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Sweat Equity as Down Payment. No Money to the Table! - AppraisersBlogs 15

No Money to the Table!

Freddie Mac has an Enhanced Sweat Equity Program where borrowers (aka purchasers) can purchase a home and use sweat equity as a down payment and closing costs. No money to the table! Here’s what’s allowed: Sweat equity to be used for the entire amount of down payment and closing costs with maximum 97 percent LTV/105 percent total LTV (affordable seconds). Sweat equity for manufactured homes up to a maximum LTV ratio of 95 percent. Sweat equity as an eligible source of funds for: All repairs and improvements to be completed by the borrower that are listed in the sales contract...

Rural Areas Appraisers at Risk by Dangerous Pending Bill in US Senate 22

Dangerous Pending Bill in US Senate

Appraisers, If you work in Rural Areas [that definition is referenced in (b)(1) below], your appraisal livelihood is threatened by this pending bill in Congress. This bill, if signed into law, will allow lenders to bypass appraisals for any property with a ‘transaction value’ of $400,000 or less (this is moving the de minimus goal post) if the lender was unable to find an available appraiser to complete an appraisal “within a reasonable amount of time”… that time frame apparently as determined by a regulator agency with jurisdiction over the lender. The bill shows ‘exceptions’ to this as per other laws. Appraisers...

Reform America's Broken Housing Finance System 12

Reform Our Broken Housing Finance System

Hensarling Lays Out Principles for Housing Finance Reform, Expresses Support for Bipartisan Approach “I stand ready to negotiate….with any other stakeholder that shares my belief that America deserves a sustainable housing finance system, and deserves one now.” WASHINGTON – House Financial Services Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling (R-TX) today outlined reforms to fix America’s broken housing finance system. During a speech at a conference on the future of the U.S. housing market, Chairman Hensarling said he would work on a bipartisan basis to come up with a reform package provided it included certain key principles. He also pointed to a proposal authored...

Where is all the mortgage work 14

Where is all the Mortgage Work?

We should be busting with mortgage work. Where is all the mortgage work? I talk to appraisers and they all ask the same question. With the looming spring market and low interest rates, we should be busting with mortgage work. But the appraisers I know tend to get a reasonable and customary fee of above $400. So is it going to the bottom third? Now don’t get me wrong; I am quoting 2 to 3 weeks due to our back log. But outside of VA’s it’s everything but first mortgage work. I am fine with it because it’s less hassle....


Mortgage Applications up by 49%

Appraisers, The Mortgage Bankers Association tracks applications and publishes info weekly.  There has been an incredible jump in applications by +49%!  Huge! Means we’ll start getting busy in about a week or so. Click here for more info. For appraisers who do FHA assignments, it’s likely that those assignments will be fewer now through January 25. On the 26th, the Mortgage Insurance Premium cost applying to FHA backed loans will drop significantly. This will allow more borrowers to qualify for FHA loans. With this change, FHA has allowed lenders to ‘drop’ a previously accepted Case Number from the current loan doc, and are...


Before, During, and After the Sale: Tips for Those Purchasing a Home in Today’s Economy

The average homebuyer in today’s market is justifiably on edge, bombarded with news stories about others who made poor financial and lending decisions and are now paying the price for their mistakes. While it’s true that there seems to be a higher incidence of underwater homeowners who didn’t plan their purchase correctly, that’s always been the case in the real estate market to some extent. Proper planning before the sale, and taking a few recommended steps after the sale has closed, will save future homeowners from the plight of their early-2000s predecessors. Whether it’s taking advantage of low interest rates,...

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