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The Evil Octopus

Appraisers, it’s not paranoia when ‘the bastards’ really are out to get you (end us as a profession). …Find each octopus and how they relate to our jobs. Look at MISMO Directors list… An Open Letter to Appraisers: Residential & Commercial This started as a response to a blog post by a respected appraiser concerning the influence of AMCs. During drafting it was clear that trying to explain AMCs was only part of the bigger struggles we face today. Picture a violent “all in” three-way gang fight among Octopi. Say a dozen on each side. That’s 36 Octopi x 8 tentacles...

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100% Liability for Information Relied Upon

…courts have ruled if the information is included in the report and relied upon, the appraiser is responsible for the information… Last week representatives from VaCAP attended The Appraisal Foundation Advisory Committee (TAFAC) and Industry Advisory Council (IAC) joint meeting. We promised a recap of the events, however, both The Appraisal Foundation and Jonathan Miller have already released a summary and did an outstanding job. To read about the event, simply follow this link. The one thing every appraiser needs to understand about the new hybrid product is their liability; specifically the appraisers has 100% liability for the report and the information...

Mortgage Fraud, Alert - Appraisal Waivers & Hybrids' Liability Discussions 4

Mortgage Fraud on the Rise

Mortgage Fraud is on the rise. Fannie Mae has released a warning for California, but this could be happening anywhere. The National Real Estate Post (Frank Garay and Brian Stevens) have a short 6 minute video titled “Red Flag Fraud Warning from Fannie Mae” about the warning. Also on the video, markets with declining values have been discovered. Here in Virginia, appraisers have also noted some areas have taken a down turn over the past 4-6 months. Our purpose of sharing this with everyone is not to spread doom and gloom, but to remind each of us to really take...

Liability Risks of Hybrids to Appraisers and Others 10

Liability Risks of Hybrid Appraisals

“Hybrid Appraisals” – Speaking about the Liability Risks to Appraisers and Others at The Appraisal Foundation’s Joint Council Meeting “Hybrid appraisal” liability? I am looking forward to speaking about the subject at a joint meeting of The Appraisal Foundation’s two advisory councils — The Appraisal Foundation Advisory Council (composed of 60 non-profits and government agencies) and the Industry Advisory Council (composed of 35 business entities with interests in valuation). “Hybrid appraisals” (which provide a desktop value opinion from a licensed/certified appraiser relying on a physical inspection of the property by a third party) are being marketed by AMCs and technology companies...

Improper Direction to Appraisers as a New Special Lender Condition 21

Improper Direction to Appraisers

…specific prohibited direction to appraisers involved in federally regulated transactions… Improper direction to appraisers as a new special lender condition Honorable Ladies and Gentlemen: The following article appeared in a recent online post at (also copied to this letter following our inquiry). We consider the original author to be a credible source. Due to the serious implications of any appraisal management service giving such specific prohibited direction to appraisers involved in federally regulated transactions we believe it to be our duty to bring this to your collective attention. We respectfully request that each Federal Regulatory Agency review this issue...

MISMO, Appraisal Data Mining, Hybrids, and Other Fraud Facilitators 16

Who’s to Blame?

Looking at who and what MISMO Directors are, is it a surprise that FNMA included language in basic appraisal forms resulting in appraisers having infinite liability and no ownership over their own work product IF they do work for FNMA?… European Union General Data Privacy Regulations (EU GDPR) may seem like a stretch for an Appraisers Blog topic, but please bear with me. For some time now, The Appraisal Foundation has been focusing on major international valuation issues other than real estate appraisals. IVSC is one of the bigger and most detrimental misdirection’s they’ve taken as far as impact on...

FHFA Working Paper Credibility Questioned by AGA 10

Working Paper Credibility Questioned

NO REAL ESTATE APPRAISER IN THE COUNTRY IS ALLOWED TO MISS THE MARK BY 7.8% WITHOUT RISKING LOSS OF LICENSE! The Working Paper demonstrates more than anything else, that given an 8-hour work day the computer will take 6 full working days (1.2 working weeks) to arrive at a result that is at best 7.8% error prone. Office of the Director, Honorable Melvin Watt Federal Housing Finance Agency… Dear Sir(s) The American Guild of Appraisers is a Guild within the more than 12 1/2 million members, retirees and family members of our parent union OPEIU, AFL/CIO. In addition to representing...

Credible Third-Party Inspections, Use of EA & USPAP Q&A 17

Credible Third Party Inspections

…producing credible real estate appraisal reports… Is it any wonder that The Appraisal Foundation has lost nearly all credibility as America’s self-proclaimed foremost authority on appraisal matters? I humbly submit their most recent offering. Excerpt from current ASB Q&A: “2018-19 USPAP Q&A Issue Date: March 29, 2018 The Appraisal Standards Board (ASB) of The Appraisal Foundation develops, interprets, and amends the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) on behalf of appraisers and users of appraisal services. The USPAP Q&A is a form of guidance issued by the ASB to respond to questions raised by appraisers, enforcement officials, users of appraisal...

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Appraisal Waivers

TriStar Bank’s request for appraisal waivers: The Appraisal Subcommittee has reached out to the Network Coalitions and has requested appraisers to attend their upcoming meeting on appraisal waivers. Direct from the ASC announcement: ASC Special Meeting – April 12, 2018 Tuesday March 06, 2018 The ASC will hold a Special Meeting scheduled for 10:00 a.m. on April 12, 2018, at the Federal Reserve Board facilities at International Square, 1850 K Street NW, Washington, DC. The purpose of this Meeting is to consider the temporary waiver request from TriStar Bank of Dickson, Tennessee. The agenda for the Meeting will be posted... 11

AQB Qualifications Criteria Changes

Folks, I wanted to wait to send info about this until the AQB actually published a document showing the actual ‘new’ Qualifications Criteria for Real Property Appraisers. When first announced a few days ago, no official document was posted – only a news release. These take effect May 1, 2018. See the attached 4 page PDF. Due to ‘states rights’ issues in 54 jurisdictions (states & territories), implementation may not actually happen on 5/01/18. The document says this: “Because state appraiser regulatory agencies are only required to adopt minimum AQB Criteria, it is crucial that candidates contact their state to determine if the state intends...

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