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I have had numerous appraisers, both residential and general certified, ask me about various elements of competency. Some are questions regarding levels of certification and property types. On other occasions, the questions have to do more with geographic coverage. Finally, the concept of competency as it relates to various special use property types is the most complex topic I typically discuss with fellow appraisers. Subject Matter First, I will start with residential versus general certification and the common and ongoing concern appraisers have in Missouri. USPAP itself does not dictate what is residential and what is commercial. It simply requires...


Non-Lender Valuation: Consumers Should Tread Carefully

Competition, in a free market, is a fierce catalyst: one that can effectively sort out the bad apples from the bunch. Capitalism works, it is simple when left unfettered and when all parties are ethical in their approach to business. It works until politicians, however well meaning they try to be, step in with a”solution”. Through the Dodd-Frank reform and the Andrew Cuomo created Home Valuation Code of Conduct that predates Dodd-Frank, congress effectively went anti-small business again. I liken this profession’s recent undermining by congress to how they saw to sort out the small-family farmers by paving the way...

Upcomming AMC Licensure 0

Upcomming AMC Licensure

AMC Licensure in Virginia On July 1, 2014, every AMC wishing to continue operating in Virginia will be required to apply to the Virginia Real Estate Appraiser Board for a license to conform with recently passed AMC laws. Hopefully, the VREAB will prudently and completely vet these business PRIOR to the issuance of a license. It is my understanding the VREAB staff is leaning towards granting licensure upon application without any substantive vetting of the applying AMC’s. It is also my understanding that appraiser members of the VREAB are opposed to this administrative position and understand the importance of pre-licensing...

Geographical Competency 3

Geographical Competency

Can we stop equating distance with geographical competency? There was a recent study completed that proved, beyond a doubt, what I have essentially suspected for years. The topic was what causes criminals to do what they do. After much study and consternation, it was discovered that all criminals, regardless of the crime and in 100% of the cases, have one thing in common. They all had a mother. There is an old debate trick called “Hasty Generalization.” Basically, it means taking something that may be true in some cases and applying it to all cases. “The Hansen family home schools...

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