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Classless Class Valuation AMC Lives Up to Its Nickname Again! 21

Classless Class Valuation

Class Valuation has done some pretty horrific things in the past, but this one has earned them the true title of Classless… It finally happened… I was sent an email from Class Valuation. The subject line “New Benefits from Class Valuation – Just in time for Thanksgiving!” Well fellow appraisers, I can honestly state with 100% certainty, Class Valuation has lived up to its nick name given to them by so many… Classless! Class Valuation has done some pretty horrific things in the past, but this one has earned them the true title of Classless. You see, the benefits Class...

Class Valuation Fits Squarely Into the Low Life Company Category 53

Class Valuation Did Me a Favor

My profile has been disabled from Class Valuation. They actually did me a favor. This does not bother me in the least as I have gotten nothing but bid requests from them. My resolution for 2020 is to change my focus and remove unwanted low-life companies from my business. Class Valuation fits squarely into the low life company category. I cannot call them a client as I have never received any work from them. Here is an email I received from them. Hello, Please note your profile is currently disabled with us pending a completed direct deposit form. The state...

How U.S. Home Valuations Are Being Subverted 20

How U.S. Home Valuations Are Being Subverted

At the crossroads of it all is a campaign to weaken or eliminate valuations… The nonprofit is now exploring ways it can set standards for automated valuations… Expect greater distortions from Freddie and Fannie’s plodding and committee-driven foray into automated valuations.  Sometimes when the hair on the back of your neck stands up, there’s a reason for it. The nation’s $11 trillion mortgage market has been nationalized. This coup occurred in broad daylight and gradually. With Freddie and Fannie now in their second decade in federal conservatorship, the prospect that they will ever again be subjected to the watchful eye...

VA Procedures for Alternative Valuation Methods 22

VA Alternative Valuation Methods

On August 1, 2022, the Veterans Affairs released Circular 26-22-13 announcing new procedures for alternative valuation methods, effective immediately. The takeaway: “Desktop Appraisal means a valuation where neither the VA fee panel appraiser nor the appraiser’s designee under the AAPP has physically viewed the exterior or interior of the property and the VA fee panel appraiser has determined an opinion of value based on information obtained from public records, the Veteran, homeowner, realtor, and other appropriate data sources (as determined by the appraiser).” “The use of a Desktop Appraisal may allow an appraiser from outside the market area, but with...

Federal Valuation Agency Impact on Appraisers 11

Federal Valuation Agency Impact on Appraisers & the Public

To establish an independent agency to be known as the Federal Valuation Agency that would oversee the appraisal industry in the name of “equity.” VaCAP has been informed of a Discussion Draft of a Bill introduced into the US House of Representatives that will directly impact every appraiser, appraiser trainee, appraisal firm, and appraisal management company. From the discussion draft, the purpose of the Bill: “To establish an independent agency to be known as the Federal Valuation Agency and real estate valuation standards and appraiser criteria, including promoting a fair, unbiased, transparent, repeatable valuation process, and for other purposes.” VaCAP...

Corelogic Take on Appraisal Overvaluation 10

Corelogic Take on Appraisal Overvaluation

The results of this 2021 white paper: Appraisal overvaluation: Evidence of price adjustment bias in sales Comparisons co-authored by Frank Nothaft are pretty interesting. At first glance, I get the CoreLogic evil empire stuff, but step back and take it all in. Here’s the abstract. Home appraisal came under scrutiny for contributing to the home-price bubble and enabling the origination of risky mortgages that led to the post-2006 foreclosure crisis. Subsequent regulations tried to minimize or eliminate conflicts of interest and improve valuations. Nonetheless, our study of appraisals completed in 2015 and 2016 find that appraisal bias still occurred. Our...

Bias in Automated Valuation Models 10

Bias in Automated Valuation Models

The CFPB is reviewing bias in Automated Valuation Models (AVMs). The proposed rules are a joint effort by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the Office of the Controller of the Currency, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the National Credit Union Administration and the Federal Housing Finance Agency. These agencies are concerned AVMs may reflect bias in design and function. The mathematical models rely on biased data resulting in inaccurate valuations. Basically the agencies are stating historical data going back to redlining is built into these models and do not reflect current market data. Remember markets are not static and are...

Evaluations Concept Paper, Bringing Evaluations Under USPAP Umbrella 5

Bringing Evaluations Under USPAP’s Umbrella

Evaluations: Concept Paper, Webinar, Public Meeting In early August, The Appraisal Foundation announced that the The Appraisal Standards Board would be considering adopting standards for evaluations in the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). On September 3, 2019, they announced three opportunities to learn more and share your insights. Concept Paper The Appraisal Standards Board is seeking your feedback on the concept of developing standards for performing evaluations in USPAP. Submit your comments to ASBcomments@appraisalfoundation.org. The comment period closes on October 11, 2019. Read the evaluations concept paper here Webinar Wayne Miller, chair of the Appraisal Standards Board, and...

Appraisers Should Never Do Evaluations - Appraisers Blogs 15

Appraisers Should Never Do Evaluations

…users of evaluations knew & accepted that if they obtained evaluations in lieu of real appraisals that they were getting meaningless value opinions by unqualified personnel… TALCB will be considering the Board’s position regarding appraisers performing evaluations in compliance with USPAP at the next Board meeting on August 23, 2019 Dear Texas Appraisers Licensing & Certification Board Members: The short and sweet version is that appraisers should never, repeat never do ‘evaluations’. The term itself should never be uttered as if it refers to any legitimate appraisal product that meets the USPAP requirements of a real estate appraisal. When FIRREA...

Never Appropriate for Non-Appraisers to Perform Home Valuation 4

Non-Appraisers Valuation Never Appropriate

Here is a NAR deck on AVMs (automated valuation models). Here are some recent survey results that show more than half of the respondents indicated, it is either NEVER appropriate or NOT SURE if it is appropriate for a non-appraiser to perform a valuation on a home. So the jury is still out for a third of respondents but a third are absolutely sure it is inappropriate. One can infer that appraisers have an opportunity to convey what AVMs really are to the public.  

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