Valu+ Discounted for AppraisersBlogs Readers

Valu+ Logo Powered by NDCNDC’s Appraiser Product is now Valu+ with exclusive 20% off for all Appraiser Blog Readers.
Valu+ is a standalone valuation product under the NDC Brand.

San Diego, CA: In the appraiser data market there has been one constant for many years, NDC. Until now NDC was both the name of the business and the research product supplying thousands of appraisers and real estate leaders with accurate public records data on over 130,000,000 parcels of land. NDC is evolving and growing rapidly and because of this growth we are excited to announce that the NDC research and valuation product will be known as Valu+.

Valu+ will have a slightly new look and feel, but will still provide the same industry leading public records data our customers have relied on and used for many years.

As a special promotion from NDC to Appraiser Blog Readers, you can get the new Valu+ product for 20% off on your first month, for first time users of NDC. There are no contracts to sign. To take advantage of this offer call NDC at (800) 964-2374 and mention you’re a reader of AppraisersBlogs.

“NDC is evolving as a data driven, research company so we decided to rebrand our flagship product formerly known simply as NDC as Valu+. As NDC evolves we intend to release other new, branded tools and products, but Valu+ will continue to be NDC’s legacy for years to come”

said Brian L. Trotier, COO/EVP of NDC.

Beginning with the introduction of Valu+, NDC will begin introducing new products with stand alone names and functions. This will give NDC the ability to continue to grow and serve the real estate industry’s ever increasing needs for advanced research tools and analytics.

Other new products coming soon from NDC:

  • List and Print is a tool for small business owners allowing them to build affordable, targeted lead lists based off their current customers’ traits. This allows businesses to take a rifle approach to marketing instead of the shotgun approach often used by the mass mailing firms.
  • House Detect is a risk management tool that combines unique data elements such as sound elements, AVMs, building permits, and much more to provide a property report unlike any in the marketplace.
  • Comps+ is a consumer tool that quickly and easily provides consumers with the ability to see the same comps appraisers use in the valuation of a property.

National Data Collective (NDC) was started over 15 years ago by a real estate appraiser as a company to help appraisers quickly find and access property data to use in their appraisal reports. With years of development and user feedback on our side, NDC has aggressively grown into a multi-use data company that serves the needs of many professionals both in and out of the real estate realm.

Danny Stewart
Danny Stewart

Danny Stewart

Danny can be reached by phone at (858) 200-1023.

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3 Responses

  1. Avatar Roy says:

    Nice! Glad to see some rebranding and new products in the pipeline. Going to take advantage of the 20% off offer!

  2. Mike Ford Mike Ford says:

    NDC has long been among the more over priced products out there. Most title companies will give the same information away for free.

    Now they want to turn themselves into another Zillow and add more confusion to the marketplace and directly try to challenge appraisers livelihood by creating yet one more phony value “added” so called risk management ‘tool’.

    The only “tools” in this product are those that think appraisers will be impressed with a token discount for their grossly over priced service to begin with, OR that we will run to use a service that is trying to take work away from us.

  3. bubba jay / Retired Appraiser II bubba jay / Retired Appraiser II says:

    oh joy . just what appraisers need – more EXPENSES.


    the bleeding continues . . . . .


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Valu+ Discounted for AppraisersBlogs Readers

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