National Data Collective Launches “Shift”

National Data Collective - NDC ShiftNational Data Collective Launches “Shift” an Exclusive a la mode TOTAL Integration Tool

February 2, 2015 San Diego, CA — Today, NDC (National Data Collective), a leading national provider of property data for real estate professionals, has released a new and improved export tool for a la mode customers only called Shift.

Shift allows NDC users to export NDC’s highly-rated collective property data directly into a la mode’s industry leading form filling software with just a push of a button. The tool is compatible with the legacy WinTOTAL system, TOTAL 2013, and the upcoming release of the next-generation TOTAL Titan.

“We’re excited to give our customers access to NDC’s national data,” said Sean Shiplet, Chief Operating Officer at a la mode.  “Through our API integration, customers will have access to the critical information they need, from plat maps to property characteristics, to comp-specific Digital Workfile notes that other appraisers have opted to share.  Accurate and timely data is more critical than ever and NDC delivers that with flying colors.”

The new NDC Shift will save appraisers time, avoid having to pay to have reports typed, reduce potential errors from copying and pasting, and best of all, save money due to NDC’s extremely affordable pricing and subscription options. “By integrating NDC Data’s proprietary subject and comp search features with a la mode’s industry leading form filling software, we are jointly arming the appraisal community with the very best tools available to reduce risk and increase productivity,” said Brian Trotier, NDC’s Chief Operating Officer.  “The Comps Dashboard developed by a la mode provides an excellent platform for appraisers to access and integrate quality property data from NDC into a la mode’s cutting edge appraisal software at a very reasonable cost.  We deliver that data and a la mode delivers the proper context for it.  It’s a superb combination for any appraiser.”

a la mode is the nation’s dominant appraisal technology provider, with its TOTAL family of form filling products used by more appraisers in the United States than all other competing systems combined.

National Data Collective offers a subscription-based data service to appraisers using data from over 130 million properties in all 50 states, with full property profiles, assessor records, deed history, and comparables data.  Its products are available on desktop and mobile platforms, with an advanced user interface designed around appraiser efficiency.  Foreclosure activity is also available, along with flood information, linked deed histories, and more.  Customizable packages are available in monthly or annual subscriptions.

NDC will be offering low unpublished introductory pricing to any current a la mode TOTAL user who has not used NDC before. Appraisers should call NDC at 1-800-964-2374 if they have questions.

About a la mode

A mission-critical technology leader in the financial technology industry for more than 29 years, a la mode’s products are used by hundreds of thousands of professionals to power more than 50% of all US real estate transactions. In the lending sector, a la mode’s Mercury Network subsidiary ( is the vendor management platform for more than 20,000 transactions a day, serving over 600 lenders and AMCs. In the real estate sales and financing industry, a la mode’s Pipeline ROI division ( hosts the only comprehensive inbound marketing platform, attracting and managing leads for tens of thousands of brokers, agents, and mortgage professionals. And in the appraisal market, a la mode’s flagship TOTAL software line ( is the dominant production system, used by more appraisers than all other brands combined.

a la mode is headquartered in Naples, FL, with additional offices and more than 200 employees located in Oklahoma City, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, and Washington, DC. For more information about the company, visit

About NDC

NDC (National Data Collective) is an independent property data source based in San Diego, CA. NDC has grown from serving a few states to being a trusted data source nationwide. For over 20 years, NDC has been committed to providing appraisers and real estate professionals with the information they need to be successful in their businesses. NDC offers a distinct combination of data and search tools that empower subscribers to perform smart, reliable data searches.  More information on NDC is available at or by calling 800-964-2374.

All product and company names herein may be trademarks of their registered owners.

Press inquiries, contact:

Danny Stewart
Marketing Director for NDC

Danny Stewart
Danny Stewart

Danny Stewart

Danny can be reached by phone at (858) 200-1023.

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4 Responses

  1. Avatar LexAppraiser says:

    So I get to give alamode the data I have developed for free and in turn I have to pay a subscription for that data? Good business plan.

    • Avatar AppraiserD says:

      Clearly you weren’t reading that right. You should already be paying for property data and some sort of form-filling software like TOTAL. NDC is saying switch to them and you can now export directly to a la mode instead of typing it yourself or copy and pasting, saving time. Whatever software provider you use, they are already capturing your data regardless of if it is from NDC or say Real Quest. So that is nothing new, the export tool that save you the time is.

  2. Avatar Clint says:

    Does this program verify sales data, check prior sales history, verify the age, above grade, below grade, basement area, site area, and all the other salient facts needed for all my comps? Can I get a site map customized with dimensions, aerial views, and water frontage on it? Does this provide adequate data to analyze the market with median sale price, sales to list ratios, sortable spreadsheets of data with above grade, below grade, bedroom count, bathroom count, garage size, and other amenities commonly found on the MLS? Will I be able to look at interior and exterior photos of each comp? Does it obtain parcel numbers, legal descriptions, zoning, dimensions, flood plain info, property taxes, HOA dues, special assessments, condo project info, etc? If the goal is to make things easier for appraisers, then give us all the information we need in one fully integrated program. The more websites that we have to visit and phone calls we have to make the longer it takes to complete the appraisal. Put it all in one place. I’d gladly pay $500 per month if someone gave me information that was already verified with public records for all my comps. It would be worth it just to keep chugging along without having to make 100 phone calls and emails per week; not to mention responding to dumb underwriter requests.

  3. Baggins Baggins says:

    Having a hard time telling if this is a blog site or an advertisement platform. Alamode, always finding a way to make the product even more expensive, and more complicated to use. I’ve never imported a ready filled comp, and never will.


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National Data Collective Launches “Shift”

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