Author: Charles (Don) Clark

Market Action and Reaction 5

Market Action and Reaction

I believe it is time that we take a practical look at what a subject’s market is… Drawing on part of my heritage, the Native American Cherokee part, “Many Moons Ago” when I was employed as a Management Consultant/District Director for a Century 21 Franchisor, one of the challenges that I faced in dealing with over 50 separate brokerages was helping these often small brokerages define their markets. There was a theory that someone had come up with that it was about a 3 mile radius around their office. Well, in some cases that would have put some markets in...

Real Estate Appraisers - Who are we 7

Real Estate Appraisers…Who Are We?

Appraisers…Who are we? With the current requirements to enter the profession of real estate appraisal, it is likely that who we are will conceivably change in the coming years. Perhaps for the better? Or, it could be to the detriment of the professions. Appraisers today, and for many years prior to today, have come from a variety of prior jobs and professions. Many of us are former military, teachers, nurses, contractors, builders, home inspectors, real estate agents, lenders, accountants, environmental consultants and engineers, and minimum wage folks aspiring to better themselves. Some of us have dual roles as real estate...

Appraisal Standards should age like fine wine 8

Appraisal Standards Should Age Like Fine Wine

Changes in Appraisal Standards? We have barely got into the “New” 2016-2017 copy of USPAP and the ASB is meeting on February 19, 2016 to discuss making changes to the 2018-2019 edition of USPAP. Here is part of what I have written to the ASB. I believe it should be the duty of every appraiser to write to the Foundation and any board that is contemplating making changes. You have that right, and they will read your comments. Letter to ASB: I have been a real estate appraiser since the mid 1980’s and prior to mandatory licensure. I have been...

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