Appraisers Getting Death Threats

Appraisers Getting Death Threats for Defending the Appraisal Profession. Several appraisers have informed us that they have received death threats simply because they have been outspoken online refuting the racial bias narrative and the allegations of racial discrimination in the appraisal profession that is being utilized to remove appraisers from the lending equation. Since we have no organized voice and no one to defend us, some among us have taken the task to educate the public about the appraisal process and what we do. And by doing so, they have been attacked, labeled as racist and their safety threatened.

One appraiser wrote (we redacted any identifiable information):

I already have received death threats and racist threatening “gifts” to my house from the article I wrote about (redacted) racial discrimination (redacted). I got racist death threats from black people who said I should be “strung up” by my “KKK robes” on my Facebook page. (redacted) would expose me to even more attacks.

Another stated:

I think that one could really blow up and I’m not looking to get canceled online so to speak… I did get someone email me last week… I am just not equipped to handle the magnitude right now.

And this one said:

Noticed your new POST – Racism. And you probably noted there’s fear of even commenting. However it’s probably read. Keep up the truth! Real estate appraiser need a POLITICAL voice and they do not have one.

It’s understandable why many of us are scared to get involved for fear of being labeled as racist, being blacklisted, canceled, harassed, and/or receiving death threats. It is why we have always published anonymous articles when the author has requested not to be identified. If you would like to voice your concerns but want to remain anonymous, email us your article via our contact page, and include a pen name of your choice.

Truth is becoming a routine casualty as the misinformed public allows itself to be led down a slippery slope, whether it’s an emotionally charged narrative of racism or accepting without question economic policies that could destroy the livelihood of millions.

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31 Responses

  1. Avatar Realist says:

    Zeal without knowledge. This has probably always occurred throughout history to varying degrees, but is especially strong and active now. Many people who don’t have a clue about real estate, real estate valuation or appraising are easily swayed by various supposedly knowledgeable people they think they can trust. This is very dangerous when these trusted people are power hungry and possibly clueless themselves. Because of their irresponsibility, you have their followers making threats of violence against good honorable knowledgeable people. It will only get worse and we powerless appraisers are sitting ducks. And the hellbent politicians enable and encourage such evil. So false accusers – have at it. Our accusers and the instigators egging them on will have to answer for this willful ignorance and wrong intentions to the final judge. Good Luck.

  2. Avatar Cobra says:

    Thank you to all who are speaking out! I want to believe that truth will prevail eventually but until then we shouldn’t let them silence us.

  3. Avatar Xpert says:

    A death threat is a criminal offense that may be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony. Please report these thugs to the police!

  4. Avatar Bruce W Lennick says:

    It’s the left that is pushing this racism thing and if any of you voted for any on the left, you have no one to blame but yourself. This has been going on for 50 years and it literally took Obama a month in office to erase all of the “progress” that was made. These people are only looking to line their pockets with money from threats and intimidation and the longer you all wait the harder it will be to fight these false accusations. I do not care nor, in most cases, know the color of anyone’s skin color when I do an appraisal. I feel sorry for the young appraisers just starting or have 10 or more years in this profession. Too bad I enjoyed the 1st 20 years but the last 15 years, after the Gov. got involved has been nothing short of a shit show.

    • ***This comment was edited by AppraisersBlogs Team. Personal attack is edited out because it’s inappropriate within the context of this blog.***

      How do I know the “left” when I see it? Your second sentence makes just as much sense as the first – i.e. zero.

      • Avatar Bruce W Lennick says:

        part of the problem, enjoy it, it will only get worse!

      • Avatar jaydee says:

        Anyone with a (D) after their political name supports this. If you cannot see this by now; you never will. The “D’s” are supporting this intimidation. BLM/ANTIFA “mostly peaceful protests” as they burn down cities and try to set fire on police stations. I repeat myself for possible penetration: Anyone with a (D) after their political name supports this. If you cannot see this by now; you never will.

      • Avatar Dan Williams says:

        The fact that the moderators had to edit out your personal attack tells us all we need to know. Bruce is exactly right. The left is actively trying to destroy this country, and too many are sitting around watching and helping. If you don’t know how to know the left, then educate yourself.

  5. Hello and Good Afternoon,
    We appraise inanimate and tangible objects, not the people in them. The bank wants to know if what it is lending money on will provide security for that loan. We offer nothing outside of that.
    Good Luck All!

  6. Please report to police and send this to the media pushing the other side of this. They need to see that their incomplete reporting (without further investigations into the appraisals involved) is causing Appraisers to get death threats. They need to report that people need to CEASE and DESIST. This is serious business and needs to be reported to the highest levels possible.

    • Baggins Baggins says:

      Yeah, politics has police hands tied. The problem is much worse than people realize. I listen to a special bail agent talk show on the weekends. Learn for yourself. It’s bad. Police can have solid information on serious crime and still are not even able to effect an arrest. This is a show where real active bail bondsman talk about what’s happening, and they have various sheriffs and other legal professionals on now and then too. It’s bad. There is a new line in the crime enforcement world. Can you afford an independent attorney? If not, too bad and be thankful it was not worse. The radical ‘liberal reformers’ of this country are not just farming homelessness, they’re farming more serious crime and increasing crime right alongside. The way these people behave, it’s very radical, they’re so deceptive. And they never stop, if they sniff out anyone with opposing views, they harass them to no end, destroy their supportive institutions and abolish their protective laws. The things the moderator of this site deals with, you have no idea how purposefully rude and disruptive some of these radical liberals really are. That’s why I listen to and promote independent conservative am radio stations. I like bail talk, present truth, the show that shall not be mentioned, larry elder, cup of joe, gardening hour, and it all started with the patriot trading group news hour which is still my fav. Checkem. Many areas have already rewritten enough rules to the point lawlessness is becoming the norm, get your mind around it.

  7. Avatar Barbara says:

    I have read the complaints about these incredibly differing appraisal values on the same property. I wonder if anyone with real appraisal knowledge, experience and credibility—-has reviewed any of the two conflicting reports and made the conclusions public? The truths of Those conclusions should be shared as widely as the complaints fired by political actors…. Please, give the concerned public a professional appraiser to engage as such! Please have that individual provide an unbiased analysis to the parties feeling wronged—with a true expert and knowledgeably developed opinion on what went wrong between the two reports—one of those two reports may simply be wrong. Be it inexperience, lack of training, or whatever the case may be, I’m betting in most situations, it’s not racially motivated at all. We often have no idea who lives at our next property and that fact is of no consequence to appraisers. Inexperience is all around us in our profession, especially with the AMC’s that refuse to pay for the more qualified appraisers. I can also easily see how the many currently accepted forms of value can be confused with an actual professional appraisal. We’ve never really gotten the full story on any of these hugely disparate appraisal valuations claiming racism. Our industry has been fractured by all of the new regulations…some very good, and some bad with regard to getting new appraisers to enter the profession. A professional appraiser’s analysis of those complaints could provide real visibility into what really went wrong. Instead of claiming a political issue— and if there is one—we all certainly want to know that—let’s do the hard work — and surface the real cause of the discrepancy… it could be a lot less disingenuous and/or racist than what those outside of the profession are trying to make of it.

    • Avatar Tony L Woods says:

      Barbara. that’s the most sensical, responsible reply I have ever heard on the matter. Thanks for your thoughts and input.

  8. Avatar Chris says:

    The truth is we will never know until we see and review the appraisals… until then you people with the (R) shouldn’t point your fingers at the Dems… The 1st thing I heard even before Biden took office was “Biden is GOING to destroy this country… you will see” and all I hear now is Biden HAS destroyed this country… The fact is NO ONE can print 7 trillion dollars and then have another 2 trillion printed… Don’t we all understand the REAL value of our US Dollar and what printing that much money leads too???

    Sure we do, but hey, the low IQ’s don’t.

    Racism, bias and prejudice are real, it’s all around us and has been for 2 million years… It is why our species survived.

    The truth is Trump brought out these low IQ people from their basements and gave them a voice. He used patriotism, fear and hatred… name calling, easier to remember, don’t need facts… lie, lie and lie, repeat, repeat and repeat… Fox media… One America, OAN al the same, none have to do retractions… because they are nothing more then like the National Enquirer magazine…

    Americans came out and said hell NO… and 81 million people told Trump “You are FIRED.” He lost white suburban women, its that simple.

    Biden didn’t even have to leave is basement… What I love about Trump is he woke up the silent majority, not all, but some… and this new abortion thing… just WOKE up a lot more. The Dems plan of just let them keep talking is working out perfectly.

    4 million young people turn of age to vote every year… 65-70% will NEVER vote Republican. republicans have lost an entire generation of voters. We all knew, all the top Republican said in 2015-2016 Trump would destroy the republican party and here we are now… they lost 1000 seats in the 2018 mid terms ACROSS THIS GREAT COUNTRY… HE LOST THE HOUSE, THE SENATE AND THE PRESIDENCY IN JUST 4 YEARS… and was a Democrat his WHOLE life…LOL

    Americans IQ have fallen into the toilet, They don’t even know what critical race theory is. But they know the Dems are trying to ruin this country…LOL Poly want a cracker !

    When Texas goes blue, no republican will EVER be president again…Thank God !!! I WAS a 40 year Republican, but not anymore, nor will I ever be again.

    • Avatar Barbara says:

      Chris, you have no idea how much I agree with you. I’m more Ind. or center D than R these days. Trump never had my vote, I knew he was a carnival barker long before he ran. Anyhow, we do need to see all sides of the ongoing appraisal mess as best we can. I do not believe that the D’s or going down the wrong road on this. I do think its getting politicized unfairly. I also was a R since the 80’s, but they’ve lost me. I don’t get any of what’s going on now in that group. Not much of a political person anyway, but I will never support anyone as rotten to the core as Trump. period. What kind of frightening harm will become of us in 2024?

      • Avatar Barbara says:

        oops, I meant to say that I DO believe that the Dems are going down the wrong road by beating on our poor pitiful profession!

    • Avatar Caleb says:

      And you think people who voted for this guy have high IQ? Aight

      • Avatar Bruce W Lennick says:

        Great Video, thanks for sharing.

      • Avatar Chris says:

        Caleb….See what you FAIL to understand is 81 million Americans would have voted for Minnie Mouse to get rid of tRump.

        Have you ever listened to Trump speak….Have you read the Mueller Report ? Do you watch news media that actually have to do retractions if they get something wrong….

        I don’t think so……

        • Avatar Caleb says:

          Yo cool your boots! No need to raise your voice (allcaps). I can read.

          Fortunately for you I do watch and read about mainstream news media lies and redactions but seems you are not aware of them. There you go


          And yeah I’ve heard Trump talk but looks like you haven’t really heard Biden speaks. If you’re proud of your guy than you’re no better than the people you are criticizing!




          And here is a bonus video of your guy’s son

        • Avatar jaydee says:

          Well Chris it is apparent that “you don’t think” SO? The Muller report was false as was the whole premise for the investigation. It was all a set up to take down a sitting president. Which is by definition: Traitorous.

          • Avatar chris says:

            Jaydee…..Did you read the Mueller report…..maybe the the 4 page summery???

            If not…why ??? I did….it will make you sick to your stomach.

            Why do you think tRump was interested in Manafort and Gen. Flynn….do some research on both of their backgrounds…..

            Don’t believe opinion articles, stick with he facts……opinions are like arse…everyone has one and theses days they are PAID…..

            Let me know if you even at LEAST have read the 4 page summery…if you haven’t then you suffer for cognitive dissonance….

            • Avatar jaydee says:

              Bet you exclusively watch CNN or MSNBC.

              • Avatar chris says:

                Jaydee…….I drive all day and sit at a desk, I listed to them all, including Fox and all their opinion shows brainwashing our people with opinions and NOT facts, I just keep turning the dial when they start to repeat themselves…

                And have been for more than 30 years now….

                Don’t you want to hear what your enemies are saying ???

                Or do you have cognitive dissonance ???

                Just read the 4 page summery of the Mueller report…..and if you can not, when you lay your head down on your pillow tonight…ask yourself….why you can not.

                It will turn your stomach…..I actually read 3/4 of the report….just didn’t have to time to finish…the last 3/4 is about tRump Jr interactions….they collude over 80 times, int he end the Russians decided the tRumps were just to stupid to get involved with…LOL

                Trump on Air Force one….wrote on a presidential memo and gave it to an aid…she read it, it said “just tell them the meeting was about Russian adoptions” The aide turned it over to the FBI.

                Don’t you think if their was even a hint that Biden was connected with our sworn enemies that he should be investigated ??? Sure you do…..LOL But not tRump.

                And again, research Manafort and Gen Flynn of what they were up for 20 years before tRump hired them…….

                The truth hurts my friend.

  9. Avatar That Scott Guy says:


    “I’m gonna kill that appraiser who shorted my value only because I’m black / asian / hispanic / white”.
    Is this where we have arrived?

    Nothing shocks me anymore…

  10. Avatar Juliana Homstead says:

    I have posted on forums as well as Facebook on this issue (no death threats that I know of). I agree that the Biden administration is on the wrong track with its’ approach and that is disappointing. With that said, I don’t believe this is a left versus right issue nor should we make it one. My personal belief is that President Biden is taking his direction and advice from the wrong individuals and appraisers as a group should be trying to educate these individuals and the administration. It is frustrating that we appear to be the last ones they are asking for input on this matter and the majority of individuals involved appear to have little to no knowledge about the appraisal process. How can we change that?

    We have many bright minds in the appraisal profession. Instead of insisting that this is not a problem, my belief is that we should be addressing it head on and trying first to find out if it is in-fact a problem and then determining its’ extent and impact if it is. This country is full of research institutions and intelligent people that could collaborate to do just that. First we must have transparency and open review and discussion of the bias allegations that have been made thus far. We currently have no way (to my knowledge) of determining if there is actual intended bias, racial or otherwise or is one or both of the reports simply a bad appraisal. My guess is that we will not be able to draw a definitive conclusion without a controlled study. We have the resources and capability to conduct a controlled study, so why not design one, fund it and get to the answers! First we must determine if there is actually a problem before we go presenting solutions that may have broader impacts than we have considered.

    • Avatar Barbara says:

      Great response Juliana, you are so correct in all of your points. Honestly, If any of the complaints had been checked out at all, an appropriate response could be provided to educate all involved, and the media too. A structure for handling such complaints should be set up by the appraisal powers that be, and we should be making sure that they are on such important tasks. That type of public education of the consuming public is exactly what they are there for, and paid to do so. Does that make any sense? If so, who we gonna call? Which one?

    • Avatar Mary says:

      Juliana they had an Independent researcher study the Fannie Mae report and in front of Congress, I think his name was Peter, I forget the company he owns, stated there was no inherent bias and that their report was flawed and he gave the reasons why. But all the Democratic Congress people pretty much ignored what he said and focused on the racism, biased aspect of appraisers. So I truly think it is a left versus right issue like so many other things in this country. All they wanted to hear was that there is racial bias and even the appraisal Institute and the appraisal subcommittee chairs were not defending us and none of them said we should really look further into the two appraisal disparities. The appraisal subcommittee guy did say there could’ve been a different scope of work but that was about it.

  11. Baggins Baggins says:

    Juliana, read and share the document.

    Are we still racist? Is this over yet? Fine, so be it. Ask yourself why do you even care? And should you care? If you hire someone to do a job you expect the job to be completed competently, otherwise you take them to court. And don’t take people to court lightly, they’ll counter sue for expenses and defamation if just did not like what was delivered, even though the contractor held up his side for minimum standards of product delivery.

    They are pushing their worthless cases on the media because they don’t have anything which could stand up in court and the lenders already shut them down. Game over and they just can’t deal with it.

    If they have proof of this alleged racism, let’s see it. Intelligent people demand discovery and we don’t jump for bait. It’s very simple, there is money to be made and corporations seek expanded control of real estate. These issues have nothing to do with racism, these advocates simply need to scoot the independent check and balance out of the way if they are to successfully exploit the housing industry (more than it already is). They are utilizing the fake news media apparatus to perpetuate their propaganda. What’s new?

    As all too many appraisers provide sound basis for continuation of the propaganda with their unwarranted apologies and color coded virtue signaling. Even though no specific problem has been identified and all allegations are mere innuendo, having never been tested in a court of law or any other legally binding session.

    If you need someone on the outside, go to someone you can trust.

    Since people are talking politics. I just ordered the much anticipated long awaited new Dinesh D’souza movie; 2000 mules. It’s just a scientific discovery from cell phone tracking of 2000 people stuffing ballot boxes in key swing states during the last presidential election. It’s a job and who can blame anyone for simply trying to get paid. Wood grain gripping, candy paint dripping, I’m still tipping.

  12. Baggins Baggins says:
    2000 Mules. Watch for free. Link may be only temporary, found it randomly online earlier, but I’m watching now. I bought the DVD too, previous link. Share.


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Appraisers Getting Death Threats

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