complete failure. You cannot start PAREA until you have received all your real estate appraisal education. 94 hours = $1,700 per McKissock Appraisal Institute speaker said that most AMC’s/banks won’t...

The Real Cause of the Home Value Gap Is the Income Gap 77

The Real Cause of the Home Value Gap Is the Income Gap

Blaming appraisers for the income gap will never solve the real underlying problem… Blaming appraisers for the income gap is as ridiculous as blaming appraisers for gun violence and gas prices. I watched the January 24, 2023 ASC Appraisal Bias hearing. Comments were requested after the hearing. This letter is my comment. I’ve been a real estate appraiser in Los Angeles, California for 40 years. I’ve been a licensed California Certified Residential Appraiser since licenses were first offered in 1993/1994. I’m a Latino woman who speaks English and Spanish. I appraise property in the diverse county of Los Angeles and...

Remove Predominant Price from the New Forms 16

Remove Predominant Price from New Forms

Something that has ‘stuck in my craw’ or ‘frosted my cookies’ for years is the nonsense about stating a specific “PREDOMINANT” price for neighborhood homes. And then being forced to explain why the Opinion of Value is not precisely that number, and if not, why not. Real estate is IMPERFECT. Properties, especially comparables, seldom, if ever, sell for the very same or extremely similar prices. If that is the case, how can there be an exact “PREDOMINANT” figure? The possible exception to this are highly dense urban developments where the new construction homes are cookie cutters, and the builder sells...

Slow VA Appraisal Turnaround Times Is Overblown 21

Slow VA Appraisal Turnaround Times Is Overblown

Concerns about slow VA appraisal turnaround times is overblown… On September 14, 2022, US House passed HR 7735, “the Improving Access to the VA Home Loan Benefit Act of 2022“, legislation that proposes to overhaul the Department of Veterans Affairs’ appraisal requirements, including when an appraisal is required, how an appraisal is to be conducted, and who is eligible to conduct an appraisal. The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) has long been vocal about its support for the bill. “The bill will encourage important reforms to the agency’s requirements regarding when an appraisal is necessary, how appraisals are conducted, and who...

Sales Comparison Approach is Racist, as per Academics 26

Sales Comparison Approach is Racist

“…the modern appraisal industry perpetuates racial inequality through its continued use of the “sales comparison approach”… the sales comparison approach persists as the dominant method of assessing home value… the sales comparison approach — the most used method for contemporary residential appraisals — perpetuates inequities through maintaining historical hierarchies and current racialized definitions of comparability…” Appraisers, here’s a YouTube video that you MUST view. This person’s, Dr. Elizabeth Korver-Glenn, PhD, work is one of the key reasons why there is so much chatter about racist appraisers in the US. Her discussion of her book ‘Race Brokers‘ begins at the 8:30...

Politicians Have Made Appraising Into a Nightmare, So I've Retired 39

I’ve Retired & I’m So Glad I Did

  What we got, was 30+ years of complaints from the lenders and politicians who blamed appraisers for all of the lenders and political wrong doings… I retired 2 months ago, and I am SO GLAD I did. I’ve had enough. I decided on an appraisal career because I found real estate, and especially the valuation of homes to be extremely fascinating and challenging, and although I had heard that the appraisal profession was making changes back 30+ years ago, I “assumed” it was becoming a more upstanding, professional occupation, in the eyes of the lenders, politicians and general public,...

Low Appraised Value & Allegations of Racial Discrimination 35

Low Appraised Value = Racial Bias?

When the appraised value didn’t meet the sale price, the first assumption was that the appraiser conspired to lower the appraised value based on ‘race’ only. When interviewed by the TV reporter, the appraiser (off camera) was incredulous about that accusation… I’m getting tired of accusations of race bias in appraisals, which ALL have alleged the ‘low appraised value’ is caused by the presumed built-in systemic racial bias of the appraisers involved. Here’s another one: EXCLUSIVE: Former Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs fights home appraisal he says delayed the sale of his house – ABC7 San Francisco (abc7news.com) Even the President...

Biden's Claim of Racial Bias in Appraisals Faces Criticism from Appraisers 33

Biden Claims on Racial Bias in Appraisals

Over the past week or so, Presidential Candidate Joe Biden publicly called for more regulation and oversight over appraisers to combat racial bias. He specifically cited the Brookings Institute Study ”The Devaluation of Assets in Black Neighborhoods, The Case of Residential Property”. If you are unfamiliar with this study, in a nutshell, the findings accuse appraisers of undervaluing properties in black neighborhoods. The study is an easy read and can be found here. We will warn you, much of the data used in the study carries very little weight as Census Bureau (self-reported data) and information from Zillow were used....

NCUA Board Decision Could Potentially Hurt Commercial Appraisers 8

NCUA Quadruples the Appraisal Threshold

Like so many things in life, the NCUA Board decision was predicated primarily on greed… This is a lot like the liar loans that infiltrated residential lending not that long ago. Appraisers, especially Commercial appraisers, I picked this info up from a message sent out by the Appraisal Institute on July 18, 2019: “The NCUA Board of Directors today quadrupled – from $250,000 to $1 million – the appraisal threshold for nonresidential real estate loans. NCUA is the National Credit Union Administration. The appraisal threshold is the loan amount below which appraisals are not required. Increasing the threshold would drastically...

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