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Smartphone Measuring Technology 15

Smartphone Measuring Technology

This new measuring technology claims the software to be ANSI compliant.  Appraisers, over the past couple of years, there have been lively discussions on forums, Facebook groups, at conferences, etc., about a ‘new’ technology which allows a ‘phone holder’ to measure a structure, with that technology providing a “Sketch” or “Floor Plan” of that structure. Some of you may have heard about one of the originating companies, Matterport, which some real estate agents/brokers use to generate virtual 3D interior diagrams and videos used in property marketing. Smartphone measuring technology evolved from that. Until recently, I and others did not understand...

Appraisers Ditching a la mode After News of Corelogic's Acquisition 216

Appraisers Ditch a la mode

In 2015, Dave Biggers of a la mode stated: I’ll wrap up by wishing you a happy new year, in spite of all the recent fear mongering, and by thanking you for supporting us with your business. I’m confident that in 2015 you’ll see even more reasons for that loyalty, especially in terms of us continuing in our long-standing role as the independent appraiser’s staunchest advocate, and in being the most innovative, reliable, and accessible technology provider. We look forward to working with — and for — all of you this year. Time and time again, we were assured that...

DataMaster Tutorial 3

DataMaster Tutorial

DataMaster is a software that works hand in hand with the following appraisal software: WinTotal, ACI, and ClickForms. It auto-populates MLS data and/or Public Records data directly into appraisal reports. These records are compared giving the appraiser the ability to decide which source to use. DataMaster also calculates the Fannie Mae 1004 Market Conditions Report, and transfers that information directly into the appraisal form (1004MC). By electronically transferring data, re-typing of data is eliminated, reducing time spent on an appraisal report. With little user input necessary, it populates the Subject, Comparable Sales, Rentals, and Listings Grids of an appraisal report in...

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