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A Push to Artificially Raise Property Values Only for Certain People 34

A Push to Artificially Raise Property Values

Now the effort is AGAIN to have ‘us’ artificially raise property values. But the push this times seems to be “only for certain people. A new press release from Class Valuation, one of the largest US based AMCs, scampered across my office threshold on 5/17/22. You can read it here in this link: Class Valuation Appoints EVP Of Valuation Modernization – NMP But if you don’t want to muddle your brain cells very much, here are the highlights: A new CV Executive Vice President has been hired to “focus on removing bias from the “equation” in appraisals.” I added the...

Review Appraiser Flawed Review... Phony Complaint Against Appraiser 14

Phony Complaint Against Appraiser

…a laundry list of ‘pile on’ purported USPAP “violations” were fabricated deriving for the above oversights ‘confirmed’ by the out of area review appraiser… In fighting or appealing a false complaint filed against you as an appraiser, truth, factual evidence and professional competency is no longer enough! More important than all these things, is conformity to the detailed technical rules of a state’s administrative law procedures. In short, in many if not most cases, appraisers MUST HIRE AN ATTORNEY to represent them before any administrative board. Anything less, is playing with fire and your professional career. Worse, E&O won’t cover...

Increased Regulatory Persecution of Real Estate Appraisers - USPAP 21

Increased Regulatory Persecution of Appraisers

The current and proposed revised version of USPAP also opens the door to increased regulatory persecution of licensed and certified real estate appraisers, while leaving all others that opine about values with no constraints, rules or limitations. I was recently asked to consider a proposed change to USPAP. As received in my email: “Also this, in the 3rd exposure draft 239 The appraiser is not required to title an appraisal report using specific terminology because 240 USPAP compliance is measured by the substantive content of a report, not by what the 241 report is called. The use of labels such as analysis,...

Automated Loan Processing to End Appraisers... 2019 Big Battles Ahead 18

Big Battles Ahead for Appraisers

…complete elimination of appraisal as part of their fully automated loan processing objectives… Our work as appraisers & appraisal issue advocates is certainly cut out for us all in 2019. I think appraisal unity is going to be needed if we are all to take on the adverse issues affecting us. That includes AI. They still have a large number of honest, & competent members. I think the rest of us will have to let AI take care of AI issues. I’m not averse to butting heads with them on specific issues when necessary but alienating them rather than seeking...

Regulators, Appraisers & AMCs Working Together, Appraisers Take on DC 3

Appraisers Take on Washington DC

Hybrids were a big topic & many regulators are concerned about their compliance… Independent Fee appraisers representing 15 different states were well represented in Washington DC this past weekend. Appraisers from  Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia, Ohio, Louisiana, California, Illinois, South Dakota, Michigan, Utah, Rhode Island, Delaware, Maryland and Washington State joined together in DC for several gatherings. To sum it up simply… Positive Unity among all. On Friday, three members of VaCAP attended the Appraisal Standards Board Meeting. This meeting was live streamed, so hopefully you were able to watch live. Lots of discussions on the proposed changes to the 2020-2021...

1, 2, 3... Let's Go! The More of US, the Stronger Our Voices - Appraisers Blogs 2

1, 2, 3… Let’s Go!

Your Executive Committee met last week to discuss future events and issues that impact us all in our day to day lives as professional Appraisers. Everyone of us is an unpaid volunteer working for you on issues that you may not even be aware of. Bernie Bugg and I met with the president and director of WRVA radio to see how we get our story out there. They were surprised and shocked to hear what is going on in the mortgage Appraisal world. They see the looming potential dangers. We are in negotiations with them now. It looks very promising! VaCAP memberships/website address (appraiser...

Appraisal Taking Too Long False Narrative - Contract Date vs Acceptance Date 4

Appraisal Delays Study

Contract Date / Acceptance Date Study expanded. VaCAP did a sample study this past winter to determine the number of days from contact ratification to appraiser acceptance from both amcs and lenders. The results were a 9 day difference with amc’s taking 18 days and lenders only 9 days to assign the appraisal. We have just asked our sister coalitions to complete this survey as well. for a larger data pool and are asking every appraiser to once again participate to help our industry. This information will be used to counter the narrative the appraisal is taking too long. Below...

Experience Requirements Reduced, College Degree Still Required for CG 18

Experience Requirements Reduced

Sometimes the only substitute for experience, …is more experience. Dear Mr. Traynor: The American Guild of Appraisers has long been on record in opposition to the original requirement for a college degree to become any level of real estate appraiser. This was never a requirement of Congress at all, but rather one developed by the AQB over time. While we are pleased AQB has abandoned the college degree at the licensed and residential certification levels, we are disappointed to see it is still being proposed at the general certified level. We repeat for the record; there is nothing involved in...

State Organizations Changing the Landscape, Appraisal House Is in Order 19

Who’s for Dinner?

State Organizations & Appraisers Helping Appraisers You may have heard the expression “if you do not have a seat at the table, you are on the menu.” VaCAP can honestly state, appraisers are not on the menu. Over the past several weeks, members of the Network (NSAO), which has now grown to 28 state organizations, have been recapping the events that transpired at the meetings in Washington D.C. last month. These meetings consisted of the FHFA meeting, the NSAO meeting, the ASC meeting, and the AARO conference. Most state organizations participated and many individual appraisers attended. The support for the appraisal...

An Open Letter to the Valuation Profession from the Appraisal Foundation regarding the rift with the Appraisal Institute 2

An Open Letter to the Valuation Profession

An Open Letter to the Valuation Profession from the Appraisal Foundation regarding the rift with the Appraisal Institute Value. Appraisers grapple with this concept daily as they analyze data and information to arrive at an opinion that is credible. Some information found is valid, some is tainted, and appraisers work diligently to separate the good from the bad to arrive at their conclusions – opinions that can withstand future tests. Likewise, The Appraisal Foundation (TAF; the Foundation) remains constantly attuned to what is going on in the valuation realm, conscientiously analyzing information and working to uphold the appraisal profession so its actions...

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