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Building Codes: Need for Railings or Handrails? Is this a Legal Bedroom?... 6

Building Codes

Appraisers should have a basic understanding of residential electrical, plumbing and building codes. Or at least have a way to research them… While reading the National Appraisers Forum on Friday December 4, 2020, I found a post contributed by California appraiser Craig Gilbert, who provided this link to building codes in each state. Over the years, I’ve seen numerous appraiser comments in various places stating that I don’t need to know anything about building, electrical or plumbing codes. Well, I hate to be the Grinch who stole Christmas, but I disagree with that perspective. Appraisers should have a basic understanding...

Fannie and Freddie Will Fail! Stated FHFA Director Mark Calabria 7

Fannie and Freddie Will Fail!

Fannie and Freddie Will Fail! That comes straight from Dr. Mark Calabria, the Federal Housing Finance Director that oversees Fannie and Freddie! In a prepared statement given to the US House of Representatives Committee on Financial Services, FHFA Director Mark Calabria did not hold back in his comments. But in their current condition, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will fail in a downturn. The testimony of Dr. Calabria before the US House of Representatives Committee on Financial Services was geared around affordable housing goals. Blame is given to local zoning, land use restrictions, environmental regulations, onerous building codes and permitting...

Modular Homes vs. Manufactured Home: “Pre-built” Housing Explanations 4

“Pre-built” Housing Explanations

I used to work for a MODULAR homes manufacturer, before becoming an appraiser… Folks, If you’ve ever wondered about the differences between various ‘pre-built’ housing “types”, this 4 part series (below) is a good explanation. See the links below. These are written by a California contractor/real estate agent who has 30 years’ experience (according to his info). I used to work for a MODULAR home manufacturer, before becoming an appraiser. This series does not really fully explain how MODULAR is different from “Manufactured.” In simple terms, MODULAR homes are constructed in a factory to specifications in the International Building Codes...

Non-permitted Additions 4

Non-permitted Additions

“What is the big #$%^&*@! deal with non-permitted additions?” The last few weeks I have noted a common theme in my conversations with appraisers across the nation. This topic seems relatively simple and yet since I have encountered endless questions I thought this post may add something to overall community. The question boils down to “What is the big #$%^&*@! deal with non-permitted additions?”, for residential lending purposes. Of course this stems from the fact that many residential lenders are pushing back appraisals that have given value consideration to an addition which was non-permitted at the time of construction. This...

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