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Solidifi on Notice... AMC System Is Further Degrading Itself 57

Appraisers Pushing Back!

Solidifi has taken the disrespect to another level… Appraisers Pushing Back Against AMC Bad Behavior! Appraisers have finally had enough of bad behavior by AMCs. VaCAP received the following email from an appraiser, who by the way is not located in Virginia. VaCAP spoke to the author concerning the email and found out a few more details. First, the author does not do residential work as they are a Certified General nor do they work for AMCs and are not on any AMC roster. Somehow, this nonresidential appraiser received this email from Solidifi. VaCAP commends our colleague for stepping up...

Purchase Price with an Appraised Value to Match? 15

Possible vs. Probable

Refusing to ‘rubber-stamp’ a purchase price with an appraised value to match. Recently, there was a news story out of Atlanta, highlighting an appraiser who had refused to ‘rubber-stamp’ a purchase price with an appraised value to match. What followed was an increasingly disturbing trend to find another appraiser who would. According to the story (which was full of holes and unknowns), the second appraiser ignored comps in the subject’s neighborhood and found sales in a superior location to help support the purchase price. This situation was talked about on social media and a man who identified himself as a...

Scheer Motion to Dismiss Coester vs Scheer Lawsuit 26

Scheer Motion to Dismiss Coester vs Scheer Lawsuit

More CVMS Fraud and Coester’s Fraudulent Activities Revealed Robert Scheer, former Coester Senior VP, has filed a motion to dismiss Coester vs. Scheer lawsuit. There are also whispers in the appraisal community that Brian Coester’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit against him was denied. Looks like Scheer vs. Coester lawsuit is going to trial. Scheer continues to reveal more dirt against Coester while appraisers continue to flood social media with comments, and sometimes with humorous reactions: My biggest take away from this is that it is an incredible indictment as to how (potentially) dirty the participants in major AMCs are...

Social Media Spies & the Appraiser- Guess Who's Watching! 18

Why Not the Appraiser? Guess Who’s Watching!

No Time to Spare & Social Media Spies! Business has been crazy! We are hearing from appraisers how swamped they are; 2-3 week backlogs, working late and report writing at 4:30 AM. We are also hearing how tired and stressed they are. AMC and lender demands, updates, scope creep, and revision requests, are all taking a toll. An appraiser posted on Facebook she “broke down in tears” last Friday because she did not know how it was all going to get done. Life is too short to allow this… Take control of your time and your schedule. Spend some time...

Social Media & USPAP Confidentiality Requirement 35

Think It Through Before You Post!

Appraisers are Professionals, Social media is a fact of life. There are many appraisal industry social media outlets for appraisers to connect. These forums provide a great resource for appraisers to seek advice from other appraisers, voice their opinions on industry related issues, and sometimes just to vent a bit after a rough day. This is where we need to be careful….. We have all read comments on social media outlets that you just have to stop and think to yourself, “I can’t believe someone actually posted this”. Confidentiality is a requirement of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice....

Celebrity, Public Trust & Confidentiality - Is Your Facebook Brag Violating USPAP? 8

Is Your Facebook Brag Violating USPAP?

Appraising celebrity homes and naming the names of said celebrities When is it acceptable to tell others about your assignments? Is it okay to tell someone that you just appraised a famous movie star’s home? It is human nature to share the weird, unique and exceptional with others. Recently there was a debate on a social media site about appraising celebrity homes and naming the names of said celebrities. We have all done something similar, sometimes in an open forum, sometimes between close colleagues.  We are all human and it is within our nature to share the oddities and unusual stuff we have the opportunity...

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