Real Estate Appraisers Blacklisted by Banks Fight Back

Banks blacklist appraisers

Banks aren’t playing by the rules

PHOENIX (CBS5) – Mortgage lenders and big banks share much of the blame for this country’s housing crash. So you would thing that they have learned their lesson after cheating the system with bad loans and shady business practices. But Jason Barry has uncovered a whole new way banks aren’t playing by the rules.

Clay Gregory is a Valley home appraiser who is spending a lot of time at home these day, but it’s not by choice.

“I was put in a position where they pretty much demanded information from me or they were threatening me not to use me anymore,” Gregory said.

Gregory claims he’s been blacklisted by Chase Bank, making it extremely difficult to find work. The appraiser told CBS 5 News that Chase sent him a letter a couple months ago demanding data on an old appraisal and citing possible violations. Chase apparently needed information on the home which they were buying back from a foreclosure. The only problem was Gregory would be breaking state and federal law by sharing info with Chase because the bank was not the one that hired him.

A number of new laws were put in place in 2009 to prevent conflicts of interest between lenders and appraisers to help avoid another housing crisis.

“It doesn’t matter at Chase,” Gregory said. “They want what they want and if they don’t get their way they put you on an ineligible list.”

Gregory opted to follow the law and now, instead of appraising eight to ten homes a week, he’ll visit maybe two.

Another Valley appraiser John Dingeman is facing a similar situation. His letter from Chase arrived a couple weeks ago, stating that Dingeman had 21 days to respond to questions about an old appraisal or he would find himself on the ineligible list.

“Appraisers are losing revenue, losing livelihood,” Dingeman said. “It’s defamation of business character. If they did a bad appraisal, that’s one thing, but for someone like me that follows the letter of the law, to place me on ineligible list so I can’t work – that’s just wrong.”

CBS 5 News has learned Gregory and Dingeman aren’t the only home appraisers being threatened and intimidated and Chase isn’t the only bank trying to push appraisers around.

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3 Responses

  1. Sign the petition to stop the coercive and abusive behavior from Chase Bank and other lenders against appraisers.

  2. Baggins Baggins says:

    You have to compete by lowest fee to even be in the running with these companies, due to the amc influences. Everyone without a discount fee is essentially blackballed. Round robin distribution would solve and minimize the impact of these issues. Either you’re good enough to be on a rotational approved panel, or you’re not. It’s the very act of preferential distribution that builds them up, and later knocks them down.

  3. Avatar Dallas County Defense Lawyer says:

    Powerful. I agree.


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Real Estate Appraisers Blacklisted by Banks Fight Back

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