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Appraisal Thresholds Raised $500K. How Long Before Its Raised for SFR? 11

Appraisal Thresholds Bordello

Anyone wants to place a wager on how long before appraisal thresholds are raised for SFR? Retirement, with a part-time job working as a bouncer at a bordello in the Nevada desert is beginning to look appealing. Activity there is similar to what appraisers are experiencing these days. From the article: “The FDIC board of directors today (Mar. 20, 2018) approved a final rule to raise the appraisal thresholds for commercial real estate transactions from $250,000 to $500,000…” While the individual 1-4 unit investment properties are being kept at $250,000, would anyone like to place a wager on how long...

AppraiserFest 2018 Agenda 0

AppraiserFest Agenda

“Phil Crawford and Mark Skapinetz break down the Appraiserfest 2018 Agenda! This will be the cutting edge event that no appraiser will want to miss! Register today and we will see you in San Antonio on November 1st, 2nd, and 3rd!!!” Here is the core Appraiserfest schedule that I believe will be subject to additions. Think of signing up for the event as a “rush appraisal” – just clear the deck and get it done now. It will help Phil & co. with planning for the event immensely.    

Foremost Authority? The Appraisal Foundation Has Lost its Way - AppraisersBlogs 4

TAF Has Lost Its Way

How can TAF claim to be any kind of authority, let alone "THE foremost authority" for any of the other disciplines? I personally like and respect the individuals I’ve met from TAF. My strenuous disagreement with TAF are the policies and actions. Not the individuals. The opening or introductory remarks on The Appraisal Foundation’s web page state: The Appraisal Foundation (Foundation) is the nation’s foremost authority on the valuation profession [emphasis added]. The organization sets the Congressionally-authorized standards and qualifications for real estate appraisers and provides voluntary guidance on recognized valuation methods and techniques for all valuation professionals. This work advances...

Appraisal Waivers Meeting... Self Serving Risky Practices Going Forward 16

Appraisal Waivers

TriStar Bank’s request for appraisal waivers: The Appraisal Subcommittee has reached out to the Network Coalitions and has requested appraisers to attend their upcoming meeting on appraisal waivers. Direct from the ASC announcement: ASC Special Meeting – April 12, 2018 Tuesday March 06, 2018 The ASC will hold a Special Meeting scheduled for 10:00 a.m. on April 12, 2018, at the Federal Reserve Board facilities at International Square, 1850 K Street NW, Washington, DC. The purpose of this Meeting is to consider the temporary waiver request from TriStar Bank of Dickson, Tennessee. The agenda for the Meeting will be posted...

Amrock aka TSI Appraisal Guilty of Fraud; Update on FTC vs. LREAB 11

TSI Fraud & FTC vs. LREAB

Amrock, Inc, formerly Title Source (TSI Appraisal) was ordered to pay House Canary $706 MILLION in damages for theft of intellectual property and fraud.  Bottom line, there was a 7 week trial with a 12 person jury. Amrock (Title Source) was found guilty of theft and fraud unanimously! Amrock (Title Source) plans on appealing the verdict. Housing Wire has an in-depth article with lots of details. See it here. Things to ponder on: Should Amrock’s amc license be revoked due to this guilty verdict? Should appraisers and the public trust a company guilty of fraud and theft? Could appraisers win a law...

Rural Areas Appraisal Waiver Threatening Appraisers & Bad for America! 30

Another Threat Looming

Senate Bill raising de minimus value to $400,000 will also waive appraisals in certain situations in rural areas Folks, while the TriStar Bank appraisal waiver issue is important for appraisers, there is another insidious threat looming: Senate Bill 2155 passed the Senate this week, and is now in the hands of the House of Representatives. That bill, if fully ratified as it stands, and is signed by the President, will undercut the need for appraisals in two ways: the current de minimus value of $250,000 is raised to $400,000, which means lenders can use non-appraiser evaluations to establish property value for...

ASC Call for Comments: Dangerous Slippery Slope if Waiver is Granted 6

ASC Call for Comments

It is important for every appraiser to submit comments… The Appraisal Subcommittee wants to hear from appraisers on Tristar Bank’s request for appraisal waivers. The comment period is open until April 9, 2018. VaCAP has previously participated in a group letter with other organizations and expressed our concerns on this topic. We will once again be part of a group letter as well as send in our own comments. It is important for every appraiser to submit comments on how this is a dangerous slippery slope if the waiver is granted. Consumer protection is the issue and the door will be...

AMC Email Blasts to Undisclosed-Recipients... Return to Sender 10

You Can Argue With Stupid, But You Will Never Win

Please introduce me to "undisclosed-recipients." I would like to pick his or her brain to find out how he or she is getting all these orders. Now I don’t consider myself to be the most intelligent person out there, but do consider myself a fairly intelligent individual. Periodically I receive an email with an order request from different AMCs. These are unsolicited emails from amcs I do not do business with. Why I am receiving these requests is a concern and a question for another day. The emails I receive are addressed to the person who sent the email, undisclosed-recipients;...

The Way Things Used To Be - Appraisal fees unchanged in two decades 106

The Way Things Used To Be

“We haven’t had a raise in two decades.” Give me a break! It’s a common complaint in our industry that real estate appraisers haven’t had a raise in two decades. The argument goes that twenty years ago, the standard fee for an appraisal was $350. Fast forward twenty years and it’s still $350. That’s a great sound bite, but the actual logic is deeply flawed. In real terms, we’ve had a huge raise thanks to the massively reduced amount of time we spend on our appraisals. It’s something I’ve written about before (Never Had a Raise in 20 Years), but...

Community Banks Appraisal Waivers Deja Vu - If I Could Turn Back Time 61

If I Could Turn Back Time

Community Banks want to bypass appraisals in rural area… Evaluations are the answer, right? There have been lots of discussions lately concerning property inspection waivers, waivers of appraisals in rural areas, and allowing appraisers to complete Evaluations outside of USPAP standards. Doesn’t this all sound familiar? It should, we have already lived it 30 some years ago, prior to FIRREA. Back then Savings and Loans had staff appraisers to complete appraisals. The appraisal was not completed by a licensed appraiser, because licensing to protect the public did not exist. Today Community Banks want to bypass appraisals in rural area. Their...

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