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AGA Objects De Minimis Increase Proposal - It is Time to Call out the Liars 37

AGA Objects De Minimis Increase Proposal

We object to the proposal to increase the de minimis threshold at which no appraisal is required… Sirs: The American Guild of Appraisers (AGA), of the Office Professional Employees International Union (#44 OPEIU) of the AFL-CIO represents the members and extended family and retirees, taxpayer and consumer real estate appraisal interests of nearly Twelve and a half million citizens and voters. We object to the proposal to increase the de minimis threshold at which no appraisal is required from $250,000 to $400,000. Respectfully, if anything is done with it at all, lowering it to a range not to exceed $100,000...

Open Letter to Taxpayers... Afterall, Taxpayers Aren’t Stupid 32

Open Letter to Taxpayers

An Open Letter to Taxpayers Dear Ms; Mrs. & Mr. Taxpayer: In a recent article published by Housing Wire; authored by Ben Lane (November 20, 2018) it was reported that our federal “regulators” are at it again. “At what?” One might ask. Facilitation of increased LOAN FRAUD & consumer deception with Taxpayers yet again left holding the bag. Click here for the article Back in 1994 (actually it started in 1989-91 when FIRREA was being drafted) the Fed agreed that the loan threshold for banks when an appraisal of real estate would not be required was $250,000. That was roughly...

Suppression of Appraisal Service Free Trade & Fair Price Competition 25

Restraint of Trade Investigation

I am heartened that the Federal Trade Commission has recognized the need to assure that appraisal “…consumers deserve to benefit from a free market where those fees are set by competition.” It appears that your complaint may have been instigated by the very special interests that are most responsible for suppression of appraisal service free trade and fair price competition in America today. By that I am referring to the entities broadly described as Appraisal Management Companies (AMCs), and in this specific complaint – the Federal National Mortgage Association, also known as Fannie Mae and/or FNMA .

Residential Appraisers Being Phased Out 20

Appraisal Alternatives

Computers eliminating “boots on the ground” residential appraisers. An historian once quipped, “I cannot predict the future, but give me six months and I’ll tell you why it was inevitable.” Residential appraisers who work in the mortgage arena began to experience the sea change when UAD arrived amongst much fanfare in September of 2011. Years of portals, hard-stops, and overrides have settled into an uneasy routine. We’ve already seen changes to closing docs as a result of TRID (TILA RESPA Integrated Disclosures). That adventure began in November 2013. Washington DC, never content to maintain any level of consistency has already...

Freddie Mac Criminal Aspects of Its Appraisal Free Mortgages 38

Freddie Mac Criminal Aspects of Its Appraisal Free Mortgages

Freddie Mac is opening itself up to over 150,000± potential individual lawsuits… This is a response from Mike Ford to Kenneth Harney’s article, “Freddie Mac planning appraisal-free mortgages”. I represent the American Guild of Appraisers, #44OPEIU, AFL-CIO, and the real estate appraisal-related consumer and taxpayer interests of our more than fifteen million± AFL-CIO members, retirees and their families. I’m prompted to write this open letter regarding your recent well written & researched article, titled “Freddie Mac planning appraisal free mortgages”. Regrettably, it was too brief to cover several additional critical aspects of the issue, but I assume the Chicago Tribune’s...

Appraisers and Their Lack of Fees - Appraisal Cost 12

Appraisers and Their Lack of Fees

I feel it’s only prudent to put my ten cents, or more, in on the subject of actual cost, versus paid fees for appraisals After an overwhelming outpouring of response from appraisers all over the country, I am compelled to write a follow up article to “Appraisals and The Real Cost of Doing Business.” I must stress that my original intent was to highlight the ever increasing cost in all aspects of our industry, passed on to our clients, due for the most part to increased compliance requirements, additional staffing required to monitor said compliance, Dodd Frank rules, HVCC, TRID...

CONSUMER involvement with refi property value estimate ~copyright AppraisersBlogs.com 8

Consumer Involvement with Property Value

“Help” the consumer determine a value Appraisers, There is a little known provision in the new TRID mortgage loan application process that may become a future issue for appraisers, especially when the loan is for a Refinance. This is what the Loan Estimate, provided by the lender, requires the CONSUMER to do: You (the lender) must provide a Loan Estimate to the consumer, either by delivering by hand or placing in the mail, no later than three business days of the receipt of an application. An application is considered received when the consumer provides the following information: Consumer’s name, Consumer’s...

FFIEC Requested Action on TRID - Imagecredit Flickr - Johannes Ahlmann 6

FFIEC Requested Action on TRID

The American Guild of Appraisers, Chapter 44, of the Office and Professional Employees International Union of the AFL-CIO (AGA, OPEIU/AFL-CIO) wishes to add its name to the attached letter on behalf of our professional appraiser members, and our thirteen million consumer members and their families, with the additional concerns: As written, TRID necessarily embeds an appraisal fee cap determined by third party service providers other than appraisers, within the initial consumer disclosure provided to prospective borrowers. The perception of these providers as to what constitutes “customary and reasonable fees” as required under Dodd-Frank is at odds with what appraisers consider to...

Free Enterprise an Appraisal Myth 40

Free Enterprise an Appraisal Myth?

Is THAT free enterprise? I’m surprised anyone in the business today sees any minimum pricing proposal as being anti-free enterprise. Contrary to popular belief we have not had free enterprise in the GSE appraisal process since HVCC first reared its ugly head. AMCs ‘telling’ us to pick a number from $250 to $350, or that ‘THEY pay’ $325 per 1004 is NOT free enterprise. I’m an old timer (1986) that was brought up on what used to be AIREA (now the AI) & SREA (now gone) positions that free enterprise and the Sherman Anti-Trust Act prohibited us from ‘even discussing’...

TRID Impact on Appraisal Fees 8

TRID Impact on Appraisal Fees

Appraisers, The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) has mandated new residential mortgage application and disclosure procedures, which take effect Oct. 3, 2015. Here’s a link to a brief article about this. When a consumer applies to a mortgage lender, the lender requests certain information from the consumer before the clock starts ticking in terms of ‘timing requirements’ on the consumer’s application. When the application is considered “complete”, the lender has 3 business days to provide the consumer with the Loan Estimate document. What’s of concern among lenders and appraisers is the speculated inability to change appraisal fees, which is disclosed...

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