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VA Appraisal Request Form at Heart of AIR Violation Class Action 61

VA Appraisal Request Form at Heart of AIR Violation Class Action

While the statute doesn’t explicitly mention that providing a loan amount is an AIR violation… When a mortgage lender seeks to make a Veterans Administration-backed home loan, the lender requests an appraisal from the VA’s appraiser panel by using a form entitled Request for Determination of Reasonable Value. For many years, until it was revised in July 2022, this form had a box labelled “Refinancing-Amount of Proposed Loan.” This box asked the lender to fill in the proposed loan amount for refinances. Once submitted, the form begins the appraisal process and is provided to the appraiser assigned by the VA...

FastApp AMC Alleged Violations of Appraiser Independence Requirements 52

Fastapp AMC Alleged Violations of AIR

The following court documents in the case Naftali Horowitz v. [xxx], Fastapp AMC founder v. Fastapp AMC president, confirm what appraisers have been saying all along, that if you want high-volume AMC work, you have to lower your fees to 1980’s level, have 24 hour turn times, and, above all, be a number hitter. Horowitz, Fastapp founder, filed a lawsuit in New York court on January 31, 2022 against defendant to, among other things, remove the defendant as an officer and director of the Company because, when he brought her on as shareholder in 2020, he claimed that she made...

All This Will Do is CREATE BIAS! 29

All This Will Do is CREATE BIAS!

All this will do is CREATE BIAS… How does one stay unbiased if they repeatedly get sued or raked over the coals every time they do an honest, true appraisal that does not meet the expectation of untrained members of the general public…  Does bias exist? Of course. Does it exist in appraising? Rarely, if ever. Not one of the publicly aired cases has shown any verifiable facts or data to prove their claims. Bias in appraising is rare and far less than in nearly all other vocations. Why? Because appraisers are and have been, for decades, already held to...

Hit Pieces & Diatribes Against Appraisers Based on Census Tracts 15

Diatribes Against Appraisers

What’s even more frustrating to me is none of the well-known appraiser organizations have offered any public rebuttal to any of these hit pieces, or explained how the appraisal process works as a way to defend appraisers… Census Tract data delineating RACE of the population is the only ammunition the people doing these hit pieces can use to attack appraisers. Appraisers, this is a long article but it’s important, as it reveals how you are being discredited in the work you do. Yet, ‘we’ must begin doing some introspection of what we are or have been doing, and make necessary...

Jan Bellas of AGA Breaches Solidifi's Intransigence. Thank You SOLIDIFI 8

Thank you SOLIDIFI

Jan Bellas breached their past wall of intransigence… Thank you SOLIDIFI Wow. That was more painful than I thought it would be. It’s no secret that I have been an extreme critic of Solidifi in the past. It’s also possible I will be so again in the future. I have not ‘sold out’ or traded my integrity or standards. What happened is that Jan Bellas of the American Guild of Appraisers, V.P. of Member Services has with great effort (and very little suggestion) breached their past wall of intransigence. With Solidifi’s Sr. Executives (Mr. “P” in particular) the very first...

Financial Reform Legislation in Terms of What it Does For or To Appraisers 12

Bridging The Gap

I’m an appraiser. I look at all proposed financial reform legislation in terms of what it does for, or to appraisers. Not whether it was proposed by a red or a blue. Dear AppraisersBlogs readers and fellow appraisers; Anyone who has read my past posts is aware I happen to be a Republican Union Organizer. Usually it isn’t an issue because I try to remain non partisan in my posts and to avoid offensive partisan rhetoric, while promoting appraisers rights; the American Guild of Appraisers, and being critical of bad lending policy and bad appraisal practices. I have also attempted...

Valuation Partners & Schizophrenic AMCs vs. Appraisal Professionalism 23

FTC & REVP vs LREAB Bombshell

Like many other appraisers I received a copy of paperwork filed in conjunction with the Louisiana Real Estate Appraisers Board / FTC and Real Estate Valuation Partners (REVP) aka Valuation Partners. (Thank you VaCAP!) To me it’s a bombshell, but before I go into the story of who did what to whom, and for how much let’s start off by asking all readers to click this link to see who the players are. Even if you read the article elsewhere please read the following link. Got it? Great. Just so we are clear, one of the Chief players appears to...

AMC Indemnification & Catchall Certification 7

AMC Indemnification

Appraisers signing off catch-all certification… When we crafted the language in the AMC Act back in 2011-2012, we followed what most every other state included insofar as indemnification was concerned. (225 ILCS 459/165) Sec. 165. Prohibited activities. (8) Requiring an appraiser to sign any sort of indemnification agreement that would require the appraiser to defend and hold harmless the appraisal management company or any of its agents, employees, or independent contractors for any liability, damage, losses, or claims arising out of the services performed by the appraisal management company or its agents, employees, or independent contractors and not the services performed...

AIR Statement - Revision Requests 6

AIR Statement & Revision Requests

AIR Statement & Changes to a Completed Report I would like some of the experts to comment on the following: Scenario Here is a scenario: The lender request that the appraiser include an AIR statement in the completed report. Sometimes they even have a preprinted statement that you must include in the report. The appraiser completes the report and includes the required AIR statement. The AMC reviews the appraisal and send back a revision request. They want comp # 4 removed from the appraisal. Maybe they provide you with another sale that they want you to include in the report....

The Appraisal Profession & Appraiser's Business Decimated by the Increasing Dominance of Appraisal Management Services - AMCs 15

Appraisal Profession Decimated by AMCs

The Appraisal Profession & Appraiser’s Business Decimated by the Increasing Dominance of Appraisal Management Company Services (AMCs) For the past two months, VaCAP has participated in a networked council consisting of 13 professional state appraisal organizations in responding to the Agencies request for comments of the Proposed Rules on Minimum Requirements for Appraisal Management Companies: Dear Agencies; This letter is in response to the Agencies’ request for comments on the Proposed Rules on Minimum Requirements for Appraisal Management Companies. The undersigned represent a networked council of professional state appraisal organizations. We appreciate this opportunity to comment and thank the Agencies for...

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