Appraiser Contest

Prizes Awarded for Correctly Identifying AMC in Appraiser Contest

…multiple prizes will be awarded…correctly identify this LandSafe-like wannabe to win


Look at the following time requirements from one national [anonymous] AMC.

These requirements are so outrageous that advance disclosure to their clients should be a requirement that their policies suborn appraisers to ignore USPAP and encourage appraisers to take improper short cuts.

Here’s the challenge…

I have redacted the name of this unprofessional company that appears to think their drive to offer what their competition cannot, (or more likely won’t) warrants promoting subpar appraisal practices. All you have to do is correctly identify this LandSafe-like wannabe to win!

Here’s the FIRST-PLACE Prize

Three heart felt kudos; two attaboys (or girl) and a thumbs up emoji!!!

In case of a first-place tie multiple prizes will be awarded.

SECOND PLACE Prizes will be awarded to those posters that can accurately report who this caricature of an “ethical & professional” AMC’s clients are so that they too may play the game (Play-at-home version only – no prizes awarded).

Second Place Prize(s) may or may not be limited to one of more of the first-place prizes. In case of ties for second place prizes may or may not be awarded depending on the vagaries of such things as my mood when reviewing submissions; planetary alignment(s) and average barometric pressure in Bopu Botswana on the third Tuesday of the month averaged over the prior three year period.

Third Place Consolation Prizes: Successfully defend ALL of the following normal time requirements for the average American appraiser and appraisal office and a collection will be taken up via a GoFundMe page toward appropriate mental health care for you and a loved one over a weekend of your choice in either Pacoima or Cudahy California as long as it falls on this coming fourth of July (Apologies but unrealistic imaginary completion time requirements for this contest announcement prevent me from verifying date or doctors availability) or willingness to treat patients for the estimated or sought after fund of $0.39 (U.S.) or equivalent S&H Green Stamps (Blue Chip Stamps for our west coast participants).

AMC appraisal requirements
Sponsored by Fly-by-Night Promotions, Screen Door Manufacturing and Appraisal Management Company, LLC; #3 TalibanToe Highway (upper rear), Hyderabad, Pakistan. All submissions become property of FBNSDM&AMC LLC. Emoji award may require visiting another site. Not valid after normal business hours 01:00 – 23:59 GMT Monday through Sunday. CLUE it is not Landsafe, though they too have been sued. Disclosure: contest rules may be modified at any time with or without rhyme or reason; or notification. Decisions of the judges are final unless they change their minds. Contest open to U.S. residents and or AppraisersBlogs readers only. Citizenship not required. Must be 18 or older to play. Void where prohibited and most everywhere else. Cash value of prizes more or less equal to a round tuit. AMC employees & employees or IC/s of FBNSDM&AMC LLC or REVAA/CRN not eligible. Forgoing are not affiliated with this in anyway. I just don’t like them.

Michael Ford
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Michael Ford

Over 28 years appraising all property types and interests, in Southern California real estate. VP/Chairman National Appraiser Peer Review Committee, American Guild of Appraisers, #44OPEIU/AFL-CIO. - Michael Ford on e-AppraisersDirectory

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37 Responses

  1. Avatar Tommy says:

    LOL! I’m guessing it’s got to be the worst amc…so Corelogic?

  2. Avatar Charles Thomas says:

    Servicelink or Amrock/formerly TSI

  3. Avatar Anna R Todaro says:

    Perhaps we notice the things we are the most guilty of… but I am wondering what a “reacted” appraisal might be? (Makes me think of the phishing scams for the banks that have misspellings in them.)

    • Baggins Baggins says:

      So like I enter the data from the condo cert. Stip! Condo cert wrong, data entry problem from the hoa person who filled it. Appraiser to correct with accurate numbers per the peer data in the CU database…

  4. Avatar Doug Cross says:

    UHHHHHHHH??? Almost all of the AMC’s I will not work for. Very funny though!!

  5. Avatar Fritz Vogel AGA,CRS,CEI,GRI NY Cert. Appraiser 27yr says:

    I just hit “Delete” and wait for some idiot to deal with them.

  6. Avatar realrose says:

    I am guessing Corelogic. They just bought Al a mode, and now they will get enough data (that they didn’t already abscond with) than they need to take over the AMCs and screw the appraisers even more. These pimp organizations are capitalizing on our licenses, E&O expense, MLS expense, Licensing fees, continuing education, experience and our dignity to break our backs. I suspect they are in bed with the banks and the treasury and they are paying to pay with mnunchen that little creep who heads up the US Treasury. While trump is in office our profession will become a dinosaur so when banks engineer the next bailout, trump and his cronies will gobble up all the foreclosed housing financed during this bubble and we will all be renters; then they can raise the rents and so many more will be homeless. This is nothing short of shameful capitalism that requires stiff penalties and regulations to insure the public trust. If you trust an AMC, then just keep on working for them; we don’t even get to know what they made off our appraisals, so we have non-appraisers controlling our profession like no other financial institution has when you let the banks control everything like the stock market is basically unregulated, so get ready to put your cash in your mattress and stock up food for the revolution because until these crooks who all work for putin get their way, they will start the next American revolution, and we are going to be all casualties. To those who say I am too political, I say because you are trumpsters here, I refuse to join this union because the money is just going to be wasted! We are the only ethical profession in the people who have a role in a home sale, so sellers who can finance a deal themselves deserve a higher price than bank financed loans because you are not dealing with a transaction supported by a high paid lobbyist working for the banks. The appraisal profession has weak and impotent lobbyists, so kiss your profession goodbye, as long as the swamp is in the white house, undoing everything the Black president did for the good of all Americans. If you side with trump, you have to be a racist pig, so when you complain about these comments look at yourself in the mirror and be honest and admit it before you call me down on this comment! We had net neutrality until trump, now we have internet providers having free reign to put you in the slow lane, or extort your pocketbook so you can get online. Now that artificial intelligence has proved to be faulty in our profession, (ie., Zillow) I will warn you fellow appraisers to get smart and fight together against the political takeover of our profession by TAF and all their cronies who do nothing to enforce USPAP violations; Fannie and Freddie made us speak in code (UAD) and the professional organizations that used to protect high standards and wrote USPAP will break our backs even more. If you can do something else, please don’t take assignments from any AMC and they will fail faster than lightening! Stand up for all of us and learn how to lobby congress and congresspeople, or bend over and kiss your appraiser ass goodbye; then you will be free to chose another profession where you might add some value to your work; so far, we have been devalued by the power of the politicians that work for lobbyists instead of the people. Or move to russia; I hear Wikileaks is hiring over there!

    • Avatar Tim says:

      You want us to get together yet you call me a racist pig because of who I voted for? This is appalling that you can comment like this. Besides, Obama was the worst president in U.S. history… You say what he did for Americans? What exactly besides doubling our national debt and making me pay for these low class (you too, I’ll bet) welfare idiots who figured out it was better to not work and let the government pay them and us to pay their health care expenses and oh yes, give them a free Obama cell phone. Get a clue idiot, you are right, this is no place for you here.

      • Avatar Charles Thomas says:

        I didn’t think this was a forum about who we might have voted for. It is about appraisers and in this thread discussing how we have been affected by AMCs. Quit using it for your own political agenda. We are in a battle for our profession.

        • Baggins Baggins says:

          Rose never misses an opportunity to inject her programmed media and political bias into a conversation, now upgraded to include a little ruskie fever. She’s like an empty slate, and accepts whatever programming the fake news gives her. Downvote the comment. Politics are cool though, it’s o.k. Just as long as it’s like not hate speech. We live in a politicized society and this industry certainly has strong influence from that. To blame it all on the guy at the top, that’s just ignorant. One man can not change the world, Jesus already did that. See, dash of religion too. It’s cool. Don’t hand her a bible, she may try to exorcise the board.


    • Eric Boggs on Facebook Eric Boggs on Facebook says:

      @realrose, Get a grip

    • Avatar Wayne Courtney says:

      Realrose, some of the things you say I agree with. My passion is history…I love to study the Texas history and the Civil War. You cannot enjoy history without understanding all of the background leading up to the independence of Texas and the many issues resulting in the most destructive war between the north and the south. Our few comments on this blog could not begin to explore the depths of the issues resulting in the major conflicts leading up to the civil war and reconstruction. I would love to have the opportunity to discuss the many issues with you at a time where we could meet without hostility and name calling. The CSA (Confederated State of America) is marked on many of the tombstones of my relatives. I have voted as a democrat many times in the past and I am so dammed ashamed now that I did that I want to puke!  I voted for Trump and although he is not perfect, he is light years ahead of Hillary and Bernie. Those of you dealing under the oppression of AMCs…just stop working for them…you are not slaves!
      Personally… I refuse to work with any AMC. They do not make a dime off of my efforts. Gee, who do you suppose is providing them all of this income? Duh…Some of the same folks complaining?

    • Rose, we’ve spoken by phone before  and I know you disagree with my personal political views. I also know (because I told you so) that you are aware the Guild is comprised of about an equal belend of left, center and right. We all know AFL-CIO is aligned with the DNC. Most look beyond this to seeking solutions that affect US rather than playing at partisan politics.

      We (The Guild) have rarely (just once) asked our members to consider something promoted by one party or the other -even there we urged people to follow their conscience.

      Most of what you wrote above was very close to spot on until you allowed your anti Trump fervor to over ride your own message.

      The ills affecting all appraisers today are shared by both parties. The economic collapse itself was a result of initial non action; and subsequent wrong action. Cuomo foisted HVCC off on everyone…but with hindsight I know he could not have done so without a lot of back room arm twisting and negotiation.

      Rose you talk about appraisers (indirectly) being the last defense or bastion of integrity yet you insult all who opposed YOUR political views? How does that promote positive solutions?

      Nice ‘cheap shot’ about the Guild by the way. A 99.99% all volunteer organization where the only person earning a wage is our Membership Director (Jan) who does in one day what most people couldn’t get done in three. Wasted money? hardly. If we were wasting money I’d have been in Las Vegas at the last TAF meeting or in Seattle for the next; or possibly back in DC for the FTC meeting. Instead, we try wherever possible to send local representation rather than spending our members dues money frivolously.

      You are critical of all organizations trying to fight for appraisers, yet you personally do nothing except denigrate those that are trying to help. Shame on you.

  7. Ann McGovern on Facebook Ann McGovern on Facebook says:

    the better question is which one “isn’t it”

  8. Avatar Doug Cross says:

    Darn it Rose!!! Who poopoo’d in your Cheerios this morning? Trump people racist pigs? This is still the greatest country in the world. Like the old country song goes… “If you don’t love it, leave it. Let this song that I am singing be a warning!”

    • Avatar realrose says:

      I have traveled to 31 countries and I have a degree and hold the MAI since 1990; your comment Doug is proof you are a racist, right-wing nut case. How dare you question my patriotism. You should leave if you think trump is so great for conning stupid people like you. The hillbillies help elect this monster for our president, so all I can say is you might sing “country” songs like the hillbillies, but you sure can’t spell, so I question your ability to be a qualified appraiser. Nothing you said was relevant, and I see you know nothing about politics, so I’ll discount your comment because it was made by yet another male pig!

      • Avatar Charles Thomas says:

        now you’re pissing me off. I AM a hill billy and proud of it!..moderator get her the hell out of here!!

      • Avatar Jack Of All Trades says:

        Realrose you really need to stop posting the political BS and get off the boards , seriously shouldn’t you be on MSNBC or CNN ?

  9. Please be respectful of the opinions of others and do not attack someone for having an opinion that differs from your own; if you disagree with someone, please express yourself respectfully. Snide or rude comments are not constructive & certainly not helpful.

    We can do better. While everyone is fully entitled to their political opinions – & is, similarly, entitled to express these opinions in a variety of ways, we live in a world with plenty of disagreement & with lots of viewpoints on all kinds of issues. We have a strong tendency to see others who disagree with our political viewpoints in all kinds of negative ways. Please remember that at the end of the day, we’re all appraisers — and we’re all in this together!!!

    We count on your cooperation and appreciate your support!

  10. Avatar Doug Cross says:

    Rosie;  Why do people like you call everyone racist or racist pigs when someone disagrees with your ultra liberal views. Try taking your medicine. All I said is if people like YOU don’t like our country, pack it up Babe!

    Guess what? Trump won the election. Get over it

    You want another opinion…See comments/reply from “Tim”…….go Tim!

  11. Avatar realrose says:

    Obviously, Doug has drank the Fox news fake news and is defending his racist president.

    • Baggins Baggins says:

      When I want to stay informed, I tune into “The Real News, with David Knight”, among many others. Patriot Trading Group is one of my other long standing favorites. I’m well informed because I stay away from syndicated media. Your brand selection does not matter, red or blue, if you’re watching syndicated, you’re drinking the kool aid.

  12. Avatar Doug Cross says:

    OK Rose…Yes, I do defend the POTUS like all red blood Americans should. I even supported your previous president. I’m out!!

  13. Avatar Mason says:

    Now now everyone it’s Friday and despite AMCs wanting those reports and revisions at a ridiculous hour on Sunday morning I am sure we are all going to enjoy the weekend…Let’s all take a deep breath and let Ms. Rose travel to her 32nd country on her way back to her safe space.

  14. Avatar Bill Johnson says:

    I know how to settle this, you can all spend some time providing your best turn time and fee, meaning.

    “We’ve received a new appraisal assignment in your area!   **Client is looking for a rush. Please advise of your best turn time**

    Please research the below property and let us know if you are interested in accepting this assignment. If so, please quote us your fee and possible due date from the date of acceptance – please provide a quote in business days. We’d also like to know how long this quote will remain valid as we will need to request approval of your quote”.

    The deleted property happens to be in La Jolla CA, and is listed for nearly 4 million dollars. So please no arguing and everyone provide your best fee and turn time. Considering a typical turn time here is expected to be 5 days, your bid for this rush assignment had better be no more than 2 to 3 days if you stand a chance. Don’t forget, they also need a rent survey (currently renting for $9,500 a month)?

    Seek the truth.

    • Baggins Baggins says:

      “I can’t maintain this business around a question mark. If your company does not know what standard acceptable fees and turn times are by now, I can’t help you. Please consider $X and 1 week as my standard minimum, you don’t even need to bother emailing me for quotes.” Nobody would work this hard to save consumers a dollar and a day, the management companies play appraisers against each other for profit. 

      Certain key qualification questions go a long way. It takes an appraiser to manage an appraiser, all others fall short of the professional and ethical requirements. We ultimately are in charge of these standards, or lack there of, based on our willingness to participate under defined terms, or not. It’s a free market.

      The meaningful qualification process happens due to the appraiser. What is your standard minimum fee? This one simple qualification question will help an appraiser in quickly identifying and qualifying clients better.

      If an appraiser is getting a substantial portion or all of the orders from fee and time quote methods, distributors are clearly taking advantage. Companies whom do assign directly with reliable minimum fees flourish in comparison to the lenders whom don’t. That’s why lately there has been a new trend of lenders moving back to in house. It’s simple, don’t let them make it complicated. Some lenders have done it wrong, have refused to hire actual licensed appraisers to run the assignment departments. Those ones often try in house but fail due to poorly qualified management whom can’t compete with amc’s. It’s give or take, just flip through to a new client.


    • $3,000 regular; $4,000 rush. Rush being 5 to 7 working days for this kind of property in that locale; rent survey add $500. I’ll absorb the mileage costs.

      Even if it were a serious offering direct from the AMC that would be my response. They can have good (USPAP compliant) or they can have fast but in this price range and that area I’d be suspicious of anyone promising both.

  15. Avatar Ralph says:

    Looks like Street Links to me! I like to accept, wait 24 hrs, then decline the order due to low fees and complexity, so the low paying AMC loses a day.

    As for Realrose, get off your pontificating Left Wing soap Box! So all the white voters in the Rust Belt who voted for Obama in 2008 & 2012, but went for Trump in 2016 are somehow racist?? The fact that you resort to the lowest hanging fruit, shows just how simple you really are.

  16. Avatar Tyler says:

    The consensus in my office seems to be STARS. I am very curious to know what their fee schedule to the appraiser and to the bank is. I am affiliated with an AMC and these requirements are incomprehensible and demean the role of the appraiser IMO. Cheers.

  17. Tyler, and all the others who played the game fairly and honestly, without looking at all AMCs requirements – thank you.

    Regretfully no one correctly identified SOLIDIFI. So no kudos; atta boy/atta girl or whatever else was promised this game-version (Prizes WILL roll over to the next contest, and at a minimum DOUBLE!)

    (void where taxed, prohibited by law, or common sense.) Stay tuned. The next contest is expected to relate to the recent California Court decisions concerning employees vs Independent Contractors and how it relates to AMC’s ridiculous engagement requirements.

  18. OK, despite a little side tracking, we are at the end of our contest.

    I’m somewhat surprised that no one guessed the correct answer was SOLIDIFI.

    Many thanks to all who played our game.

    Stay tuned for our next game in which the objective will be to find three undeniably positive things that The Appraisal Foundation has done to Preserve the Public Trust in appraisal or the American Financial System. This should be something done since they adopted the first version of USPAP so many years ago.


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