Author: Mary Cummins

AEI Research Critique of Freddie Mac's Misleading Appraisal Gap Report 3

AEI Research Critique of Freddie Mac’s Misleading Appraisal Gap Report

More great research from AEI. This is an analysis of Freddie Mac’s misleading and basically defamatory paper on Appraisal Gap. When government related entities release misleading information like this they are attacking and defaming real estate appraisers. The hate real estate appraisers have received because of this paper and Andre Perry’s paper is relentless. Another problem with releasing misleading data and conclusions is that it actually hurts the people they are trying to help. Facts show that the real cause of the wealth gap between blacks, whites and Latinos is the income gap. It has nothing to do with appraisals...

Promoting the False Racist Appraiser Narrative 8

Promoting False “Racist Appraiser” Narrative

Some Lenders promoting false “racist appraiser” narrative to optimize profits via AVMs Like most businesses lenders want to optimize their profits. One way to make more money besides charging more is to pay less in costs and fees. One way for the lender to do that is to pay the appraiser less or just get rid of them and use a free or very inexpensive Automated Valuation Method (AVM). I personally don’t care if a lender or borrower wants to use an AVM. There is enough business out there for appraisers because not all appraisals are for loans and not...

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