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Appraisers Are Historians...Tracking the Motivations of the Moment 19

Appraisers Are Historians

It is gratifying when appraisers are correct, and the AVMs burn; unless you invested in their stocks.  I mean no disrespect to the modelers of the Automated Valuation Models (AVMs) or to Zillow for relying on their AVMs. As an appraiser since the 80s, I have yet to find a computer that can tell me if I want vanilla or chocolate ice cream. Does the buyer want more acres, or less grass to cut? I will admit that a raised ranch, a two story farm house, a colonial, a split level, and a Dutch colonial can all sell for the...

Bringing Back the Lost Art of Relationship Building - AppraisersBlogs 13

Relationships… The Lost Art

Relationships. It’s a lost art of business when it comes to the appraiser profession… I have been an appraiser since 2003, when I started my career path. Since then, the appraiser profession has gone through many changes, none more impactful than creating the Home Valuation Code of Conduct or HVCC law that was put into effect after the crash. HVCC created the new normal for the profession where Appraisal Management Companies (AMCs) were installed as the firewall or third party between the appraiser and the lender. Overnight on May 1st, 2009, appraisers all over the country lost every relationship they...

Tax Appeal Work 9

Tax Appeal Work & Appraisers

Taxing the System – Tax Appeal The Department receives a number of appraisal complaints related to property tax assessment appeals each and every year. While most originate with assessors and boards of review, some come from appellants themselves. The most frequent complaint involves alleged undervaluation and advocacy on the part of the appraiser. The local assessor or board of review will allege that the appraiser deliberately omitted more relevant sales by “cherry-picking” distressed sales or choosing sales from inferior locations. Appraisers are not hired guns by counsel. Advocacy is a career-killer. Unlicensed practice is the next most frequent complaint. There...


NJ Governor Vetoes BPO Legislation…Again

Legislation that would have significantly expanded the ability of New Jersey real estate brokers and salespersons to offer broker price opinion services did not become law because of a Jan. 21 “pocket veto” by Gov. Chris Christie. This is the second time Christie has vetoed BPO legislation. The legislation (S. 3058) was passed by both houses of the New Jersey legislature Jan. 6, and was presented to Christie for his consideration. However, because the bill was passed by the legislature during the last 10 days of the 2012-13 legislative session (which ended Jan. 14), the governor only had seven days...

Borrowers to Refinance with No Appraisals 3

Knowing When to Say NO

I wish I never took that assignment One comment often encountered when investigating a complaint is “I wish I never took that assignment”. Another is “I should have walked away when I saw the property.” How can you avoid that uneasy feeling when completing an assignment? If this is a typical residential mortgage transaction, things may go fairly smoothly. If the assignment involves appraising a property in a divorce, estate, tax appeal, or anything that might end up in litigation, you should meet with your client to assess whether there could be trouble ahead. One way to avoid this type of surprise is to not consider assignments as being routine. Each assignment regardless of purpose or intent has...

BPO bill consumer confusion 0

NJ Governor Vetoes BPO Cites Consumer Confusion

NJ Governor Vetoes BPO Legislation, Cites Consumer Confusion On Aug. 19, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie vetoed bill S. 2551, legislation that would have significantly expanded the ability of the state’s real estate professionals to provide broker price opinion and comparative market analysis services. In his veto message to the Legislature, Christie said, “While I appreciate the desire to facilitate additional business for real estate licensees in the state of New Jersey, I am concerned about potential consumer confusion.” The Appraisal Institute chapters in New Jersey testified in strong opposition to this bill when it was going through the legislative...


Who Is the Donkey in the Assessment?

The more clever title would be the nickname of this farm animal or the first three letters of assessment.  Your choice. Real estate values have gone down, everyone knows that. Just ask the homeless man on the street who a few years ago was more than likely the town’s leading real estate agent, who back then could sell ice to eskimos and to top it off and really cash in, could franchise his venture through the funding of a Worldwide bank that had it in their business plan that if we get to big to fail then the tax payers will...

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