Vaccines Mandate for Realtors?

 Vaccines Mandate for Realtors?Brian Stevens of NREP discusses vaccines mandates in a video blog and whether real estate companies have the right to mandate vaccinations for agents who see see themselves as independent contractors. The video got a fair amount of attention. A good deal of comments were unfavorable to the vaccines mandate.

COVID, our current seven day average right now with COVID cases is 145,724 cases with 36,953 cases on September 12 alone. These numbers are about half of the COVID high back in January 9 which was 253,946 cases…

Here is the thing, RedFin, Warburg Realty, Remax and Coldwell Banker Bain, the Durst Organization, they’ve all mandated vaccines for their agents. So here’s my question. Do real estate companies have the right to mandate vaccinations for agents that still see themselves as independent contractors?…

Here is what some had to say:

It’s not the responsibility of the un-vaccinated to protect the vaccinated. That’s the vaccines job.

Vaccinated people are getting the variant. Great, new lawsuits for agents.

Why would anyone get a product that does not work?

Why would I get the vaccine when I have already had COVID and have natural immunities? I will also not work for a brokerage that would mandate anything having to do with my health, it is none of their business.

After the first Moderna shot, I got my shot at 3:00PM. By 6:00PM, I started brusing on my underarm. Have had headaches and reckless leg symptom since then. Don’t plan to get the second shot!

No way in hell i’m taking the vaccine. The same people pushing the vaccine are the same people censoring and demonizing safe and award winning therapeutics like ivermectin. Joe Rogan has been viciously attacked for simply finding a better way to fight the virus. This is not about our health this is about enriching big pharma and strengthening the globalist/marxist agenda of control.

These are experimental gene therapy shots as even described by Moderna and the FDA in SEC filings. As of today, Moderna (MRNA stock symbol) has yet to create one medical product which received FDA approval in their entire company’s history. Dating back to the year 2000, Pfizer has paid $4.7 billion in civil and criminal fines for lying about the “safety” of their products.

Within the first eight months of 2021, there were more deaths reported to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) from these gene therapy shots than all vaccine deaths COMBINED dating back to the start of VAERS in 1990. Additionally, the death rates for these gene therapy shots are 30 times higher than flu shots.

I’ve had covid and also decided to get vaccinated.

I understand the urge to do so, but I would bristle at the notion of my broker requiring that I get vaccinated in order to continue doing business.

Strongly suggesting and explaining the potential liability (if one really exists) of not getting vaccinated and continuing person to person business, seems like a reasonable step that the broker could take.

Also, requiring agents to sign a disclosure with the broker stating that the broker strongly suggested all agents get the vaccinated, could offer protection to the broker.

As soon as the drug companies and the federal government will take liability for any and all health issues directly and indirectly related to the vaccines, I will take the jab. Until then, NO WAY! The pharmaceutical companies are liable for most other drugs they create, why not this one? They take the profits, take the responsibility. Every other investment is “the greater the reward, the greater the risk”. For them, its GREAT rewad, NO risk… wonder they’re pushing it.

It is not constitutional to mandate a vaccine or force any medical treatment on we the people. The more the government pushes this on us the more I don’t trust it. We have had unvaccinated illegals pouring into the Southern Border with how many variants of covid and they were being transported all over the country…unvaccinated! We have the elites with their big parties and events wearing no masks. We have TREATMENT CENTERS OPEN ALL OVER FLORIDA, but no one wants to talk about treatment or prevention. Find a location near you. It is malpractice to not treat this virus with known and proven therapies that are being used all over the world. These vaccines aren’t even working and we don’t yet know the long term effects. I don’t like the idea of something going into my cells to teach my immune system to do anything. I have a very strong and very good immune system. I never get sick and I really don’t care to screw that up on something that was rushed and pushed out way to fast for my comfort. Here is the truth: “People <65 years old have very small risks of COVID-19 death even in pandemic epicenters and deaths for people <65 years without underlying predisposing conditions are remarkably uncommon.” source: US National Library of Medicine – National Institutes of Health… I say protect the most vulnerable, but turning this into something that it isn’t because our Government wants more power and control is unacceptable…

I already had COVID too and I survived. The flu took me down worse. I won’t get the vaccine. My health info is not anyone’s business.



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20 Responses

  1. Avatar JC says:

    A news station on FB asked for stories of people that died because they weren’t vaccinated, and the post was overtaken by stories of all the deaths and debilitating injuries the covid vaccine is causing instead. 180K comments so far!

  2. Avatar MD appraiser says:

    Mandates are not the way you get people to trust or to gain trust in something. They are creating more problems for everyone. France is facing medical staff shortage, NY hospital is stopping delivering babies after medical staff resignation over vaccine mandate, South Australian government reversed the order for Australian truckers to get vaccinated after they protested and blocked major highways, school districts across US are facing major hurdle after announcing vaccination mandate for teachers and staff… If you think you are not going to be directly affected by hospital, schools, government, groceries, etc. staffing shortages, think again. I’m vaccinated but forcing people to take vaccines is an assault and they will fight back.

  3. Avatar Jeanie says:

    If the vaccine protects, why do the vaccinated need protecting?

  4. Avatar Caleb says:

    Not only are these people okay with fascism but they anxiously demand it!

  5. Baggins Baggins says:
    I have a sneaking suspicion the vaccine sales department is driving public policy. Bureaucrats will be bureaucrats, busy bodies, predictable. When the government gets involved, for every problem solved, two more created.

    Wouldn’t a better starting line be to order mass antibody testing, so we could truly measure if we’re approaching herd immunity, and help people make better personal risk management decisions, by knowing if they have natural immunity or not? We object and will move to another state if necessary over this issue, there are several choices. People are not thinking clearly, there is overwhelming conformation bias on either side of the argument. They want someone to blame. We’d all be better served with more patience and less dictates.
    It’s the principal of choice, imho.

  6. Avatar Coach says:

    Looks like 660k US postal employees, all members of Congress and staff, WH staff, federal judges and staff and NBA players are all exempt from the vaccine mandate. More evidence that it’s about control not public health. This is the ultimate dystopian story.

  7. Avatar Ralph says:

    What moron gets 2 jabs, then a 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th booster every 4-6 months????? (Israel is on their 4th booster hows that working out) That’s not a vaccine that’s $$$$ for Pharma w/said idiot as the guinea pig. People are soooooo dumb this is the biggest scam since Homer Simpson brought the monorail to Springfield

  8. Avatar Dave says:

    Question, are appraisers violating any fair housing laws if we require occupants of a property we are appraising to be vaccinated before we enter that property? I caught the Covid doing my job and I don’t want to catch it again!

    • Baggins Baggins says:

      Well, you’d be standing for the use of force as an acceptable moral. Newsflash, if you already caught it and are still kicking, you have a long lasting natural immunity that is far superior to any temporary protection gained from medical intervention. You can go ahead and stop being worried now.

      If you don’t like the conditions of the assignment, in this case, if the occupant refuses to share private medical information if they’re vaccinated or not, or if they do share, and you are not in agreement with their personal medical decisions, then it is your choice to accept or decline the assignment. The choice is yours and yours alone.

      Be careful what you wish for, once the line is crossed with the use of force, there will be no end to how far the line eventually moves, and what other entanglement occurs. History repeats.

  9. Avatar Dave says:

    You make since Baggins and I do agree with you. I’ve been asked to final 1004-D recert appraisals on properties done by other appraisers as they are in hospitals with covid. I just tell my clients to wait for them to survive and let them do the final. If they die, then maybe I will proceed. But at least give the original appraiser a chance before writing him off!

    • Baggins Baggins says:

      That’s an unexpected scenario. The obvious first talking point would be that if you sign a 1004d, you basically accept the liability of the other appraisers work, affirming all their conclusions, with your insurance to back. The 1004d runs ‘by attachment’, meaning it is not a stand alone work product and is tied to the main form. I don’t like to fulfill recert requests even for my own work. To do that honestly you need to run comp searches, assimilate new data, and apply a new effective date of data research. It’s all off form of course so you can use more estimates and assumptions but if you’re called out, better have the workfile development to prove it.

      I have this language that the 1004d is only used to certify subject to conditions. That’s why I like front line origination work, the majority of the time once you turn the report you never hear about it again. Only rarely is there a need for value recerts if there was some unexpected delay along the way to the closing finish line, then somehow they saved it and then still wanted to proceed after the reports shelf life ended. If they have to find a new appraiser servicer mid stream, you have the option to request a new assignment, rather than accepting a follow up scenario.

      For the time issue, they can’t wait, loans are locked, funding can expire, a host of other ancillary products and services have expiring shelf lives too, from the avm to the title reports. It’s an unfortunate confluence of events, tragic illness and disruption of a normally smoothly running funding process. But it’s not unfamiliar. It’s not the appraisers job to accept others liability, and if they lose the first appraiser, it’s a good idea to accept the new assignment scenario. If they have many of them, you can cut a volume deal. I would never do a recert for others work, although I may rarely do a favor for subject to conditions compliance. The recert side confirms value and provides assurance of updated research that value has not changed. The compliance with repair side is a more limited scope, just confirming some health and safety compliance point or whatever. Hope that helps.

      • Avatar Dave says:

        Thanks for that info Baggins! I did turn that recert down after I asked to review the appraisal before hand. You are correct. We open a can of worms when we do a recert on someone else’s work.

        • Baggins Baggins says:

          Sure, no problem. I used to deal with follow up 1004d’s for condition certs routinely back when HUD housing programs would hand the reo appraisal to lenders working with first timers, and those reports were used for financing. Every now and then some lender would want a retype, client identification change, or even a recert of value. Some would be so bold and try to issue me revision requests without paying, as if they became the client by proxy after the fact. Thankfully HUD changed rules, lenders have to get new assignments for funding these days. But I got to learn a lot about them. I’ll even go so far as using extra ordinary assumptions and these days try to limit subject to for only big deal items like when an electric panel is missing covers or I really think it’s important to have a structural engineer review a problematic foundation, roof missing, that sort of thing. For the lender side, don’t feel bad, these are powerhouses of financial strength, they can write off a new assignment cost if need be. Thanks.

          For the vaccine mandate, I have a pertinent concern. Reciprocity is now folded in, it’s easier than ever, just apply, records check, a simple form, pay fee, wait for approval. But how would that work if some local political idiot tried to fold vaccine mandates into professional licensing? Would we have to rush for reciprocity or risk losing all that potential energy forever? I may seek reciprocity as a safeguard ahead of time. But then how would the state that granted reciprocal licensing consider me, if my home state yanked my license for refusing to comply with a vaccine, which could cause suspension of professional licensing? All for a vaccine that does not work and now places whom are delivering ivermectin are literally covid free. Meanwhile our greedy corporate structures in the US are trying to keep people from getting effective low cost therapies and would rather instill in people chronic ailments for life, for a continued medical services revenue stream. The first signs of ADE are already indicative in many whom took the rnma shot, a mere few months later.

  10. Baggins Baggins says:

    This topic needs constantly revisited. Things are happening.

    Fake news media is straight punting for big pharma, sad, incompetent.

    If these vaccines were products on the shelf, people would be in long lines returning them for blatant advertising lies, failure to perform as expected.

  11. Avatar IMJSAYN says:

    “Brought to you by Pfizer.” $$$

    • Baggins Baggins says:

      This is just from a topical research, circa 2017.

      Turns out that big stop smoking Chantix is being recalled too.

      Monsanto Tribunal illustrates how government policy is for sale, ‘the science’ takes a back seat to the corporate interests. Despite knowing dangers, they’re still pushing these products but have decades apart differences on when the company will agree to stop distributing toxic chemicals, from one country to another, depending on the strength of the corporate lobbyists in those locations.

      It’s going to take decades for them to unpack the covid vaccine dangers. It’s up to us. We opt out on principal.

      “Rick Sanchez. Media in Crisis.” Big pharma, big ag, war industry, they sit on all the major media syndication boards.

      A good intellectual exercise is to go to youtube and search 80’s & 90’s commercials. What a world of difference when companies competed for air space and were not co opted by racketeering corporate giants.

      Taking things away from people until they comply is not choice.

  12. Baggins Baggins says:

    Related. Supreme court win for religious exemptions. Courtesy of AFA. If you’re not subscribed to the American Family Association, please do so. They send out a really great conservative Christian magazine monthly if you give them like $30 a year or purchase some of their products, etc. I bought the ryan dephrates dvd series for my kids. They are a partner organization with the conservative activist group; One Million Moms.


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Vaccines Mandate for Realtors?

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