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Appraiserville – Fake Claim of An Appraisal Shortage 65

Appraiserville – Fake Claim of An Appraisal Shortage

Please provide feedback immediately to “two banking institutions have requested that the Appraisal Subcommittee temporarily waive the requirement for use of state licensed or certified appraisers” based on the fake claim of an appraisal shortage. I wrote about Tristar Bank in Appraiserville a few weeks ago. It is worth re-visiting since I translate the Tristar request into my interpretation of what they are really saying. It is recommended to send your responses ASAP to rather than to Jim Park directly although either way is fine. The Appraisal Foundation will be responding to this issue. Here is an email I just received on this issue:...

Appraisal Forms Revision? What Will Appraisers Charge For More Pages? 18

Revision to GSE Forms Coming?

Looking to revise appraisal forms… What will appraisers charge for more pages? Folks, This notice was posted in the National Association of Mortgage Brokers e-newsletter on Dec. 28, 2017: FHFA Looking to Revise Appraisal Forms As one of its 2018 priorities, FHFA says in its 2018 Scorecard that it wants to “research, assess, and begin planning for appraisal process modernization, which could include revised appraisal forms and data requirements.”  Now that we have a 17-page loan application coming soon, does that mean a 6-page appraisal form is inadequate? What will appraisers charge for more pages? This particular issue has been discussed...

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