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FNMA Property Data Collectors Program Violates WV Law

The Fannie Mae Property Data Collectors program seems to have run afoul of West Virginia law. This program allows for the collection of data related to real estate appraisals by unlicensed third-party data collectors, which is in direct violation of article 38 of the state’s Real Estate Appraiser Licensing and Certification Act. The act specifically states that only a casual or drive-by inspection can be performed when it comes to consumer loans secured by real estate, and no opinion can be rendered as to its value nor any fee charged for such an inspection. ARTICLE 38. THE REAL ESTATE APPRAISER...

Fannie Mae Eroding Consumer Protection 18

Eroding Consumer Protection

Waiving appraisal requirements on residential homes could erode consumer protection, stall attempts to create diversity in the profession… The recent announcement from Fannie Mae that they will waive the requirement for residential home appraisals has caused quite a stir in the industry. Fannie Mae’s decision to waive appraisals during this time of soon to come recession and bank liquidity issues is both surprising and concerning, and could have serious implications for both consumers and financial institutions alike. With falling values across many markets combined with rising mortgage rates putting even more pressure on borrowers’ wallets, this decision could potentially put...

Bringing More People Into a Dying Profession! 84

Bringing More People Into a Dying Profession!

Some people want to bring more people (primarily of color, which is great) into a dying profession. But the profession is being killed off by (mostly white!) people who think technology is the golden spoon to accurate valuations.  Appraisers, I’ve been studying, and writing about since 2006, all kind of issues surrounding our profession, and frankly some currently does not make sense. As many know, ‘we’ have been accused of not having “enough black people” in appraiser ranks. The claim is that blacks only represent 3% or so of the total population of appraisers. The people engaged in blaming appraisers...

What Is My Incentive to Take on Trainees? 22

What Is My Incentive?

Why would I bother taking on the added risk of an inconvenient process? Where is my incentive again? As an appraiser, I have to ask (seriously) why should I care if the profession has a shortage of skilled appraisers? Logic dictates that If there is a shortage, then I will remain busy. Even if waivers (another ruse to eliminate appraisal work) increase, I’ll be busier with fewer appraisers. Especially with so many of them “trained” under PAVE or PAREA programs. If there is an adequate supply of appraisers, then users of appraisals will continue to seek cheaper alternatives from them...

VA Procedures for Alternative Valuation Methods 23

VA Alternative Valuation Methods

On August 1, 2022, the Veterans Affairs released Circular 26-22-13 announcing new procedures for alternative valuation methods, effective immediately. The takeaway: “Desktop Appraisal means a valuation where neither the VA fee panel appraiser nor the appraiser’s designee under the AAPP has physically viewed the exterior or interior of the property and the VA fee panel appraiser has determined an opinion of value based on information obtained from public records, the Veteran, homeowner, realtor, and other appropriate data sources (as determined by the appraiser).” “The use of a Desktop Appraisal may allow an appraiser from outside the market area, but with...

Proposal to Eliminate the VA Fee Panel 26

Proposal to Eliminate the VA Fee Panel

VA Fee Panel – The Appraisal Institute does not believe that a move to a lender select program, such as those found in the conventional or FHA mortgage markets, would  improve timeliness, nor would it be in the best interests of veterans. On May 18, the Subcommittee on Economic Opportunity held a legislative hearing on the Discussion Draft of H.R. 7735, Improving Access to the VA Home Loan Act of 2022. The bill is sponsored by Representative Mike Bost, R-Illinois, the ranking member of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, and Senator Dan Sullivan, R-Alaska, a member of the Senate Veterans...

PAVE May Pave Over Appraisers. The Blame Game Against Appraisers 19

PAVE May Pave Over Appraisers

The blame game against appraisers is continuing the fast and furious start, evidenced by the PAVE report. A synopsis is in the link: PAVE task force delivers plan on appraisal bias – Lexology Key info from the PAVE report. “Relevant agencies have also committed to addressing potential bias in the use of technology-based valuation tools through a rulemaking related to automated valuation models (AVMs), including the addition of a nondiscrimination quality control standard in the proposed rule.”  And, “In the coming months, the Task Force will assess: (i) the “expanded use of alternatives to traditional appraisals as a means of reducing...

An Appraiser's Analysis of Freddie Mac's "Appraisal Gaps" White Paper 8

Analysis of the “Appraisal Gap” White Paper

My critical analysis of Freddie Mac’s “appraisal gap” white paper Appraisers, this is not an easy essay to write. It is my critical analysis of an academic study put out by a GSE, which I have read. In September 2021, Freddie Mac’s Modeling, Econometrics, Data Science & Analytics; Single Family Risk Management; and Economic & Housing Research groups released a white paper (Economic & Housing Research Note) named “Racial and Ethnic Valuation Gaps in Home Purchase Appraisals.” The paper uses the term ‘appraisal gaps.’ The paper’s definition of the ‘gap’ is: the percentage difference between minority and White groups in...

Class Valuation Digitizing the Appraisal Process. Who's Thinking Hybrids? 3

Who Is Thinking Hybrid Appraisal?

“Digitizing the entire appraisal process”… what does this even mean? No more tape measures? No more typing? What exactly is being digitized that is not already digitized?… This is what Class Valuation appears to be doing to justify their actions. According to the article written by Richard Torne in Mortgage Professional America, Class Valuation has announced the acquisition of DataMaster. From the article: “We’re not replacing the appraiser, we’re empowering them” We share a common belief in the true path to the future, which is not to replace the appraiser but to empower them. Appraisers have had their fair share...

Why So Many Appraisers Say NO to Bifurcated Hybrid Appraisals 13

Why Appraisers Say NO to Hybrids

Could this be another reason why so many real estate appraisers refuse to do bifurcated hybrid appraisals? Recently, a Mueller Services ‘inspector’ posted a comment on the article titled “Mueller Sample Report. You Decide!“. Could this be another reason why so many real estate appraisers refuse to do bifurcated hybrid appraisals? It goes without saying that bifurcated hybrid appraisals are uniformly performed by very low paid, with third grade level writing skills, untrained property ‘inspectors’ using a checklist – but with no appraisal training and skill. Tbhiitsch: Ah yes, Ive worked for Mueller services. It’s an easy job kind of,...

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