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The Importance of Attending Live CE Classes - Appraisers Blogs 11

The Importance of Attending Live CE Classes

The most beneficial part of participating in live CE classes is what you learn from other professional appraisers attending… The Best Decision You Will Make in 2020! What was the one thing your parents answered your “Why” questions with that made you angry every time? You have probably said it to your own kids as well. “Because I said so” would get you every time. You knew you were never going to win that argument, whatever it was about. VaCAP is not going to tell you “Because I Said So”. But we are going to explain to you why you...

DOJ Goes after CoreLogic! - Appraisal Data Secrecy - PAREA Survey 7

DOJ Goes after CoreLogic!

If the DOJ investigation proves fruitful, it is possible appraisal data could be investigated as well… The Department of Justice has sent a Civil Information Demand (CID) notice to CoreLogic. The CID requires CoreLogic turn over documents and answer questions. The article by Rob Hahn explains that the case revolves around not only the search features of the MLS systems, but the contracts and agreements on the use of MLS data by CoreLogic. If this investigation proves fruitful, it is possible appraisal data could be investigated as well. If this is the case, it will be a fast rolling snowball...

Is It Possible to Prove an Adjustment 5

Is It Possible to “Prove” an Adjustment?

We read articles and advertisements on how to prove an adjustment. Is this possible? How wonderful it would be. To prove an adjustment, just push a button and bam! Out comes the correct answer. How could we have we missed this? …prove an adjustment, just push a button…Of course, if such a simplistic and exact answer was possible – anyone could push that button.  An AVM run, a BPO agent, an “evaluator”, or anyone else. Who needs all that USPAP competence and integrity stuff? Even a lender-appointed hybridized “field inspector” could just push the button. The whole process could even skip working with the licensed appraiser completely!...

Appraisal Simulator, Evaluations, S2155 update, & Recap of Meetings 16

Appraisal Simulator

The industry is working of an appraisal simulator… The US House of Representatives Passed S 2155 today! Section 103 allows for waivers of appraisals by licensed appraisers in certain situations. See the bill here. Other News: Last week The National Association of Realtors held their Real Property Valuation Committee meeting. We have 2 VaCAP members on this committee. Here is a brief over view of the meeting from our representative in attendance. John Brenan with the Appraisal Qualifications Board (AQB) spoke at the meeting and gave an update on the roll back of licensing requirements that went into effect May 1st.... 11

AQB Qualifications Criteria Changes

Folks, I wanted to wait to send info about this until the AQB actually published a document showing the actual ‘new’ Qualifications Criteria for Real Property Appraisers. When first announced a few days ago, no official document was posted – only a news release. These take effect May 1, 2018. See the attached 4 page PDF. Due to ‘states rights’ issues in 54 jurisdictions (states & territories), implementation may not actually happen on 5/01/18. The document says this: “Because state appraiser regulatory agencies are only required to adopt minimum AQB Criteria, it is crucial that candidates contact their state to determine if the state intends...


How Fast Can Your Head Spin?

Hopefully you have been busy and have not noticed VaCAP has been quiet over the past few weeks. Not by choice, but necessity. You see, there has been so much happening, we have been overwhelmed and our heads are spinning out of control. VaCAP needs more members to volunteer to help us help you. Let us know how you can help. Let’s start with the easy stuff: The Virginia Real Estate Appraiser Board Quarterly Meeting will take place on February 21, 2018. The meeting will begin at 10:00 AM and there will be a public comment period for anyone who wishes to address...

Experience Requirements Reduced, College Degree Still Required for CG 18

Experience Requirements Reduced

Sometimes the only substitute for experience, …is more experience. Dear Mr. Traynor: The American Guild of Appraisers has long been on record in opposition to the original requirement for a college degree to become any level of real estate appraiser. This was never a requirement of Congress at all, but rather one developed by the AQB over time. While we are pleased AQB has abandoned the college degree at the licensed and residential certification levels, we are disappointed to see it is still being proposed at the general certified level. We repeat for the record; there is nothing involved in...

Order Takers? AQB Advocating For All The New Garbage Products 24

Careless Order Takers?

Appraisers were simply order takers… A friend that refers a lot of commercial work to me forwarded the following communications from an AMC. He’s been telling to ‘go away’ for some time now. This time he played along to see exactly what it is they are hustling. I’ve redacted my friends name and eliminated excessive line spacing and repetitive email signatures. I also bold highlighted references to John Brenan & AQB communications. Otherwise it’s as copied from my email. We’ve all heard enough about hybrids so you can either read the copied emails or skip them. It’s the article from...

Topics Needing Your Attention: AQB, Track Delays & Receivables 3

Action Reminders

Topics getting a lot of attention… Life can be hectic around this time of the year and we wanted to remind everyone of a few items that need your attention and action: First: The AQB has another exposure draft out concerning appraiser licensing qualifications. The big issues are Degree Requirements, Alternative Tracks, Practical Applications and Experience Requirements. These topics have been getting a lot of attention as the “perceived appraiser shortage” card is being played by lenders and AMCs. Please take a few minutes and share your thoughts. The exposure draft and comment instructions can be found here. VaCAP urges every appraiser to comment on these topics. The deadline...

Hybrid Appraisal Products & Public Trust 7

Hybrid Appraisal Products & Public Trust

Are busy appraisers doing Hybrid Appraisal products? Appraisers, The article titled First American launches new appraisal solutions technology popped in my system Tuesday early morning as I was getting ready to park my slippers. This article touts another ‘major’ company’s effort to design and implement a new version of what’s become to be known as a Hybrid Appraisal product. These products are designed to have a real estate sales person do the on-site property observation and photos, which are then provided to an appraiser, who completes a USPAP compliant ‘desktop’ appraisal. The whole point of these Hybrid appraisal products is...

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