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Smoke Detectors Scope Creep & Appraiser Responsibilities 16

Smoke Detectors & Appraiser Responsibilities

Smoke / CO detectors are not “market-measurable” Dear Mr. Lunsford, We have been asked to write to you by an appraiser that just received your most recent communication concerning your new requirements for fee panel appraisers to inspect, photograph and opine as to operability of Carbon Monoxide (CO) and smoke detectors. The American Guild of Appraisers through its affiliated union sponsors represents our own appraiser members as well as the real estate appraisal interests of our combined fraternal families more than thirteen million union members, retirees and their families. We believe this to be an issue of concern for our...

Legislation to Regulate AMC's & Protect Consumers Opposed by REVAA 38

AMCs Are Not Part of The Appraisal Profession

Foreign entities do not get a voice in what legislation is introduced… Let’s think about this with an open mind… More states are introducing bills concerning AMC legislation, more specifically how AMCs will conduct business. Even states with existing AMC legislation are introducing stricter, more precise legislation. Why is this happening in all 55 jurisdictions? States do not want to interfere in how a company or industry conducts business, but when practices are so abusive that it harms small businesses and consumers, they have little choice. States have the obligation to protect their citizens and businesses that contribute to the...


Twisted AMC & C&R Fees Gone Wrong!

This AMC is Just Wrong & Confused! An AMC sent an appraiser the following email this morning: “…..customary and reasonable fees are compliant under Virginia presumption that rates are based on recent rates paid to a representative sample of providers of appraisal services in the geographic market based on the fee schedules of these providers. Please complete the attached form and submit to:“ Wow are they confused about customary and reasonable fees! This is a severe twist on Virginia Regulations for customary and reasonable fee compensation to appraisers. Virginia Law mirrors the language in the TILA. They are essentially the...

VaCAP AMC Compliance Notification 9

Compliance Notification to AMCs

Virginia Coalition of Appraisal Professionals’ Courtesy notification to AMCs licensed in Virginia On Monday March 29, 2016, VaCAP sent via email a courtesy notification to each AMC licensed in Virginia along with a copy of the Guidance Document issued by the Department of Professional Occupation Regulation. They will follow up with a hard copy to each licensed AMC next week as well. VaCAP continues to Unite, Preserve and Promote the collective interests of all appraisal professionals in the Commonwealth of Virginia. To all Licensed AMCs in Virginia: This correspondence is intended as the Virginia Coalition of Appraiser Professionals (VaCAP) courtesy...

Cracking Down on Appraiser Licenses & Higher Fees 12

Cracking Down on Appraiser Licenses & Higher Fees

Now they’re saying your license has to be revoked! The Federal Government is cracking down on appraiser licenses that were issued by the states where the applicant did not meet the “new” TAF requirements. Several states have this problem. Virginia is in that mix. About nine appraiser licenses were issued that the Federal Government is now saying have to be revoked. About half of these people have reached out to me. There is not a lot I can do or VACAP can do. But the state will be addressing this issue over the next couple of board meetings. So if...

Virginia Real Estate Appraisal Board Made History 44

Virginia Real Estate Appraisal Board Made History!

On Tuesday February 23rd, The Virginia Real Estate Appraisal Board made history! The legislative code of Virginia states Licensed Appraisal Management Companies must provide customary and reasonable compensation to fee appraisers. There are two presumptions of compliance. One based on objective third party information, including fee schedules, studies and surveys prepared by independent third parties, such as government agencies, academic institutions, and private research firms. The other presumption of compliance is based on recent rates paid to a representative sample of providers of appraisal services in the geographic market of the property being appraised or fee schedules of those providers....

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