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Garbage Data In Means Garbage Results Out Every Time! 24

AVMs… Garbage In, Garbage Out

Garbage data in means garbage results out every time!  It’s no secret that AVMs have been a thorn in the side of real estate appraisers since they first came out. Despite all their bells and whistles, these automated valuation models still rely on inaccurate public records and often come up with wildly inaccurate home values. Unfortunately, some consumers don’t realize this until it’s too late – when reality comes crashing down from a local real estate professional after they’ve already gotten their hopes up about their home value thanks to an AVM. Yesterday, a Virginia assessor emailed us with an...

UAD to Assist Local Assessors 16

UAD to Assist Local Assessors?

Folks, 16 local Assessors across the US have requested to FHFA that the GSE’s UAD property rating data be provided to Assessors, with the belief that UAD will help them be more accurate in their local tax assessments. This info has been circulating the past few days, in the link below: Kaegi, other tax officials want access to Uniform Appraisal Database to help make property taxes fairer | Crain’s Chicago Business From the article: Kaegi (Cook County, Illinois) has suggested that the Uniform Appraisal Database maintained by the federally chartered mortgage buyers Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac might help plug...

Verifying Property Sales Data Is Key Element in Doing Appraisals Correctly 10

Verifying MLS Shown Sales Price

Verifying property sales data is a key element and requirement in doing appraisals correctly… Verifying property sales data is a key element and requirement in doing appraisals correctly. We cannot just assume the MLS reports sale prices correctly. One aid to help do this is by using one of the ‘data download’ software providers which prefill many property data items in the report comparable grids. These companies have direct interties with the local MLS (most, not all across the US), and public data from either your jurisdiction recording or assessor office, or an amalgamation company such as Realist. Two ‘data...

The Site Value… A Walk in the Park or USPAP Nightmare? 10

The Site Value… A Walk in the Park or USPAP Nightmare?

Recognized methods to determine the site value… We have all been there, the subject is located in an established neighborhood, no vacant land sales in many years and the lender has requested the site value. USPAP Standard 1-1 states “be aware of, understand and correctly employ those recognized methods and techniques that are necessary to produce a credible appraisal.” The other key standard to keep in mind is Standard 2-2a (viii) – “Summarize the information analyzed, the appraisal methods and techniques employed, and the reasoning that supports the analysis, opinions and conclusions: exclusion of the sales comparison approach, cost approach...


Over 275 Websites for Property Assessment and Valuation

Selected Internet Resources for Property Assessment Administration and Tax Professionals Property tax consultant Richard Sanderson has had more than 30 years experience in property tax administration and has valued some of the most complex properties for tax purposes over the years.  He has just compiled and released a 24 page resource guide for property assessors, appraisers, tax professionals, and others interested in property valuation and tax policy. Entitled “Selected Internet Resources for Property Assessment Administration and Tax Professionals” the guide includes more than 275 websites that are very useful to: Academics in the field of local government administration and tax policy...


Before, During, and After the Sale: Tips for Those Purchasing a Home in Today’s Economy

The average homebuyer in today’s market is justifiably on edge, bombarded with news stories about others who made poor financial and lending decisions and are now paying the price for their mistakes. While it’s true that there seems to be a higher incidence of underwater homeowners who didn’t plan their purchase correctly, that’s always been the case in the real estate market to some extent. Proper planning before the sale, and taking a few recommended steps after the sale has closed, will save future homeowners from the plight of their early-2000s predecessors. Whether it’s taking advantage of low interest rates,...


Who Is the Donkey in the Assessment?

The more clever title would be the nickname of this farm animal or the first three letters of assessment.  Your choice. Real estate values have gone down, everyone knows that. Just ask the homeless man on the street who a few years ago was more than likely the town’s leading real estate agent, who back then could sell ice to eskimos and to top it off and really cash in, could franchise his venture through the funding of a Worldwide bank that had it in their business plan that if we get to big to fail then the tax payers will...

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