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Appraisers Pressured to Inflate Values Based on Race 12

Appraisers Pressured to Inflate Values Based on Race

The real estate appraisal industry has long been subject to pressure from various sources, such as lenders, borrowers, and agents. In the past, this pressure often came in the form of withholding business if appraisers refused to inflate values, or ignore property deficiencies. Nowadays, it appears that government efforts, aimed at curbing discrimination, are actually leading to increased pressure on appraisers to inflate values. This is a troubling development for honest appraisers who may be feeling more pressured than ever before by those looking for higher numbers than what an accurate appraisal would yield. Unfortunately, some have taken this opportunity...

Appraiser Countersuing Black Homeowners for Defamation 160

Appraiser Countersuing Black Homeowners for Defamation

The Maryland appraiser has filed a countersuit against the homeowners, claiming defamation.  Appraisers, there have been several lawsuits filed against appraisers by borrowers who “don’t like your value, so I’m accusing you of discrimination” over the last year or so. These lawsuits all have the same theme, and it’s entirely possible that these actions are being coordinated by a consortium of ‘organizers’ and law firms. The plaintiff representing firm for the Baltimore suit is the same law firm The Appraisal Foundation hired to write new USPAP language for the Ethics Rule, which potentially will be approved in just a few...

Banks blacklist appraisers 3

Real Estate Appraisers Blacklisted by Banks Fight Back

Banks aren’t playing by the rules PHOENIX (CBS5) – Mortgage lenders and big banks share much of the blame for this country’s housing crash. So you would thing that they have learned their lesson after cheating the system with bad loans and shady business practices. But Jason Barry has uncovered a whole new way banks aren’t playing by the rules. Clay Gregory is a Valley home appraiser who is spending a lot of time at home these day, but it’s not by choice. “I was put in a position where they pretty much demanded information from me or they were threatening...

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