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Quit Overreporting 10

Quit Overreporting!

Why Do Appraisers Keep Overreporting…? Appraisers, Another friend has provided a copy of an appraisal on the friend’s home. Good golly, miss Molly… Why do appraisers keep overreporting comparable property data, which really isn’t comparable? This subject property is an 1,100 sq.ft. single story home, in a near-beach side community, with partial marine view, not on WFT, in a suburban location. Similar ‘comps’ are extremely limited (no more than 6 sales and 2 listings) due to its GLA, location, age, etc., based on the appraiser’s report, and my own research from multiple searches which proved similar comparable properties are almost non-existent. The report...

The "Property Prices Reach All Time High" Hype - Imagecredit Flickr - FaceMePLS 2

The “Property Prices Reach All Time High” Hype

“Property Prices Reach an All-Time High” Oh really? The subject line is a press release headline put out by a national sales organization. Do you buy into the hype, or do you actually do local comparable property market research to verify trends? I just completed an appraisal on a property I appraised 2 years ago. I did a 5 year market study on comparables then, and found the market for that type of property had been DECLINING at that time. I did another 5 year market study on this same property this time around. And guess what? The property values for this type...

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