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Llano Cases - A Nightmarish Affair 0

Llano Cases – A Nightmarish Affair

Llano cases against appraisers The mass litigation against appraisers fueled by Impac Mortgage/First Mutual Group/Llano/Savant is definitely consuming too much of this blog’s space. I will in the future likely create a special home just for their coverage — because their legal and economic assault on appraisers could cause profound harm for U.S. appraisers if unchecked. Until that separate place exists, here is another update: “This is literally a nightmare for me and I am literally shaking as I write this reply.” Those are the words of First Mutual Group and Llano Financing’s own attorney Henry Portner to describe the predicament he is in...

Beware of Appraiser Karma - Llano Cases - Imagecredit Flickr - Doug Geisler 7

Beware of Appraiser Karma – Llano Cases

In our world of claims involving appraisers, we quite often see different versions of this same story — in this version of the story, an appraiser did a review appraisal that was used by Savant LG in a currently pending case against another appraiser in Florida. Just months later, that appraiser found himself named as a defendant in a lawsuit filed…

Ganter Brothers versus Appraisers 5

Ganter Brothers Versus Appraisers

It’s been a few months since we issued our last update on our friends (and yours) the Ganter brothers (Chris and Ben). The Ganters have suffered what for most people would be a series of embarrassing setbacks in their blatant attempts to use the legal system to pressure appraisers and/or their E&O carriers into paying off what we view as frivolous claims to save the cost of litigating the underlying dispute. For those of you who are reading this for the first time, we have issued two other alerts about this in the past 18 months. Links to the earlier...

Who Is Llano Financing Group? Who Is Carrington Capital Management? Why Are They Suing So Many Appraisers? - Imagecredit Flickr - Catherine Read 6

Why Are They Suing So Many Appraisers?

The grand scheme of suing appraisers! Who Is Llano Financing Group? Who Is Carrington Capital Management? Why Are They Suing So Many Appraisers? Short Summary Update 8-17-15: Hundreds of appraisers are being sued by two entities that invest in suing appraisers for profit.  At this time, the entity filing the most lawsuits against appraisers is Llano Financing Group, and most of the appraisals it is suing over were held by Impac Funding/Impac Mortgage.  Impac is expressly assigning its claims and rights to sue appraisers to the investors (according to the court complaints).  In the last three months, the investors have sued about 280 appraisers...

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