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HUD Dismisses Claims Alleging Racism Against Black & Minority People

…white America (government) keeps trying to ‘fix’ Black People who are not broken in the first place!

We’ve all heard of redlining. No one doubts it existed and MAY still exist, among private lenders. It’s hard to accept major national banking corps would risk it but it IS possible.

Having said that, there is ZERO percentage or benefit for any appraiser to engage in it. None. Another appraiser in Los Angeles, who is a great researcher, posted addresses of the properties involved in half a dozen complaints alleging racism by appraisers and so-called ‘white washing’ of the houses producing subsequent higher values.

There ARE reasons, a later, higher appraisal can result. In some cases, it was attributable to normal market increases over the six months from a first appraisal to a second. In other instances, the “shortage” of $165,000 was on a $1.385 million to $1.45 million property done on an exterior basis with the property owner picking and choosing which interior pictures to send to the appraisers.

The variance in values from low to high is within the NORMAL variance between any two appraisers doing the same high-end property on an exterior basis appraisal, not to mention THAT particular example cited by Julian Glover’s news station was actually located in Canada. IF racism was a factor then it was Canadian racism, not American racism.

My position with the American Guild of Appraisers puts me in a position to review and research racism complaints against our members. To date, two have been received.

One is well-publicized and I can’t comment much beyond saying it was dismissed by HUD because there was zero evidence to support the racism claim.

The other was BY an Asian against another Asian (appraiser). Same result. Complete dismissal by HUD. THINK about that last one for a minute. An Asian appraiser is so biased against other Asians that he appraises low for other Asians out of that imaginary bias?

IF there is a residual impact or systemic racism in lending then look to the lenders themselves. Every single appraisal is required by current regulatory laws and rules to include the census tract number in it.

The ostensible purpose is to enable the feds to monitor loans made in minority communities. What may have had a valid purpose to start though, is the ONLY part of a report that gives underwriter information on the racial composition of a neighborhood.

No other part of an appraisal can so easily lead a malevolent person to find the racial mix of an area.

In 36+ years of appraising, I have seen homeowners engage in racism against minority appraisers. I’ve never seen the opposite.

Let’s apply logic. Is it likely, that if a person hates another race so badly, they’ll risk their entire career and license just to cut a refinance value by a few thousand dollars so the loan gets killed?

Apply the same logic to a sale. If that same hatred (and downright ignorance) is so strong, then why wouldn’t they just let the individual pay more than the property is worth. What would they care?

The truth is that it takes far more work to conclude (and rebut) a value below a contract price than it does one that is at or above contract. We know upfront we have to do extra work to defend our conclusions. We do so when necessary based on value. WHY would we add to our own workload just to hate on another race?

The Head of the Urban League, Mr. Mark Morial, has himself admitted they don’t think systemic racism involves individual rogue appraisers killing values. Rather he ties his perceptions of systemic racism to past (pre-civil rights act and fair housing act) events that did in fact exist prior to 1968 and potentially even a few years after.

For what it’s worth, I have read part of Dr. Perry’s book. It’s interesting in terms of his background (seriously interesting), but he is (1) a racist himself, and (2) contradictory. He rightly claims white America (government) keeps trying to ‘fix’ Black People who are not broken in the first place! He says Black People are just fine. We need to stop measuring their success, value, or culture in the context of comparative white culture. I absolutely agree with him to that point.

But after saying there is nothing broken, and Black Culture and people are just fine, WHY then does he insist that some new form of assistance is still needed to fix a race that isn’t broken in the first place?

Self-serving entities in leadership positions among the Black American Population have conflated the need for investment and access to credit and development with other issues which sidetrack from real issues, as they are intended to do.

So, while forcing appraisers to deal with a chimera of wrongly labeled racism, these same ‘leaders’ (white and black) are able to continue to syphon off federal funds for their own purposes while deliberately ignoring steps that might actually benefit constituent communities.

Find and read a copy of the 1934 FHA Guidelines for appraisers and lenders. Now THOSE were clearly and undeniably racist and written based on ignorance. I don’t know how long they lasted before being rewritten, except that by 1968 they themselves constituted ILLEGAL considerations if they were still being used. I didn’t start appraising until 1986. Those guidelines were long gone by then.

In over 50 years of affirmative action wherein many African Americans did in fact bootstrap themselves into better financial and educational circumstances, IF there are any systemically abused Black Americans today it is the result of having their confidence in themselves stolen by socialist / Marxist teachers, like Lou Ayres and others who prey upon capitalism as a concept while enriching themselves off it by sowing discontent along the way.

Michael Ford

Michael Ford

Over 28 years appraising all property types and interests, in Southern California real estate. VP/Chairman National Appraiser Peer Review Committee, American Guild of Appraisers, #44OPEIU/AFL-CIO. - Michael Ford on e-AppraisersDirectory

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45 Responses

  1. Matthew Ellis on Facebook Matthew Ellis on Facebook says:

    Well done.

  2. Tim Mccomiskey on Facebook Tim Mccomiskey on Facebook says:

    Well written article supported by facts and logical reason. Unfortunately, it does not fit the current narrative and will fall on deaf ears.

  3. Carrie A L-z on Facebook Carrie A L-z on Facebook says:

    Nice job Mike Ford. Thank you for all you do.

  4. A voice of reason… thanks Mike for this article.

  5. Avatar Pat Tirner says:

    Proud of you my man!’
    My points exactly.
    Thanks for doing such a great job.

  6. Kimberly Pugh DeFilippis on Facebook Kimberly Pugh DeFilippis on Facebook says:

    Thanks Mike for a well-written article. You are a true appraiser-advocate. Too bad the “powers-that-be” will not either read your article nor consider it when making decisions regarding a perception of discrimination moving forward.

  7. Avatar Mandy Dellevoet says:

    Great read, Mike! Thank you for all that you do for us!

  8. Avatar Helen J Grace says:

    Great article and on point. Aren’t census tracts a form of racism,?….and we did not create them. Start with a look at that and follow the trail.

  9. Avatar Scott Mangum says:

    Geat points and well written, Mike.

  10. Avatar Seneca says:

    “One is well-publicized and I can’t comment much beyond saying it was dismissed by HUD because there was zero evidence to support the racism claim.”

    Which one? and why can’t you?

  11. Avatar DianaN. says:

    Mike, well written as always. You are the best.

  12. Avatar Eric Kennedy says:

    Thank you Mike – great follow through on that one. Strike 3

  13. Avatar Vince Kleinknecht says:

    Well done Mike Ford.

  14. Avatar Mark Walser says:

    Well written article with great facts and support – thanks Mike!

  15. Avatar Frederick Giebel says:

    Well written and informative.

  16. Avatar BoB says:

    Racism is akin to real estate markets. First, it’s ultimately about money. Secondly in the current environment there is a great demand for it…but supply is very, very limited. Those who profit from it unfortunately have instilled fear in the powers that be, which results in many “leaders” and organizations racing to virtue signal that they “support the cause”….lest they have sunlight shone upon them. They simply desire to keep their lucrative jobs and organizational funding from coming under a microscope and being the target of “woke” wrath, hoping any attention is thus diverted elsewhere. Like real estate…big money, high demand, low supply.

    • Avatar Sandra Jenkins Webb, Cert Res Appraiser says:

      Great article my friend. You really shed light on the bigger issues that are factual. Keep up the good work!

    • Avatar henry jung says:


      • Avatar IMJSAYN says:

        “Of all the violations of the woke penal code, cultural appropriation might be the dumbest of all. ” Bill Maher

        • Avatar henry jung says:

          as long as it is NOT cultural misappropriation.
          big diff.

          • Avatar IMJSAYN says:

            “Wokeness operates as if there had been no civil rights movement, and that white Americans hadn’t been an integral part of it. It operates as if 60 years of affirmative action never happened, and that an ever-growing percentage of Black Americans don’t belong to the middle and upper class (and that they are, incidentally, concentrated in the American South). It operates as if we didn’t twice elect a Black president and recently bury a Black general as an American icon.

            It operates as if, in city after city, American police forces aren’t led by Black police chiefs and staffed by officers of diverse backgrounds. It operates as if white supremacy is still being systemically enforced, while ignoring the fact that a previously marginalized ethnic minority, namely Asian Americans, enjoys higher income levels than white Americans.

            Above all, Wokeness pretends that incidents such as George Floyd’s murder, which are national scandals, are actually national norms. They aren’t, despite current injustices. Most Americans, I suspect, not only sense the falseness of the allegation. They are, increasingly, insulted by it.

            The insult turns to injury when it comes to the solutions Wokeness prescribes, and in the way that it prescribes them. This doesn’t just mean efforts like “abolish the police” that are so baldly destructive that voters quickly sense their danger. It’s in subtler prescriptions, too.

            A typical example: The American Medical Association recently published its “Guide to Language, Narrative and Concepts,” which includes such recommendations as replacing the term “disadvantaged” with “historically and intentionally excluded,” “social problem” with “social injustice,” “vulnerable” with “oppressed,” and “blacklist” and “blackmail” with words that don’t suggest an association between the word “black” and “suspicion or disapproval.”

            This isn’t silly. It’s Orwellian. It’s a blunt attempt to turn everyday speech into a perpetual, politicized and nearly unconscious indictment of “the system.” Anyone who has spent time analyzing how the totalitarian regimes of the 20th century operated will note the similarities.

            They’ll also note that the main thing separating those regimes from today’s Wokified institutions is the element of government coercion. Yes, there can be immense pressure to conform in places like Yale Law School, where no microaggression is too small not to invite the wrath of censorious administrators. Ultimately, though, Americans are still free to reject the Woke ethos, even if they sometimes have to leave their institutions as a result.

            This is why Wokeness will fail. For every attempt to cancel certain writers, others will publish them. For every diktat to fix language by replacing some words with others, people will merely find more subversive ways to say the same thing. For every effort to turn high schools and universities into Wokeness factories, there will be efforts to start afresh. Because technology, capital and good ideas move faster than ideology, those efforts will succeed more quickly than their skeptics imagine.

            In the long run, Americans have always gotten behind protest movements that make the country more open, more decent, less divided. What today is called Woke does none of those things. It has no future in the home of the free.”


            • Avatar henry jung says:

              Being WOKE is being in a state of being aware, especially of social problems such as racism and inequality…especially of pertinent issues associated with society or the community.
              Being politically correct or woke is having ETHICS and MORALS.

              • Avatar IMJSAYN says:

                That’s what it used to mean. Not anymore. Not since the radical left turned it into a cult. Everyone I know has left the cult of wokeness. The only ones left are deluded!

  17. Brian Kirkpatrick on Facebook Brian Kirkpatrick on Facebook says:

    Mike Ford Great article! This recent issue is driven 100% by cancel culture movement and little-to-no evidence based data. It is sad how it has become much easier to point fingers than to be accountable.

  18. Thank you for the kind thoughts. If you agree with the content, then please help spread the word.

    Share in your other FB groups, or Twitter or any other media you believe is appropriate.

    We need to start pushing back against the false information.

  19. Avatar Cathy says:

    Great article!

  20. Avatar Dan Frushour says:

    This narrative of appraiser racial bias that the media has advanced has to be confronted and the best resource we have is a measured and reasoned response such as this. Thanks, Mike.

  21. Amen Mike. I kept nodding yes, yes. Points I had not even thought of but make perfect sense. Like the one about if we hate a race that much why not let them pay more! These people who want to push this racist narrative don’t even take time to think it logically through. Appraisers are the LAST people to suspect of racism. Try looking not only at the lenders, but Realtors driving buyers in one direction or the other and finally, the BUYERS/Market. They are the ones making the buying decisions. So why are they paying less in certain areas? Ask them that question. Appraisers report they make no judgements as to why buyers do what they do! I hope your article gets TRACTION! Thanks!

    • Thank you Mary,

      Agree with all.

      What many don’t realize is that both the Perry study and the Freddie Mac “study” (& I use the term loosely) start with a false metric.

      They have predicated on a starting assumption that the appropriate ‘measure’ of high or low ‘values’ starts with an assumption that any difference between asking PRICE or contract price and the appraised value represents a ‘low’ valuation. You and I both know how false that assumption is.

      I’m not sure it’s really indicative of anything. Perhaps people of Color are less willing to negotiate contract prices up front? On the farthest end of the spectrum is Latino or Hispanics. Apparently the gap between CP/AV on their transactions is as much greater (lower values) than the gap between black and white.

      The study ignores Asians completely. Apparently, Asians don’t buy real estate in Freddie Macs world. OR they produce an undesired result which shows the entire study is really garbage.

      Anyway, all we can do is to keep trying. I don’t believe in the pander & placate without dissent approach that AI is following.

  22. Avatar henry jung says:

    This article was decent until the final paragraph of blaming some b.s. Marxist /Socialist nonsense.
    Too bad the author decided to finalize his some what educated opinion with ignorance.

    • Avatar Sandra says:

      It is interesting when someone supports Marxists Ideologies – they oppose truth and order and are easily identified.

      • Avatar henry jung says:

        Who supports Marxist ideologies? I am just pointing out the ignorance of fake conservative right wing fascists.

        • Avatar IMJSAYN says:

          You obviously don’t know the root of fascism & what makes someone a fascist.

          Practically everyone knows that Karl Marx is the ideological father of communism & socialism, & that Adam Smith is the father of capitalism & economic liberalism.

          But do you know who the mind behind fascism is?

          The philosopher behind fascism was also an avowed socialist. Giovanni Gentile, a neo-Hegelian philosopher, was the intellectual author of the “doctrine of fascism,” which he wrote in conjunction with Benito Mussolini. Gentile’s sources of inspiration were thinkers such as Hegel, Nietzsche, and also Karl Marx.

          Gentile believed that all private action should be oriented to serve society. He was against individualism, for him there was no distinction between private & public interest. In his economic postulates, he defended compulsory state corporatism, wanting to impose an autarkic state (basically the same recipe that Hitler would use years later).

          So you see, someone who criticizes Marxism & socialism, i.e. the author of this article, is not a fascist. From far it!

          • Avatar henry jung says:

            The author blames socialism/Marxism. Do you know how to read?

            Try to pay attention.

          • Marx’s version of collectivization was the ideological root of communism, though how it was to be achieved is where the shared concept diverged. “Socialism and Marxism” were both usurped by communism. Just as racial issues today are being usurped by political AND economic opportunists.

    • Henry the Marxist/socialist ‘nonsense’ as you call it, comes from information derived from both current events and the media. It also comes from some of the biggest claimants of racism’s own online contribution/donation links which lead directly to an organization called

      Don’t forget that despite being a registered Republican, that I am also a union organizer (the two, contrary to commonly held beliefs are not mutually exclusive of each other). My point is that I regularly receive requests for ‘political action’ from many affiliates and peripherally supporting organizations. Some are moderates and some are pretty far left. They often use the traditional rhetoric of the left. Organizationally, we don’t receive a lot of requests from the ‘right’, though I personally do.

      We respect the diversity of thought as much as we do cultural or racial diversity among appraisers. We aren’t big fans of elitists.

      After screening, those concerns that pertain to appraisers are considered without regard to party affiliations or political philosophies when and IF I seek Guild support for the underlying issue. Alleged systemic racism by appraisers is/was such an issue.

      So were (are) “reasonable & customary fees”.

      Some of these whom I support generally (as authorized by the Board on behalf of the Guild or collectively through senior management) …though not specifically on all issues, do in fact have socialist and or Marxists leanings and philosophies, or support those that do. I don’t bandy the ‘socialist’ or Marxist descriptions about recklessly, or without having investigated the background of those being so labeled. Nor do I label Marxists automatically as communists though the two have some intellectual overlap. (The divergence is mainly in HOW their shared objective is achieved and administered).

      People have a right to believe in whatever philosophies they choose…so long as they aren’t harming others. My best friend of over 35 years is an avowed socialist (in the textbook sense). He’s a good person. I only take issue with those that are dishonest about it in their efforts to impose it on me. My maternal grandfather was a card-carrying American Socialist Party member most of his life. He was also a patriotic veteran of WWII. He’d be ashamed of & dispute what passes for ‘socialism’ today. He was a philosophical purist. NOT a communist, though his philosophical beliefs shared 1 of the 3 basic tenets associated with it.

      Look up the sponsors or main members of an organization called “Americans for Financial Reform.” You’ll find more than 70 “Who’s who” organizations dating back to the original civil rights movement in America. SOME others are clearly socialist organaizations. ActBlue (who collects for BLM) comes right out and admits they support socialist democrats. Some of these groups historically worked purely for the betterment of oppressed individuals. Others used “the oppressed” to further other political agendas by inflaming emotional concerns.

      Because we are a guild within a Union, we try to be as supportive as we can be to our brother & sister union members (including many of their more non-partisan issues) without attempting to impose our individual political beliefs on others. Our membership is comprised of registered Democrats; registered Republicans, true Independents, Libertarians, and a variety of others. We try to balance our guild needs with the causes of those from whom WE also derive support. Where we perceive clearly defined specific articulable injustice; or efforts to find win-win solutions then we seriously consider offering our support.

      That does not mean that we agree or even like all affiliated organizations. We don’t buy into all their beliefs any more than they buy into the FACT that most, if not all appraisers are racially unbiased in the performance of their jobs. We do however attempt to educate them, without pandering. It’s a bit of a balancing act. As any endeavor to find win-win solutions necessarily is.

  23. Avatar IMJSAYN says:

    Great article. Thank you Mike!

    • Baggins Baggins says:

      Yes, excellent. Between this article and Maureens, some of the best content delivered on this site. And your rebuttal is so well written, would make it’s own headline article on other web sites quite easily. Learned a lot, thank you.

      Some people have come to accept and embrace principals that blaming others and silencing them based on a myriad of factors may be acceptable. To parse and interpret every issue based on race and politics, a failure to embrace the principals of freedom and equality this country was built upon. So frequently the position turns to advocating for a redistribution of federal monies to favor their causes. The arguments keeps pointing back to basic principals of taxation without representation. We’d all be better off if the government just got out of the business of lending and insurance.

  24. Heidi Ford on Facebook Heidi Ford on Facebook says:

    I am happy to see appraisers pushing back on the racist narrative using facts and logic. We need to continue to educate the public about the appraisal process and continue to promote quality continuing education for members of our profession.

  25. Avatar Tom D says:

    hey Mike, been reading your good works for a long time.

    not retired, having some best years now. i always wanted to be a member of the AGA.
    i am now, the old dogs gotta help each other.

    • Hi Tom,

      Thank you for the kind words, and we’d love to have you at AGA. If interested contact

      The more members willing to support us the more we are able to accomplish.

      FWIW NONE of the executive Board Members draw a salary. We did not, & still do not want others to think we are only in this for personal gain. Nor do we want members thinking their dues go to supporting luxury lifestyles of the Guild leadership. The amount that we send upline to our parent unions ($72/year) covers accounting and administration costs at their end.

      You can also call Jan at the number listed on the website if you’d prefer to join by phone.

      Hope to hear from you soon.


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HUD Dismisses Claims Alleging Racism

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