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You are Not Valuing Property

Thousands and thousands of decisions determine value. What do you do for a living? I am a real estate appraiser. What does that mean?  I value real estate. Actually, that is not quite true. Okay, technically it is, but what is the value of real estate really? Real estate is given a value only based on what a seller is willing to settle for and a buyer is willing to part with.  Of course, it is much more complicated than that (which is why appraisers are so needed), but that is the gist of it. For a moment, I want you to think about...

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An Appraisal is not THE Opinion of Value

My opinion of value is well-supported… Some of you are going to need to hang up your ego hats for this one. You know who you are. I see you hanging out on the online appraisal forums. You are the ones who do not just have an opinion, but THE opinion. Don’t worry, I will let you put it back on before I am done. As appraisers, we are often asked a question similar to this, “Why can two professionals appraise the same property, yet come up with two different values?” It is an excellent question, and one that has...


The Humility to Ask

I was recently asked by a local lender to appraise 14 vacant lots. Though the lots were all quite similar, 14 separate appraisals were needed (obviously, a large discount was given for the multiplicity). Once a value was established for each individual lot, the lender came back and now wanted a ‘bulk value’ for 10 of the lots. Hmmm. That certainly changes things. Per USPAP in fact, we now have a new assignment. As I inquired to the bank and got more information, it was clear that I was out of my element. The lender did not just need a total...

Oh My God, Don’t Talk to Me!!! Appraisal communication 5

Oh My God, Don’t Talk to Me!!!

Are realtors, loan officers allowed to talk to appraisers? I was amused at a phone message that was on my voice mail recently. A realtor spent 3 minutes apologizing for the phone call, explaining that she understood she was not allowed to speak to appraisers anymore for fear she might sway the appraisal process. The funniest part was that while she did tell me which file the message was regarding, she failed to leave her phone number. Are realtors, loan officers allowed to talk to appraisers? Can the appraisal be discussed? Okay. I am sorry, but has this world lost...

Virginia Enacts Law on Reasonable and Customary Fees 8

Virginia Enacts Law on Reasonable and Customary Fees

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe on March 23 signed into law S.B. 1445, which requires appraisal management companies operating in the state to compensate appraisers at a reasonable and customary rate. The legislation gives the Virginia Real Estate Appraiser Board authority to take administrative action against AMCs not paying appraisers customary and reasonable fees in accordance with federal law. Prior to enactment of the legislation, Virginia law already required an appraiser engaged by an AMC to disclose as part of the appraisal report the actual fee they were paid. In 2014, the Virginia Center for Housing Research and the Virginia Tech...


Can’t We All Just Get Along?

You are not the boss over who does or does not do business in 'your area.' “Our investigation and the Board’s review concluded that the evidence did not reveal a violation of the Board’s laws and rules governing the practice of Real Estate Appraising. The Board has, therefore, closed the file in this matter.” That is how the most recent complaint against me ended. The ordeal began last spring. I have been called upon multiple times from my current clients to please be willing to go to a new area. It is an area with few appraisers, and there is...

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I Do Not Quit, Not Ever!

I Did Not Quit when HVCC, UAD and CU Came Along. I Do Not Quit, Not Ever! I do not quit. Not ever. I have a different perspective based on lifelong lessons from my father. I did not quit when a lost helmet in the last play of the season made it painful to block during high school football. That effort got me my school letter despite being 3 quarters short. It was worth the headache. I did not quit Boot Camp in 1969 when at 129 pounds and six feet, very few thought I’d make it. To this day I...


Time to Bring Back Common Sense

Appraiser No More, Think I’ll be a Lawyer: it takes less time to get a law degree than to get an appraisal license. I heard from an old friend today that worked as an appraiser in Raleigh, NC for at least a dozen years. Shortly after 2009 and the HVCC, he (like so many others) started looking for career options. After appraisal reports kept requiring more and more pages, had more and more restrictions (far too many that were totally useless and had nothing to do with the home’s value), and his fees kept going down instead of up, he...

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