Why Appraisers Say NO to Hybrids

Why So Many Appraisers Say NO to Bifurcated Hybrid Appraisals

Could this be another reason why so many real estate appraisers refuse to do bifurcated hybrid appraisals?

Recently, a Mueller Services ‘inspector’ posted a comment on the article titled “Mueller Sample Report. You Decide!“. Could this be another reason why so many real estate appraisers refuse to do bifurcated hybrid appraisals? It goes without saying that bifurcated hybrid appraisals are uniformly performed by very low paid, with third grade level writing skills, untrained property ‘inspectors’ using a checklist – but with no appraisal training and skill.


Ah yes, Ive worked for Mueller services. It’s an easy job kind of, especially if you have no bills. I got between 350 and 700 dollars a week generally trending lower rather than higher including millage expences and I never worked over 30 hours in a week unless someone local quit and I cared. I’m basically rich and young, so it was somthing too do, and I like meeting homeowners since many are in my socioeconomic class. “Appraisals” are a rare and comperably difficult but like 55 to 80% more valuable task for a field rep. Like 80 or 100ish dollars per that type of case. We must take photos of ever side and photos facing away from every side and measurements. The app outlines the required photos and we must include a unique photo for everything the app demands. We must take two pictures of every room (sometimes I get away with just one but generally only if nothing has been renovated) and make a detailed (within a foot) sketch of the proporty outline of each floor. I do the sketch of the main floor first before going in then carefully extrapolate it too every floor with aproximate subtractions and overhand additions as needed. Then I place a label for each interior room on each floor close to where it actually is in my sketch. I think it’s pretty fun but I tend to capture all the photos and talk to the owner for an hour or less about all these generalities in each room. Like any renovation to the walls floors scelling lights etc and when as I’m writing in each room I make a list by the sketch of the room speciffic improvements. As detailed as the owner provides QA loves the detail for each room. The age of everything major: roof, siding, and structural renovations and outbuilding age photos interior also and simple details of landscape exterior features. Then I’m supposed to fill all that plus some additional info into an app (that I only use for photos) and submit in from the location to QA. But in reality I would rather not hang out on a proporty for another hour and waste my phone battery so I submit the mess of data by saving it and work on it on the web until I am satisfied with it then its off to QA and with this complicated of a case probably back too me 45% of the time for an extra detail or another photo that I will 90% of the time have the owner text me. After all that a real appraiser looks it over like a lame virtual tour and does what they do or calls me and asks me questions. It’s money, that I don’t need, but do want, and it’s manageable under my unique circumstances.

Below is Mike Ford’s reply:

Mike Ford, AGA:

Respectfully Tbhiitsch, $350 to $700 a week is not being ‘rich’ by most metrics… unless you mean you are independently wealthy. If so congratulations. If not, then you’ve set your sights much too low.

What you describe doing is precisely why many or most real appraisers refuse to do bifurcated hybrid appraisals. I’ve reviewed completed Mueller Report appraisals prepared by a conscientious appraiser. They are still indefensible before a state board.

It may seem like a minor issue to you, not being an appraiser who has ever had to worry about being USPAP compliant, or complying with a state’s measuring requirement where ANSI may be required but rounding to a foot can produce significant errors.

While not all states (or USPAP) require ANSI to be followed, they do require factual accuracy. The estimates you indicate don’t meet any recognized standards. Checklists or ‘app’ prompts are better than nothing but unless you are an appraiser yourself it’s doubtful you or the app knows what questions are variably relevant from one unique situation to another.

For example, a shared driveway. What else do you inquire about?

Anyway, thank you for providing first-hand evidence of yet another reason licensed or certified appraisers should avoid doing bifurcated hybrids.

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10 Responses

  1. Kimberly Pugh DeFilippis on Facebook Kimberly Pugh DeFilippis on Facebook says:

    Love Mike Ford’s response, but seriously, was the original response to the blog post in fact “real”? Illiterate people don’t write that way, but people from other countries where English is not their first language do. Just a thought.

  2. Susie Buresh Hohn on Facebook Susie Buresh Hohn on Facebook says:

    I made this one last year, seems fitting. LMAOLMAOLMAO

  3. John Gazsi on Facebook John Gazsi on Facebook says:

    Me thinks that the appraisal profession is under Cancel Culture attack using Racial Bias as the tool by institutions that benefit from alternatives to valuations and regulatory government bodies that are basically do nothing’s that have found a bogus purpose to exist. Of course a profession of predominately white males over 50 is inherently racist, not. Mueller Reports single handily destroyed a viable valuation service I used to perform regularly for $125 providing insurance replacement cost and driveby inspection using untrained anybody for $15 back in the 90’s

    • Baggins Baggins says:

      Reparations and wealth redistribution will likely come with a 15% handling fee, similar to EBT cards. Contracts are effectively awarded on a permanent basis, to singular corporations.

  4. I’m Sorry, That cannot be real, If it is God help us all

  5. Michael Curtis on Facebook Michael Curtis on Facebook says:

    Ya get what you pay for!

  6. Avatar Juan Z. says:

    Exactly why I don’t do them, I keep getting emails from Amrock trying to persuade me ? no thanks

  7. Elizabeth Morse Rhodes on Facebook Elizabeth Morse Rhodes on Facebook says:

    I didn’t know they measured the house and did a floor plan. No way!

  8. Baggins Baggins says:

    Genius! Mike for something important in government, he’d do better than the people up there now.
    Let’s revisit their public employee grading site. That sounds fun.

    (open review repost, dated 09/16/2021) This job seems like it will he so much fun! It’s such a shame that it’s not. At all. The trading is SO intense and quick and you are in the field before you are ready. Then you start to realize you are being paid by the minute, not the hour. Then you realize they are asking you to go farther and farther each week. Then they send back reports and you spend unpaid time correct mistakes. Then you throw in the weather, the mileage and the rising gas prices and you walk away and never look back.

    LOL. Welcome to my world! And that’s why you need to be 1099, and not an employee, with a state license to make it worth your time. The dream of hybridization is a fools errand. FNMA is shooting themselves in the foot with forms redesign to pander to these methods. And those home owners are deceived into thinking these people are qualified in real estate, which they are not. I would not let a person like that into my house and would demand a real appraiser. If these programs ramp up to a larger scale they’ll be magnets for criminals and scam artists, easy ways for unlicensed people to gain trust and be in others homes. They’ll never see it coming. And how hard would it be to slip someone like that a twenty to totally ignore major foundation cracks or things of that nature. The article review was also telling, the mobile inspector service for appraisers ‘pay substantially more, 50-80% – 80 to 100 for that type of case’. Extract that; they’re driving all over town doing variety property inspection work for twenty dollars. Newsflash, amc’s are charging borrowers 70+ for that service. Appraisers used to get 150 for PIR’s. These are race to the bottom money making schemes by way of unnecessary outsourcing and counter productive automation. Idiots.


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Why Appraisers Say NO to Hybrids

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