Why Appraisers Should Vote

I have been involved in politics from the time I was quite young. I remember as a toddler attending party conventions, and as an eight year old delivering flyers from door to door asking everyone to vote for my dad for city councilman. Many of you know my story. Several years ago I felt a burning desire to learn more about our country’s commencement, the Founding Fathers, and good principles of government. Many of the principles that I discovered during that time have been the same truths that have propelled much of my present success. Despite what others may tell you, politics do have a huge affect upon your life.

In a few days, we will have the blessing and opportunity to again head to the polls. We are one of the few countries in the world which enjoy that opportunity, and we are the only country in the world which enjoys as much freedom of choice.

I have heard many individuals over the past few months claim that “there is really no difference between the two Presidential candidates. They will both take us over a cliff. It just depends upon how fast you want to drive.” Though it is a cute analogy, it is a bit too simplistic to tell the whole story. Are there some similarities? Certainly. Do they both come to the table with some solutions as well as some perpetuation of the problem? Naturally. However, I do not think we have had a clearer chasm between the two leading candidates for President in decades.

There is a reason appraisers should be involved in the election this time around more than ever. The large majority of fee appraisers are self-employed. Entrepreneurialism is the very foundation that this country’s growth is founded upon. The ability to dream, grow, create, fail, and succeed are paramount to our vitality and survival as a nation. As I see the platform and the issues, Pres. Obama and Gov. Romney are polar opposites regarding the issues of the business owner.

Of course, the Presidential election is not the only ballot that will be cast. Many other important national, state, and local elections will also take place. In many respects, these decisions may impact your life to an even greater degree than the election getting the most attention. Thomas Jefferson was a believer that man should be responsible for that which he can most affect. In many ways, that will occur by voting for those who best represent your ideals and values on a local level.

Do not shrug off your responsibility, no – your DUTY, to vote. Men and women have died to allow you this privilege. Voting is both a right and an enormous blessing. This will be a historic election.

Study the issues. It is not too late. Know where the candidates stand. Decide who will best represent you in the years to come. How you vote is your decision. Who is ultimately elected is all of our concern.

Now, go create some value!

Dustin Harris
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Dustin Harris

Dustin Harris

A multi-business owner and residential real estate appraiser. He has been appraising for nearly two decades. He is the owner and President of Appraisal Precision and Consulting Group, Inc. He owns and operates The Appraiser Coach where he personally advises and mentors other appraisers. His principles and methodologies are also taught in an online, Mastermind group. He and his wife reside in Idaho with their four children. Dustin Harris on e-AppraisersDirectory.com

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  1. Retired Appraiser Retired Appraiser says:

    Wall Street certainly headed your advice and voted today with their opinion of Obama. (-300 pts)

    As a stock holder I will be the first to say that I was no fan of the President during his first 3 years in office. For nearly two long years he insisted on giving a major speech every day of the week only to watch Wall Street punish stocks every time he hit the air. Thankfully, I believe the guy has finally learned his lesson (or tired of seeing himself on television).

    I see no earth shattering changes during the coming years because of the gridlock gang of geezers he will be forced to work with in Congress. I do however believe he deserved a second chance for helping to prevent a complete collapse of our economy the first time around. Consider it a consolation prize.


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Why Appraisers Should Vote

by Dustin Harris time to read: 2 min