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Appraisal news for real estate appraisers and real estate professionals regarding Appraisal Management Companies (AMC) and how they affect the Appraisal Industry.

Unpermitted additions assignment condition 1

Unpermitted Additions “Zombie” Assignment Condition

Unpermitted Additions This is a “zombie” assignment condition that seems to never die. Let’s agree that unpermitted means something was constructed without a required written permit. There are plenty of jurisdictions that don’t issue permits because the permit process doesn’t exist. The assignment condition goes something like this: The appraiser is not to include any GLA from any unpermitted additions unless they use comparables that have similar unpermitted additions. Here’s what Fannie Mae stated in their September 2014 FAQs: If the subject property features an unpermitted addition, can the square footage of the unpermitted addition be included in the total gross...

Appraisers Blacklisted 16

Blacklisting Lawsuit Continues

Appraiser Michael J. McSwain filed a lawsuit against Yadkin Valley Bank and the appraisal management company (AMC) StreetLinks Lender Solutions, alleging that he was retaliated against for failing to reach targeted values.

According to the suit, McSwain performed two appraisals for StreetLinks in late 2012, on behalf of Yadkin Valley Bank, both of which failed to “meet value.” The suit cites explicit emails from the branch manager at Yadkin which state:

“StreetLinks has sent out a BUTCHER on two of my last refis [sic] … make sure he is not sent out in our county and make sure he is not on the approval list…I thought I would let him do these two just to see. NOW THE DEALS ARE DEAD.”

Indemnity Agreements and Appraisers 5

The Dilemma of Indemnity Agreements – What Should an Appraiser Do?

Appraisers are often required to sign lengthy contracts to obtain assignments from lenders or Appraisal Management Companies. These contracts outline the scope of work, when the assignment is due, how to transmit reports and other items that require review and understanding. Once the contract is formalized, the appraiser is then legally required to comply with its’ provisions. One important and often troublesome requirement is the Indemnity Provision. The concept of indemnity means “security against hurt, loss or damage”. Through indemnity, one party can shift the...

Scope Creep - Appraisers 3

Scope Creep!!!

Scope Creep!! I ordered a sub at a sub shop. I love tomatoes! So I asked for extra tomatoes. I was charged. I took my car in for inspection. I told the mechanic since my car was up in the air and the tires were off to rotate the tires. I was charged. BUT, the tires were off. The cook’s hand was in the tomatoes.  WHAT’s up? I was asked for two listings.  I wanted to charge.  I did a restricted report on an office building (sales comp approach only).  The client...

Automated Valuation Model (AVM) 4

Bottled Water and AVM – Sold on a Lie

Advertising is a powerful tool and very smart people will do some very dumb things, if they are properly motivated. There are many examples of how advertising creates an illusion and how we all fall victim (at least for a while) to smooth ad campaigns. One great example is automobile insurance rates. “Switch and Save.” Every insurance company ran ads promising savings over their competition. Well, of course, they all can’t be true, but for over a year there was a massive switch in policies...

Geographic Competency and Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) 2

Going the Distance in USPAP

When I was in private practice, much of my litigation work took me to Somonauck, Sandwich and Plano, Illinois. That’s about 45 miles west of where I live. Still, I had so much work in those areas, you’d think I had an office there. However, if I were working for many AMCs, I’d have been considered too far out of my area for the assignment. Some AMCs, under the guise of authenticating geo-competency, restrict assignments to Illinois certified appraisers based upon arbitrary distance limitations. Most...

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AMCs: Two Years Later

We started registering AMCs about this time back in 2013. It was a slow roll from the nascent 9 applications received in March of 2013 to a peak of 42 applications received in August 2013 just ahead of the deadline to register. Since that time the number of AMCs in Illinois has ebbed and flowed. At one point we had 192. As of this writing, we stand at 155. Nationwide there are less than 700 AMC entities. The universe is small. We’ve already completed our first...

Appraisal Workfiles Risk Assessessment 23

LenderVend Requirement For Appraisers to Upload Copies of Appraisal Workfiles

Many residential appraisers we insure and several appraiser organizations have contacted us in the last few days about an appraisal management company’s new requirement that their panel appraisers upload a PDF copy of their appraisal workfile for each assignment they perform.  The AMC is LenderVend, LLC and, according to its website, it is affiliated with mortgage lender Provident Funding. We understand that LenderVend’s requirement imposes an additional burden on appraisers.  We’ve also heard firsthand from appraisers about the anxiety the policy is creating because of the unknown uses to which...

Should Appraisers Include Their Workfile Their Your Submitted Appraisal Reports 7

Should You Include Your Workfile With Your Submitted Appraisal Reports?

Appraisers, On several forums frequented by appraisers, there has been recent discussions about a particular AMC owned by a lender who is requiring appraisers to include their ENTIRE WORKFILE with every appraisal report submitted (as of 5/21/2015). The AMC is LenderVend, owned by Provident Funding. One reason why this has come to the forefront is because Provident Funding has had to buy back numerous loans due to alleged faulty appraisals and other underwriting issues.  So by demanding the appraiser’s workfile, they are attempting to protect...

C&R Fees - Alter Your Thinking 8

Evolution of C&R Fees – Alter Your Thinking

Appraisers, I’ve spent the last two days reviewing the ‘new Rule’ involving the registration of AMCs, which has – buried within it by reference – information relating to Customary and Reasonable Fees for appraisal reports. I’m grateful to an appraiser acquaintance in Pennsylvania for her assistance. Below is a 4 page document that shows the mentions of “C&R Fees” – and how those apply to AMCs. You may forward this to anyone else, or may use this information in any article or publication disseminated to...

Fannie Mae Lies 7

It’s Not a Comp, It’s a Sale; Stop Fannie Mae Lies!

Appraisers, Something’s been gnawing at my craw ever since January when FNMA’s wonderful Collateral Underwriter (CU) was unleased to the world.  And before that, when FNMA’s Appraiser Quality Monitoring (AQM) process was introduced, and which is still in use to judge the work of appraisers. No one else has written about this, or even mentioned it, so I will:  It has to do with the word “Comp” which is used liberally by Fannie Mae (FNMA). What exactly is a “Comp?” In FNMA’s world, it’s any...

North Carolina Proposed Law on Reasonable & Customary Appraisal Fees 7

North Carolina Proposed Law Would Address Reasonable and Customary Appraisal Fees

North Carolina’s House Bill 577, introduced April 2, 2015, would seek to address reasonable and customary appraisal fees. Some of the proposals in the Bill would: Require the NC Appraisal Board to publish a “schedule of customary and reasonable rates of compensation for appraisals based on the market area where the real property is situated.” Establish rates by fee studies that would exclude assignments ordered by known appraisal management companies. Require rates to be “measured by the net compensation amount received by the appraiser.” Allow...

Texas Appraisal fees study 2

The Texas Appraisers and Appraisal Management Company 2015 Survey Report

In January and February 2015, the Texas Appraisers and Appraisal Management Survey surveyed a total of 1,421 appraisers and 55 appraisal management companies doing business in the state of Texas. The questions were specifically designed to achieve the following: Clearly distinguish between the fees paid to appraisers by Appraisal Management Companies (AMCs) and fees paid by non-AMC clients for residential appraisals. Capture any difference in fees paid by property type: single family, condominium, size or square footage, or other factors. Capture the impact on fees by market...

Virginia Law on Reasonable & Customary Appraisal Fees 6

Virginia Enacts Law on Reasonable and Customary Fees

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe on March 23 signed into law S.B. 1445, which requires appraisal management companies operating in the state to compensate appraisers at a reasonable and customary rate. The legislation gives the Virginia Real Estate Appraiser Board authority to take administrative action against AMCs not paying appraisers customary and reasonable fees in accordance with federal law. Prior to enactment of the legislation, Virginia law already required an appraiser engaged by an AMC to disclose as part of the appraisal report the actual fee...