Appraisers Should Closely Watch Probe of Departed Brookings Boss

Appraisers Should Closely Watch Probe of Departed Brookings Boss. The chief of the Brookings Institution, a retired four-star general, resigned last month under investigation of lobbying on behalf of a foreign government and then covering it up. If the allegations are true, it means the think tank, under the general’s watch, was secretly taking illicit cash from at least one outside interest group at a time it was engaged in research that irreparably damaged the reputation of the nation’s real estate appraisers.

Astute appraisers wondered whether Brookings might have also been influenced by any well-placed donations from other groups, such as the powerful lobbies of the Realtors, home builders, banks and nonbank lenders, when researchers at the think tank, seemingly out of the blue, attacked the gatekeepers of mortgage lending – the nation’s real property appraisers.

Brookings’ conclusions on institutionalized bias among appraisers, later discredited by Edward Pinto and Tobias Peter of the American Enterprise Institute, were relied upon by the Interagency Task Force on Property Appraisal and Valuation Equity, or PAVE, to buttress a recent government power grab into mortgage lending. The task force was led by Housing and Urban Development Secretary Marcia Fudge and the director of the president’s Domestic Policy Council, Susan Rice. The 116th and 117th Congress has also relied on the discredited Brookings findings to politicize mortgage lending by maligning its gatekeepers.

Pinto and Peter found that the Brookings report had reduced home values to 23 non-race variables that supposedly fully accounted for value and then made the specious assumption that the remaining value differences between white and black neighborhoods could only be due to racial bias.

“The November 2018 Brookings Institute report blames appraisers without proof or logic for lower property values in minority communities and then the June 2019 Congressional Hearing amplified the Brookings misrepresentation of the appraisal industry,” wrote Jonathan Miller, president and CEO of Miller Samuel, Inc., a New York real estate appraisal and consulting firm.

In June, the Brookings Institution announced retired Marine Gen. John R. Allen had resigned as the organization’s president in a controversy in which he is alleged to have been lobbying for the government of Qatar. The retired general and former commander of U.S. Forces in Afghanistan is currently under FBI investigation for allegedly trying to help Qatar navigate a diplomatic crisis and then covering up his involvement, according to a recent Federal Bureau of Investigation affidavit. It should be noted that Allen has not been charged with any crime.

The retired general began as a senior fellow with the Washington, D.C.-based think tank. In October 2017, it announced Allen’s appointment as its president. The U.S. Naval Academy graduate was on administrative leave four days before his resignation.

The FBI affidavit, inadvertently made public last week, lays out new details of a wide-scale U.S. inquiry into Qatar’s efforts to influence Washington. The docket was quickly sealed again, but the affidavit is publicly available through a nonprofit legal-research website.

A spokesman for Gen. Allen told the Wall Street Journal that the information contained in the affidavit was “factually inaccurate, incomplete, and misleading.” The spokesman said he had voluntarily cooperated with the government’s investigation and said his efforts with regard to Qatar were to protect the interests of the United States.

The Foreign Agents Registration Act requires Americans engaged in domestic political or advocacy work on behalf of foreign interests to register with the Department of Justice and disclose their relationship, activities, and related financial compensation.

Accepting cash from domestic lobbying groups would not have been in violation of the act and would not likely have been on the FBI’s radar.

“Brookings has strong policies in place to prohibit donors from directing research activities,” maintains the think tank.

Jeremy Bagott
Image credit flickr - Shinsuke Ikegame
Jeremy Bagott

Jeremy Bagott

Jeremy Bagott is a real estate appraiser and former newspaperman. His most recent book, “The Ichthyologist’s Guide to the Subprime Meltdown,” is a concise almanac that distills the cataclysmic financial crisis of 2007-2008 to its essence. This pithy guide to the upheaval includes essays, chronologies, roundups and key lists, weaving together the stories of the politics-infused Freddie and Fannie; the doomed Wall Street investment banks Lehman and Bear Stearns; the dereliction of duty by the Big Three credit-rating services; the mayhem caused by the shadowy nonbank lenders; and the massive government bailouts. It provides a rapid-fire succession of “ah-hah” moments as it lays out the meltdown, convulsion by convulsion.

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48 Responses

  1. Avatar Done says:

    Where is Andrés Perry in all of this? He put this topic on the table, claiming appraisal bias, with false narrative.

  2. Thanks for this post. I plan to share far and wide. If it smells like a Rat…..My thoughts have always been that there was something more to the Appraisal bias story than meets the eye. The few news stories about values being so different when the Appraiser thought they were dealing with white homeowners has never been fully investigated so it makes you wonder what else was behind those stories or better yet, WHO was behind those stories REALLY? It is a sad state of affairs when the only “gate keeper” who can provide any sort of protection to the people being hurt the most (Buyers/Homeowners) are the very ones they are trying to eliminate. All the other groups mentioned in your post that could have been involved in donating money is quite likely. They have always disliked or should I say hated our profession as they saw us as roadblocks to closing the deals. I feel sorry for the clueless parties here, the Buyers especially, who think that if the loan closes the home must be worth it right? Even when NO appraisal of any kind was ordered by the lender. As for the other hybrids, desk tops, etc. Well you get what you pay for don’t you!

  3. Avatar IMJSAYN says:

    These crooks at Brookings should rot in jail… they are the reason why appraisers are being accused of racism and bias!

  4. Avatar Coach says:

    “Brookings employees gave $853,017 to Democratic candidates and $26,104 to Republican candidates. In total, since 1990, 96% of its political donations have gone to Democrats.”

    Also looks like Brookings is going after commercial valuations

  5. Avatar chris says:

    Question…..Has anyone seen these racists appraisals ??? Obviously NOT….So don’t replace facts with OPINIONS !!!

    I know the right wing has, so until WE see the Appraisals, DON’T assume anything !!!

    Opinions have replaced facts with half of our brethren in our great country these days.

    • Avatar Coach says:


      Biden is not right wing:

      Biden Calls Out Racial Bias Among Appraisers

      Biden Claims on Racial Bias in Appraisals

      Anti-Appraiser Agenda
      “Candidate Biden pronounced appraisers “unregulated” and a chief cause of racial wealth inequality in America. He made the statement as though it were the most well-known and widely accepted fact in the world.”

      Maxine Waters is not right wing:

      Maxine Waters Wants Appraisers Investigated
      ““Some may say that the words of one appraiser do not reflect or represent the profession. However, years of data, ongoing research, and numerous settled lawsuits provide ample evidence to the contrary. The email I reference shines a spotlight on the racist stereotypes and harmful lines of thinking prevalent in an industry which systematically devalues the homes of Black people and other people of color…” wrote Chairwoman Waters. “Given this email incident and ongoing reports of appraisal discrimination, I will be introducing legislation to address systemic appraisal discrimination.”

      PAVE was not introduced by right wing politicians
      The Plan will focus primarily on actions to substantially reduce racial bias in home appraisals, as well as steps federal agencies can “take using their existing authorities to enhance oversight and accountability of the appraisal industry and empower homeowners and homebuyers to take action when they receive a valuation that is lower than expected.

      Every bill regarding appraisal bias has been sponsored by left-wing politicians

      And it’s the left wing media that has been pushing the false “racist appraiser” narrative
      CNN: A Black couple had a White friend show their home and its appraisal rose by nearly half a million dollars

      – Washington Post: For Black homeowners, a common conundrum with appraisals

      – NYTimes: Remote Appraisals of Homes Could Reduce Racial Bias

      – Chicago Reporter: Racial Bias In Home Appraisals

      The left wing politicians, this administration and the left mainstream media have replaced facts with opinions. They decided that appraisers are all guilty of racism until proven innocent!

      You need to get your head out of the sand my friend!

      • Avatar chris says:

        Coach…thanks for making my point… is YOUR opinion that there is NO racist appraisers in this country. None of us have seen these reports. I myself saw one back in 1998-1999 in North Philadelphia, we had a completely renovated row home on a block with no board up….back then the neighborhood went for 10 k up to 45 k (based on Gla and condition) the most easy appraising I have ever done in 30 years. No brainier stuff, We used comp books at the time, this was before the internet. It was real real easy to see realtor comments regarding renovations, GLA, bedroom count and the sales prices,

        The appraisal came in so low, and out of range of others my client had done, he called be to re appraise the house and paid for it himself. I was astounded at the appraised value of around $22,000.

        There were dozens of comps he could have used, as this is when gentrification was happen once the banks starting lending. I made4 a fortune . Appraisers were terrified to go into those neighborhoods back then.

        My appraisal came in above 40 K, cant exactly remember its been to long. But it was above 40 k.

        He asked me how this could happen, the only thing I could think of was racism. The L.O. confided in me he had spoken to his appraiser who said to him ” this is all these homes are worth in this neighborhood”

        “The left wing politicians, this administration and the left mainstream media have replaced facts with opinions. They decided that appraisers are all guilty of racism until proven innocent!”

        “You need to get your head out of the sand my friend!”

        So thank you again for making my point…You have no idea of the data they have these days. They have all of our appraisal in a database now, they can easily cross reference appraisal results by appraisal dates on the same property these days.

        Your opinion is there are no racist appraisers. You have not seen the reports, so you have NO facts, only an opinion. And the opinions of other right wing media personalities you watch.

        But once again, another righty has shown his true colors…..Bet you haven’t read the 4 page Mueller report and are not watching the J6 hearings because its all just B.S. from the Dems…Let me know if I am right if you have the guts. I doubt it though…..

        Just the fact you think there is NO, absolutely NOT, any racism in our profession tells me that it is YOUR head is in the sand….not mine. I know I haven’t seen those appraisals, so I CAN NOT have an opinion that it is all B.S….I will wait until the FACTS come out…..Like the Mueller report and the J6 hearings.

        As usual for you righties in this country these days due to right wing media, tRump and republican legislators brainwashing you all with fear and hatred of liberals, democrats, independents, gays, trans…etc.

        I cant wait for the court cases to be televised, I want the Repubs to defend themselves in a real court of law, under oath and the penalty of perjury.

        I cant wait till Nov 22 and I cant wait till Nov 2024 for the silent majority in this country to show up and vote. You all think 81 million was a lot, wait till you see 101 million…..but of course they will be other “stolen” elections.

        Another right wing opinion based on NO factual data and 60 lost court cases. Half of which were judged by republican judges.

        Please for the love of this country’s future, get YOUR head out of the sand !

        • Avatar Coach says:


          Where did I say that there is NO racist appraiser? There is racism in every industry, in every part of the world and against ALL races.

          All I’m saying is that contrary to what we hear from this administration, the left wing politicians & media, appraisers are NOT ALL RACISTS. Far from it. That is not to say that there are none. You can defend your party all you want, but in their eyes, YOU ARE RACIST my friend!

          Interesting how you arrived at a conclusion that the reason for the bad 1998-99 appraisal was racism. Can I ask you how you arrived at that conclusion? Did you get a copy of the appraisal? What was the race of the appraiser? What’s his name? And the race of your client? Did you conclude racism based on your opinion or on facts? And did you report this appraiser to law enforcement and your appraisal board? What was the outcome?

          Dang, you’re all over the place! We’re debating brookings and racism, not Trump, the Mueller report, the election, J6, LGBTQIA2S+, etc.

          I love how you want people to focus on facts but your comments are based SOLELY on YOUR OPINIONS and assumptions. Nothing more. You assume I’m right wing because I reported on the left-wing malfeasance. I’m NOT a republican and I’m also NOT a democrat. Did you use the same reasoning to conclude that the bad 1998-99 appraisal was based on racism?

          You sound like an extremist and no amount of facts is going to change that extremist mentality of yours.


          Take care!

          • Avatar chris says:

            Coach…Who said ALL of us appraisers are racists???…No one did. Let me know…

            You want to invalidate my past experience with a racist report, feel free, it is however the way of the Right these days. So frankly I don’t believe you.

            I did see the report, it was a nice white Irish guy, yes the owner and the whole neighborhood was black, low income, board ups everywhere, NO i did not turn him in, not worth my time,

            The property was worth over 40 k, not 22 k , not an opinion my friend, a fact based on sales data within 2 blocks.

            Racism is real, always has been and hopefully not always.

            I work with facts, the Right HAS replaced facts with opinions and blatant lies….that is a fact if you have been paying attention…Joe Friday…”Just the fact mam”

            Ya, I blew off some steam again on current events.

            We are all blowing off steam these days…..I myself am out of this country soon, maybe another 4-6 weeks, retiring to Asia on a NEEL 51, sailing the 7 seas.

            After 30 years of appraising and the craziest of the politics for the past 5-6 years,I am done with appraising and I am done with this country….may the gods have mercy on this country….But I really think they also left years ago.

            • Avatar Coach says:

              chris, “Who said ALL of us appraisers are racists” you ask. You obviously didn’t read my comment above. Please re-read what Biden, Maxine Waters, etal have said


              How am I invalidating your past experience? I’m just asking “how did you arrive at that conclusion?” You say the appraiser was racist. Did you base your opinion solely on race, because he was an Irish white appraiser and the client was black? Is that it? He couldn’t have arrived at a low value because he was simply a bad appraiser, inexperienced maybe, a fraud, out of the area, a skippy? No it had to be racism for sure?!

              You believe racism is prevalent and systemic but you won’t take a simple step against it, by reporting a CRIMINAL act of racism because it is not worth your time. All talk, no action… got it.

              Good luck with your move. No worries, this country will do just fine without you.

              • Avatar chris says:

                Coach.. With 50,000 appraisers in this country you think none of them could be racists???

                How about that letter that was written to Maxine ? Did you read it or are you one of the people who think its a fake letter for Maxine to further destroy our ranks for the lenders or appraiser mills ?

                What I read from some others on this forum, please don’t tell me we do not have appraisers who are prejudice in our ranks…..

                Open your eyes man… the letter again

                Once again you try to invalidate my experience with a racist appraiser….you are not the 1st and you are not the last so to speak….denialism seem to run deep these days

                As to leaving this country, I can not wait, been planing for years now. my electric bill just went for 8.9 /kw to 14.0, /kw a 63% increase…..wait to see what happens when the towns, cities, counties and states have NO choice but to raise taxes and other services accordingly.

                What do you think happens when “they” print 9 trillion dollars in 5 years…hmmmm

                Our country lost 3 million American over a decade the 10 years before tRump. These are not blue collar workers my friend, these are the white collars taking their equity, saving and social security over seas to cheaper cost of living countries and there are dozens and dozens of them.

                I was standing in a state store, was looking at the expensive bottles they have near the check out line, I turned around and the women behind me said out of no where she is moving her family to Iceland, and then the guy behind her said he is moving his family to Belize, I looked at both of them and said I am movong to Asia.

                3 people in 1 line in 1 store..what are the odds???

                Now I don’t know the exact numbers, but we lost millions more during the covid catastrophe thanks to tRump with his B.S and the Repub and right wing media B.S. with their vaccine denial ,mask denial and social distancing denials….

                So we now have over 1 million dead from the virus… least 500,000+ Rebups in the Mid West and the South after April of 2021 with a vaccine. Its almost like they were not watching the news…..or the better question is….what news were they watching…hint hint hint.

                So when you say this country will be fine with out me I disagree, 1 less high end taxpayer and big spender gone…..

                As to reporting that racist appraiser, it was more then 23 years ago, it was none of my business, I was not the client of the report, the homeowner was never told by my client,. He paid me out of his pocket and closed the deal. One of my best clients after that for more than 10 years.

                I did reviews for years, I saw incompetence and fraud every day, doing field reviews and re appraising house for the funders in this country who said they still have a loan, just need a REAL appraisal to get them to settlement. My reviews, re appraisals and the original appraisal report were sent to the state by the these funders, all the appraiser got was a slap on the wrist, a fine and forced to take a USPAP class,

                The last sentence of my reviews always said the same thing with the reports I was asked to review….”this appraisal, my field review and my appraisal should be sent to the state governing agency for peer review.

                How many of those sentences have you ever written in your career ???

                1 day I was asked to handle license revocations at the state level, I quoted them $500 / hr, including the 2 hour drive back and forth….they didn’t blink an eye.

                “You believe racism is prevalent and systemic”

                I don’t believe racism systemic in our ranks, but I am smart enough to know I don’t have any facts either way…I mean really…who ever would have thought tRump would end up being a mod boss, a 1 man crime wave, who was going to be a traitor to our constitution and our country ??

                As to racism….1 person once told me, they would rather be a traitor to her country, then be a traitor to her race….hmmmm she wasn’t an appraiser.

                Have a great weekend my friend….

                • Baggins Baggins says:

                  Actually the majority of people whom perished in the coronavirus debacle died because of failed NIH health policies, not the virus itself. As congress was secretly taking ivermictin and hydroxychloroquine the whole time. Image attached. The Real Anthony Fauchi book written by RFK Jr is a must read, widely available now.

                  Blight regentrification neighborhoods where lenders were trading properties like baseball cards, rampant crime, not enough to prove anything except perhaps your optimism for an area which otherwise was commonly known as a very dangerous place to live or even provide appraisal services. You’ll need something better than that.

                  It must be nice to be able to immediately reconcile all of lifes issues and this industries issues to some political spectrum. FYI, that is applied bias so as you espouse what you have been trained to believe are noble causes you’re actually just blowing another dog whistle for your preferred brand of biased application, not really any different than your perceived as justified accusations. There are millions and millions of people in this country and the world whom are not so easily led to color coded and political spectrum ideologies. So as long as you know, such arguments are limited hangout events with inadequate real world backing under the logical analysis spectrum. Carry on with your pointless political dribble though if it makes you feel good.

                  • Avatar chris says:

                    Baggins…I guess you were not watching all the videos shot by the nurses as those patients were about to have a ventilator shoved down through throats because they had no lung capacity left from the VIRUS.

                    They were calling home to tell their loved ones that the VIRUS was not a hoax, that it was in fact REAL….And for their family members to protect themselves.

                    They were gut retching to watch.

                    1st tRump said it was a Democrat hoax, then it would go away, then you didn’t need masks, then you didn’t need to social distance, then it was “we will not allow the Left to take our freedumbs away.

                    Then it was Fauci said you diodnt have a mask all summer when if fact it was around Feb 4th when a nurse asked him if she need a mask to fly on a domestic flight….at which time in February it wasn’t necessary YET !!!

                    But all summer long FOX and the other right wing enemies of our country were showing the “clip” of Fauchi to their audiences how bought it hook line and sinker!!!

                    And they sold a ton of hydroxychloroquine, ivermictin and that horse dewormer to their right wing under educated sheep even when we had a vaccine.

                    And an Additional 500,000+/- Republican sheep died after June of 2021 for no reason other than watching Fox and right wing media and their friends. And they are still dieing, we are up to 1,000,020 dead Americans so far. And counting.

                    The Repubs literately let their voters die becuase they didn’t have the guts to tell their sheep the truth.

                    Its like they weren’t watching the news….hmmmm What news are they watching or did they think it was all B.S. like everything they have been told for the past 6 years???

                    And no my friend they didn’t die from what they were watching, they died from a virus their bodies could not fight.

                    And what a way to go….sucking in your last breaths all the while praying to their god who they devoted their entire lives too. And money !

                    Ya Ya I know…Eve ate the apple….

                    For such a knowledgeable person you are about all the tings regarding what is going on with appraisals for all these years I have been reading from you, I am astounded that you have fallen so far the rabbit hole there is no coming back…..

                    its that cognitive dissonance thing again my friend !

                    • Baggins Baggins says:

                      There you go again, led by the propaganda and believing it. The CCP virus which was created in a lab is not a hoax. The failed NIH policies are what caused the majority of those people to die in the first year, and most perishing after that point are now dealing with unprecedented levels of vaccine side effects alongside the continued failure of NIH policies. If you were glued to the corporate messaging you likely missed all the disclosures from all the doctors whom successfully treated people without ventilators and had amazing recovery rates. No vaccine necessary, we certainly never took it and are just fine, natural immunity achieved. Here you go. Well it’s not for you really, but rather for other readers seeking reliable resources to make sense of the propaganda.


                      • Avatar Chris says:

                        Baggins, My friend you are so down the rabbit hole, there’s nothing I can say to you, you obviously have not watched the videos of the poor people that were sucking down their last breaths, you say it’s propaganda I call it facts, I don’t deal in propaganda, You haven’t read the Mueller report, I’m sure you’re not watching the January 6th hearings, you think there’s complete conspiracies everywhere especially with ANSI.

                        For the love of this country, please stop listening to right-wing media.

                        • Baggins Baggins says:

                          No, we all viewed that. Some of us were more interested in effective early treatment and drawn to the question of why are effective treatments being censored and repressed when they’re being proven to work. Remdesivir killed more people than the virus. And they knew it would have those results, they prescribed it anyways.

                          The irony of someone accusing me of not reviewing the necessary content to make informed decisions, after I posted AFLD and CHD content. You should try following your own advice. As if Fox news is a reliable source, they’re all shilling for big corps. Intriguing that you never question CNN, but you know, perhaps if you repeat something enough times it will become true.

                          Over the past several years I’ve read hundreds of official NIH publications as well as detailed research into a myriad of treatments, vitamins minerals, biological relationships, etc. I learned more than I ever wanted or needed to know about germs.

                          In the end we lived our lifes without fear and watched those whom succumbed to the messaging deal with what was often a bad end. Covid is over for us, has been for a very long time. Natural immunity achieved, no vaccine necessary. People whom bought into the deceptions, they’re dropping dead left and right, an increasing volume of side effect reporting despite such deceptive practices as removing records from vaers and intimidating medical community persons from reporting that in the first place.

                          When you one day realize the disease comes from within, because you put it there when it was otherwise burning out, having ran it’s not so natural course.

                          • Avatar Chris says:

                            When the day comes Mr baggins, I will fly to Colorado and let you know when and where I will be, if you want to get together and have a rational discussion with me there is nothing more than I would ever want then to physically talk to you face to face, I will listen to you and hopefully you will listen to me, and that is what us Americans are supposed to be, our country was founded in debate, I think back and think of 13 states with completely different agendas we’re able to come together somehow, to develop our country as the only country in the world where people are free, to express their opinions freely, to have the religious freedoms and everything else that are constitution allows us, hopefully someday you and I can get together. I would relish that, face to face, Amanda man, intellectual to intellectual.

                            • Baggins Baggins says:

                              Thanks. I don’t get out much these days, kids and all. We’re against the wall with the liberal indoctrination of the public school systems in Colorado and refuse to send them back. Everything just changed, and now must change all over again. The scotus ruling on public private education and religious institutions may be the game changer we need, so there is some hope for the future but we’ll need to shore up for a few years. Polis has ruined public education in Colorado.

                              Daddy is homeschooling now, lining something up to afford a mighty private school bill. It’s sort of why I’m off the lawn mowing kick, that may not be enough to foot this bill. I’m currently installing a flux capacitor in my truck, I know it’s a longshot but it’s going to take a miracle. Between being a migration magnet state, king of mail in vote fraud, all the liberal policies, homeless expansion, rising crime, the crowds, the rising density, have to schedule everything… You don’t want Colorado not even to visit, it’s simply not the same.

                              • Avatar Chris says:

                                Baggins, So you support the indoctrination of American children, by private schools, who can tell them the truth or not, as opposed to the three thinking public school system, with those radical social liberal teachers just destroying our children against the way America should be thinking by our point of view.

                                Baggins… I understand you, and I am against you and the way you think, get over it.

                • Avatar Coach says:


                  Why do I get the feeling I’m talking to a wall my friend? You ask the same questions over and over again.

                  You wrote: “So don’t replace facts with OPINIONS !!! I know the right wing has… Opinions have replaced facts with half of our brethren in our great country these days.”

                  I replied: “The left wing politicians, this administration and the left mainstream media have replaced facts with opinions. They decided that appraisers are all guilty of racism until proven innocent!”

                  You wrote: “Coach…thanks for making my point… is YOUR opinion that there is NO racist appraisers in this country.”

                  I replied: “Where did I say that there is NO racist appraiser? There is racism in every industry, in every part of the world and against ALL races. All I’m saying is that contrary to what we hear from this administration, the left wing politicians & media, appraisers are NOT ALL RACISTS. Far from it. That is not to say that there are none.”

                  You wrote: “With 50,000 appraisers in this country you think none of them could be racists???”

                  Again, re-read my previous reply: “Where did I say that there is NO racist appraiser? There is racism in every industry, in every part of the world and against ALL races. All I’m saying is that contrary to what we hear from this administration, the left wing politicians & media, appraisers are NOT ALL RACISTS. Far from it. That is not to say that there are none.”

                  You wrote: “How about that letter that was written to Maxine ? Did you read it or are you one of the people who think its a fake letter for Maxine to further destroy our ranks for the lenders or appraiser mills ? ”

                  My reply: “It was not a letter, it was an email. Not only I read it, it seems I’m better informed than you are since I know it wasn’t addressed to Maxine Waters. If you had read the email, you would have known that it was addressed to Elizabeth Korver-Glen, a sociologist who studies racism/race, housing, policing, immigration, etc. Elizabeth Korver-Glen writes that she examines how housing market professionals, such as appraisers, construct contemporary urban housing markets in ways that contribute to neighborhood inequality and racial segregation. Who knew appraisers were in on constructing urban housing markets? Guess what her race is… Wrong. She’s white. And the appraiser who ran his mouth did the one thing an appraiser should never do by crossing the line from impartiality to personal bias. That’s as serious as lying in an appraisal report.”

                  You wrote: “Once again you try to invalidate my experience with a racist appraiser”

                  I replied: “How am I invalidating your past experience? I’m just asking “how did you arrive at that conclusion?” You say the appraiser was racist. Did you base your opinion solely on race, because he was an Irish white appraiser and the client was black? Is that it? He couldn’t have arrived at a low value because he was simply a bad appraiser, inexperienced maybe, a fraud, out of the area, a skippy? No it had to be racism for sure?!”

                  Why is racism the first thing brought up instead of Appraiser Incompetence?

                  I’m not going to respond to your political rant because I believe no amount of facts is going to change that extremist mentality of yours. I’ll just add, Biden and your party has been running this country for the past 2 years, why focus so much on Trump? Hasn’t your party done anything positive for you to stay? What’s interesting is that during the 4 years of the Trump administration, you stayed put, but now that your party holds the power in the executive and legislative branch, you’re leaving?!

                  Like I said, no worries, this country will do just fine without you. Safe travel my friend!

                  • Baggins Baggins says:

                    Oh my, agreed but just a quick note; if the source of the ‘letter’ is accurate, it is important to distinguish if the appraiser was providing appraisal services or consultation services, otherwise, if not, the letter would not fall under regulated practices. Whom was the client, detail the SOW? Bait, meet the hook. It is hazardous to deal with trolls, buyer beware.

                  • Avatar chris says:

                    Coach…we are talking in circles…I am going to Thailand because you can live on $1,000/month, $1,500 you live like a king…My Social security will be $3,000.

                    I will be living on a catamaran and will travel the 7 seas and see the world at the age of 56.

                    As to the future of our country….We are in an uncivil war, opinions have replaced facts for those on the Right, cognitive dissonance is now prevalent to those on the right people cant even read the 4 page summery of the Mueller report or watch the J6 hearing…..but they are positive it all a hoax from the left…Even when I pull my cell phone out and ask them to read the summery.

                    It cracks me up, but they are so sure its a Dem hoax…..LOL stupidity and ignorance runs deep now for 74 million people in our great country.

                    If I had a dollar for everyone who said to me that Biden is destroying this country I could buy a bigger catamaran, It started out Biden IS going to destroy the country, then 3 days after he was inaugurated…they say to me….see he is destroying out county….forget the fact tRump didn’t even let him and his transition team into the White House at all. And I have been hearing that every day on right wing media and people on the right…literately everyday since he took office.

                    Poly want a cracker, Poly want a cracker…..and they call us sheep……LOL

                    My electric bill just went up 63%. What do you think our other taxes are going up by in the next 6-12 months?? It has already happened with food, construction materials and even snack food.

                    As to the racist appraisal I saw, i answered your questions….you did not read the comp books, you didn’t inspect the house and you didn’t review the appraisal. So believe it was appraiser incompetence if that makes it easier for you….that is your opinion without any facts…that was my point about the Right these days….

                    Like I said, I cant wait to get out of this country before its too late. Especially before my electric bill goes up an extra $3,600 extra a year…..Dems and Libs are always saving this country….. Clinton after Reagan, Obama after Bush and now Biden after tRump.

                    Please don’t reply back…..and we can move on to the next article.

  6. Avatar craig A smith says:

    The brooking institute is a racist hate group. We better plant more trees as I have a feeling there aren’t enough sturdy limbs to allow the traitors enough room to swing! !

    • Avatar chris says:


      Brookings brings together more than 300 leading experts in government and academia from all over the world who provide the highest quality research, policy recommendations, and analysis on a full range of public policy issues.

      The research agenda and recommendations of Brookings’s experts are rooted in open-minded inquiry and our 300+ scholars represent diverse points of view. Research topics cover foreign policy, economics, development, governance and metropolitan policy.

      The Brookings Board of Trustees is a governing body composed of distinguished individuals from a variety of backgrounds. The Board has fiduciary responsibility for the Institution’s leadership, integrity, financial health, and scholarly independence.

      The Brookings Institution traces its beginnings to 1916, when a group of leading reformers founded the Institute for Government Research (IGR), the first private organization devoted to analyzing public policy issues at the national level.

      Brookings’s experts are contributing research on the historic racial inequalities found in American public policy— from housing to education to banking.

      Just another example that you Righties are filled with hate of EVERYONE and EVERYTHING that go against your racism’s and prejudices.

      Thanks for another example of how opinions have replaced facts for those on the right.

      “We better plant more trees as I have a feeling there aren’t enough sturdy limbs to allow the traitors enough room to swing! !”

      Really ???

      Your right wing Authoritarianism brainwashing programming is showing !!

      And you actually used your real name, How is Bloomfield New Jersey doing theses days ?

      • Baggins Baggins says:

        Man, you read like a pr management group hired by Brookings themselves. Likely because that’s really whom you serve. Otherwise you should be getting paid, you’re that good with your pro Brookings group advocacy.

        Brookings, the progressive liberal jukebox.

        “for those on the right”… There you go again. Nothing builds confidence and brings people to middle ground like blatant discrimination and applied stereotypes. But, that’s what people with ulterior motivations do, they constantly separate people into categories based on their own discriminatory biased mindsets. It comes naturally for some people especially when so many government tax dollars are at stake.

        Let me tell you some things politicians always agree on regardless of political leaning; promotion of propaganda, promotion of war, spending more tax dollars, increasing taxation, redirecting funds through non profit groups to further their own political causes, growing government. Now that we’re on the same page…

        • Avatar chris says:

          Baggins…1st you accuse of being an ANSI spokesperson….LOL

          Now A spokesperson for The Brookings Institute??

          I need to ask you a question….Do you see conspiracies all around you???

          Have you been like this all your life ???

          Or is this something recent, like maybe the rise of Alt Right Conservationism and Alt right media??

  7. Guess what? Within that link that “Coach” included in a post here, where The Brookings Institute is now going after Commercial Property Values in Black Neighborhoods, they actually admitted the following deep withint that very interesting report …”With respect to real estate assets, a home may be undervalued if owned by a Black family, but since most real estate transactions can readily occur without knowledge of the race of the participants, it is unlikely that this explains the undervaluation of homes in black neighborhoods that we previously found. ” UM Yeah! It is all about what that neighborhood offers to potential buyers period!

    THIS IS JUST ONE FACT THAT WE HAVE BEEN TRYING TO MAKE CLEAR TO THOSE WHO HAVE NO CLUE ABOUT THE PROCESS. Indeed many times (purchases) we have no idea the race of the buyer and again why would we care! We are appraising the home NOT the buyer or homeowner.

    So the next time someone tries to say that the Brookings Research into Appraisal Bias is valid, it seems they realized that they spoke too soon. Too bad the damage has already been done.

    • Avatar chris says:

      Mary, Do not forget we just just as many refi’s as we do sales.

      Thanks for another example of how 1 mis-statment can void and invalidate ALL the other truths for the Right wing these days.

      • Chris, first of all this was NOT a mistatement, this was Brookings stating facts as they saw them NOW. 2nd, I never said I was a Right Winger!

        Sure, we do alot of refis, so does that mean only the refis are undervalued and not the sales because we know the race of the homeowners for the refis? That has never been proven. Here is the deal, we are in no way saying NEVER has any Appraiser applied bias in a report whether unintentional or not. What we are saying is the media and the Commissioners and the President and the Vice Pres. have latched onto small truths, stories that do not represent the whole picture of the appraisal profession and process and have jumped to the conclusion that we as a WHOLE are biased and racist and it is systemic. So 1 or 2 never fully investigated stories can invalidate (in your own words) what the truths really are.

        Bottom line is this FACT like it or not….Black and brown neighborhoods have indeed sold for less in many cases and thus the appraised values come in lower than white neighborhoods because we report on the market (buyers). This does not mean these homes are UNDER-VALUED. Big difference there. The are valued based upon buyers reactions to these homes which equates to the sales price. Why are they selling for less? It is because the BUYERS decided they would not pay any more for these homes due to any number of locational influences and amenities or lack thereof or their OWN inherent biases. What a concept Buyers can be the ones who are racist not the Appraisers. We report what the buyers do, we do not have the power to direct values up or down without solid sales/market support and certainly not just because the owner is a minority. Until the powers that be understand this concept we will NEVER have a meeting of the minds on this issue. Thank you!

        • Avatar chris says:

          Mary…you do know these reports are now in 1 big database right??

          “They” can easily see what 1 appraiser appraised for and what another one appraised for, when and how far they went away for the comps.

          “It is because the BUYERS decided they would not pay any more for these homes due to any number of locational influences and amenities or lack thereof or their OWN inherent biases.”

          What is that, an appraisal 101 statement?

          We all know the market values of ANY given neighborhood is really based on how much the people earn. Income levels limit what people can borrow and therefore what they CAN offer and where they can afford to live, did you ever look at what those census tract numbers actually mean???

          Anyway, again I will say, NONE of us have seen these appraisals and none of us actually know the extent and what these other people making these statement know.

          Who said the entire appraisal profession is prejudiced ???

          Let me know, I want to know…..

          • Avatar Mary says:

            Maxine Waters, AOC, POTUS and our Vp. Systemic bias in the profession they all say. That pretty much means all of us for uninformed people listening to them talk. Why do lenders want the CENSUS Tract NUMBERS on the reports. Makes you wonder. We certainly did not dictate that requirement. Neighborhood values are not due to what people make or can afford. They are based on what buyers will pay. Period! Buyers select where they want to live and what they will pay for what that property offers to them. Making x amount of money limits your choices depending upon supply but bottom line is buyers dictate market value for all properties not the Appraiser that is all I am saying. Hey good luck to you sailing the 7 seas.

            • Baggins Baggins says:

              Check out this interesting lending solicitation I got in the mail the other day.

              “Mortgages for foreign nationals? Yes we can.”
              Many people without U.S. citizenship remain perpetual renters, because they believe the hurdles to home ownership are too high. In fact, there’s a clear path to becoming a homeowner through programs known as foreign national mortgages.
              Foreign nationals have historically felt discouraged from home ownership due to the difficulties of establishing a credit score on U.S. soil. But foreign national mortgage programs address this by offering loans for which no U.S. credit history is needed to apply.
              So there is no reason for non-citizen residents to hesitate if they are ready to jump into the real estate market.
              Highlights of our foreign national mortgage programs include:
              No social security number, green card, or visa required for many borrowers
              No credit score required
              Qualify for a mortgage with as low as 25% down
              Keep your monthly payments low with our interest-only program
              Loan amounts up to $2.5M
              Maximum debt-to income (DTI) ratios up to 50%
              For investment property purchases, first-time investors are eligible
              At MBANC, we can help foreign nationals living in the U.S. work around the absence of a credit score. We help service loans for home purchase that cut through red tape, and help you own a piece of the American dream.

              Surely the wild west non QM lenders contribute to more pricing and value stability rather than less? This is not predatory lending activity is it? Is this company, by extension, also racist? It may appear so.

              What exactly is wrong with lower prices? I thought in times of economic prosperity the price of goods and services costs less, not more. Some people are running on flawed economic theories which further suppress impoverished citizens and non citizens alike. If you’re on about actually wanting higher home prices for supposedly repressed groups of people, you may be advocating for lenders continued fleecing of citizens.

              We certainly do have higher home prices lately, higher home values, not so much. The numbers may align between price and value but the exponential considerations regarding value is much more complex than price. That cpi 9% thing you keep hearing, not even close, not by a long shot.

              Do these people not even understand the very basics about monetary theory and where our posterity comes from? Sadly, probably not. Article 1 section 10. People think they’re arguing a noble cause but until they break free of the mouse maze; merely bickering and are actually all on the same side. Because all too many agree with the principals that our birthrights and heritage, all the wealth generated from that, is not ours, is merely borrowed, and subject to a permissions usury based system which is acceptable to be managed with applied oversight by a bunch of damned sleezy politicians, lenders, and their shared interest special interest groups.

              There is no such thing as a safe loan. You don’t own it until the last payment is made and the title in your own safe. The only way to win in mortgage lending from many a property owners perspective is to not participate. Otherwise you’re just leveraging risk and constantly rolling the dice. Subsidy programs which artificially drive up home pricing continues to be one of the most destructive forces in the housing market, courtesy of the federal reserve and corrupt politicians spending other peoples money. They do that for specific reasons, it generates additional money raking schemes, which the wealthy always capitalize on as the wealth gap grows. Asking for more subsidy for ones own group is asking for continuation of economically destructive forces, we’d all be better off without it.

              “Well placed donations”, indeed. The details matter so thank you for the author to that end. But at some point if we want truly lasting change with a positive end result, we need to examine the institutions and consider if they’re still worth having. Obviously from government to private partners like Brookings (being just one of thousands of examples), they’re exploited beyond measure at every level. If as an individual borrower I could exploit these systems to this degree I’d be rich as the day is long, but people don’t even blink when these scams happen on the institutional level, they can’t get their minds around the size and scale of it all. Corruption is institutionalized in our modern day government and modern day institutions. Peace sells but who’s buying? As long as the conversation revolves around price and money rather than the value of liberty, posterity, and our constitutional blessings, nothing will change. If they want to help everyone out why don’t they release to them federal lands on homestead acts? Oh, we’re not supposed to be talking about those types of solutions.

              • Avatar chris says:

                Baggins…..”Qualify for a mortgage with as low as 25% down”

                With 25% down, who cares about anything else….Shows they have saved, shows they can save, and plenty of equity for the lender to foreclose….at least a normal foreclosure.

                And you better bet your little arse that these banks figured out how to maximize their profits on foreclosures.

                Its called lawyer fees and they take every dime they can from the owners before they take back the property.

                Then they write off their losses….”supposed losses” after they cash in their insurance money.

                What is the matter my friend ??? You sound like you believe the Statue of Liberty should be taken down.

                Like so many other people these days ! All 74 million of them !

                Have your read that 4 page summery of the Mueller Report yet….?

                Are you watching the J6 hearings??

                Or are you letting your cognitive dissonance get the better of you?

                • Baggins Baggins says:

                  You’re the one glued to the propaganda, I’m not so much into having my opinions fed to me by bureaucrats. Thankfully, neither you, nor bureaucrats are in charge of other peoples credibility. “We’re currently looking for new conspiracy theories, as all the old ones came true.” Since when did conspiring become limited to just one political isle? It’s time to come back to reality. Corruption is so commonplace most have become numb and blinded to it.

                  By state basic foreclosure law list. Even more interesting is the time frames by which borrowers can and often do delay the process. The delays incentivize more fraud and foreclosure, rather than less. That is another example related to article 1 section 10 specifically on laws impairing obligations of contracts. If complex systems can be exploited, they will be exploited. Which is how we can judge corruption on very basic premises which also often revolve around the law being simple and easy to read, or complex and bureaucratic. Simple easy to understand easy to comply with laws are for we the people while complex systems typically work against the peoples best interests, set in place primarily for exploitative interests. Technically that’s called ‘self asking regulation’, by which big corps write the laws which govern them and in turn restrict competition within the regulated space. It’s how markets are cornered and monopolies are gained.

                  Whom do you think is so dedicated to saving, to pay the quarter or more down, only to then jump into an interest only loan? If that’s what the statue of liberty represents to you… Taxpaying citizens should be under absolutely zero obligation to fund or subsidize foreign nationals. My perception of that is write offs are another corrupted process. We should have fines based on income and flat taxes to level the playing field, just abolish all write offs in general. Those held to defaulted terms should have incredibly long waiting periods before being allowed back into lending avenues, like nearly a lifetime. Because absent of the taxpayer backing of GSE’s, that would be the practical result for people whom abuse the lending systems, if lenders actually shouldered their own risk and were not able to extend these loans on a fractional reserve basis or alternatively for non qm, claim the write offs.

                  With current systems relying on subsidy, it’s obvious these lending institutions as well as the think tanks are not sustainable absent of taxpayer backing. Institutions like Brookings make the problems exponentially worse as they seek to affect policy outside of the checks and balances limitations to voting based citizen approval based systems, aka representative democracy. We did not vote for Brookings and if they want to set policy, they should run for office instead of exploiting entrenched bureaucracies.

                  You seem to advocate everything big government and GSE related without question, it’s undeniable at this point. You are a big government advocate. So when is your flight out? Keep us updated because it’s always good news when big government advocates finally go somewhere else. The greatest liberty is the liberty to leave so if you have this much of a problem with conservatives, you know where the door is. You’re going to have to deal with us, we will not be swayed by dogma or propaganda, and will never accept these systems as functional or worthwhile to pursue. You are watching political theater but if that’s where you like to spend your time, carry on.

                  • Avatar Chris says:

                    Baggins… What propaganda am I glued to?

                    That’s too big government, no I’m not a fan, but I will say this, way back when we started out to have some rules for the village So everybody could get along, the rules didn’t work so we pass laws, the lost didn’t work so we had a bill prisons.

                    Why do they have to pour samples of concrete to be inspected on every poor?. Because people cheat, they lie and they steal, that is human nature.

                    When I hear a conservatives tell me they want smaller government, they don’t even get what they want. With less oversight comes more cheating, where will we be if we didn’t have the laws that we have, we would have chaos, buildings falling down, medicine that’s supposed to help cure us that actually kills us, chemicals in shampoo that could absorbed in our skin that make us sick, ingredients in our foods that also make us sick, but real profitable for the oligarchs.

                    You catch my drift, so one and smaller government by the big corporations out there is only so that they can cheat more, like Wells Fargo, screwing their borrowers over every chance they literally can get. I work for Bank of America, when they hired us they promised the world and within six months they took everything away from us appraisers our staff appraisers.

                    Every month they made our jobs harder so that they could pay us less because we’re paid on a production scale, they made us take classes online only to bank tellers should have been taken.

                    I handled the foreclosures and the worst county in the country and all of the countrywide loans that Bank of America was forced to take.

                    I would have praise the same properties three year in a row, the first year one would appraise for 300,000 and they didn’t want to sell it to the investor where the renovator, so they sat on it for another year, the kids broke in the weather was in destroyed the house more and now the next offer was 200,000, they didn’t take that one either, they waited another year for the value to go down to 100,000 and they sold it to the investor for $80,000.

                    They then wrote off the difference it alone and paid less in taxes or however they do their accounting while the homeowners were built for that gift of equity that they were given supposedly given by the bank.

                    It is a shame we need bigger and bigger government, but we literally have companies out there that make a business decision, and here’s how they think this is how much we’re going to make if we get caught and here’s how much we’re going to make if we don’t get caught.

                    And then they make a business decision.

                    You know the slaps on the wrist and the finds that they pay seriously outweigh their profits, we all know this, and the government takes their share and turns a blind eye, nothing changes in this country.

                    Once again I will compliment you on your incredible writing skills. But don’t let that go to your head.

                    It is in my considered opinion, from reading everything you have written on this post for the last dozen years and most recently an extremely disturbing that somehow, someway You’re denialism and you’re cognitive dissonance override that incredible brain that you have.

                    But don’t be ashamed, it is the way this country is gone over the last 5 years, facts don’t matter, the Brookings institute is not a government agency, they are dedicated organization with professionals in areas that none of us have time to educate ourselves in, especially our politicians, they’re too busy trying to get campaign donations and kiss and ass to the large companies so that they can run again.

                    So I will ask you again, I talked about the virus and how many people that died, and somehow you tell me I have been blinded by propaganda?

                    What propaganda?

                    • Baggins Baggins says:

                      All the regulation, all the problems, newsflash; we have those despite the regulations. The scale of the problems are much worse being that government is involved than if it was not. We have chemicals in everything, hazards everywhere, shortages abound and legistics nightmares. Those issues were not present in similar per capita quantity with small scale local production.

                      As the red tape lengthens so do our problems multiply. There is not a single functioning government safety institute left. The last things they effectively regulated was lead and asbestos, those are still being litigated, and it’s a free for all for all the mad science and dangerous substances out there. Glyposate is still on the shelf in US, despite there being running lawsuit informercials all night, and being banned elsewhere as a great current example of failed regulatory systems (for sale). Covid vaccine dangers being boldly lied about and disregarded today are another. Their deceptions are criminal. Those whom can not grasp these conflict of interest issues, nor be offended by them; are blind.

                      Same thing for banking regulation, small business regulation, medical product regulation, central planning always fails. The losses you speak of, made possible by the central planners whom blew up the bubble. If the taxpayer was not involved… This broken record never ends.

                      The reason corrections are slow to be achieved if ever, is because contract and tort law are diluted and not respected when government regulators are involved. As they ultimately function as much as a corporations shield as watchdog entity. “We complied with minimum standards”, aka liability deflection. Where as if we just sued everyone whom could be proved in a court of law to have caused us harm and they had no protection from the government, a different system with alternative results. Government does not solve problems, it subsidizes them.

                      Independent groups are far more effective at providing consumer safety testing and messaging or effective consumer safety advisement than any government ever has been or could be. Which is why when we reach for food, we reach for the non gmo verified label (something the government opposes). We reach for the humane no testing labels. We know how to read ingredients. We refer to the Cornicopia Institutes food score cards routinely. Those are by far the best food safety resources anyone can find and they’re constantly battling the USDA which is controlled by big polluting rule bending corps whom constantly dilute the standards.

                      When we need medical or financial advice the very last place we turn to is the government, literally the last stop as any and all advisement is suspect for good reason. Conflict of interest issues abound, you; case in point. As the big corps continue to dilute the ability of labeling and oversight authorities because that’s how it works, policy for sale.

                      Fines based on income would incentivize the rectifying legal positions though, and go a long way towards effective tort reform in this country. Support the status quo and continue to get ran over by big gov and big corps or demand competency and accountability outside of central government regulation. Because we’ll never have fairly balanced accountability or competency so long as central planners run the show.

                      They say a friend of liberty is a friend of mine but it’s difficult to apply that to some people these days. Liberty, love it or leave it. It is not the governments responsibility to regulate products regulate money or keep us safe from the world or ourselves. It is not the governments responsibility to put people in houses or save the world. Those are our responsibilities through the networks of independent actions, courts, contracts, and local communities. The responsibility is not that of the federal government. That’s the end of it, which is where the ideological gap comes from. May the chains rest lightly on your shoulders.


                      • Avatar Chris says:

                        Baggins… You are an amazingly intelligent person, you and Mike Ford and some others on this site, but you particularly are an amazing person, we are also susceptible to the information that is coming into our brains, and that is the point I want to try to make to you we are all susceptible to propaganda and brainwashing and loyalty to our beliefs, are political ideologies, I am not very good with words, the SATs I took back in 1984 prior to college out of 800 I scored 770 on math, only 30 points shy, the English section I did deplorable in even though I’ve read one book a week with the high school I went to, my score was only 330 absolutely pathetic, I didn’t only not know the words of the vocabulary for the question I didn’t even know the words of the answers, so what the counselor said is okay you only scored 330 take it again and we will use the highest of your English scores, I actually did worse, and I said that he’s people I am learning I have been reading books my entire life, it was like reading Greek and to this day I cannot understand it that I not only knew what the words in the question meant I didn’t know what the words and the answer meant.

                        I just want to give you some background, I was a biochem major, I’ve been a science buff since I was in 7th grade, I have moved on to subatomic particle physics, it is wild of the shit that they say and what they are proposing because at the littlest scales there’s no way these theories will ever be proved.

                        But to get back to business, I am not brainwashed, I am not susceptible to propaganda, I listen to Fox News I listen to right-wing media, when I’m driving around doing inspections I listen to all the different medias, I know what one is saying and what the other is not saying come and I make my own opinions.

                        I did not like what the Mueller report said I did not like what the January 6th commission is saying, I don’t want to believe that there’s Americans that want to destroy our country or corporations that support the destruction of our country, but in fact brainwashing is real, today it’s exceptionally extremely well done, democracies are falling all over the world, that is where Manafort came in, Obama and Hillary and Biden told Trump to stay away from general Flynn and Manafort but he ran to them come and then he had a fire general Flynn supposedly because he lied to Trump,

                        It’s all about obtaining power and keeping power, you and I both know this, that’s the way it is, but how do they get votes, you know politicians lie on both sides, but today it is devastating I listen to Fox News while I’m doing my inspections and my stomach is in a knot,

                        The virus came out of China, whether it happened in a lab where it happened by nature due to the open air market, we will never know, but trust me when I tell you 40,000 medical workers surround uwan China, The Chinese built two field hospitals within 3 weeks and will get a noble prize award for engineering, don’t tell me or satellites in December did not see that the Chinese surrounded a city with 40,000 medical workers,

                        Obama and Biden spent $500 million hours developing a playbook to stop the next virus from infiltrating our country, Trump not only did not open this playbook He threw it away, he did not do the maintenance on the ventilators, my guess is and it’s only a guess he invested in all those drugs that you mentioned, it’s all about money my friend, that is the sickness of our country.

                        Propaganda’s prevalent, I talked to people and they have now been taught to tell me that they listened to all the news sources, I say to them did you see the gallows that were built in front of the capital during the insurrection, and they say no, and then did you see the oath keepers or whoever it was walk up and formation shoulder to shoulder hands on each shoulder, and they say no, and I say it on you just told me you listen to all the news sources and frankly you have not.

                        I love this country I am more patriotic than anybody I know, I have lost friends and families trying to just explain to them the facts, they jump around with what aboutisms and that I’m the one who’s brainwashed, so I say to them so you believe in brainwashing, they say yes, and then I say could have possibly be you that is the one that is being brainwashed?

                        While driving around doing my appraisals I listen to Fox News, my stomach is in a knot every minute I have that station on. They lie and lie and lie, they twist things around, and all their people remember is how much a disaster the Democrats and liberals are, they don’t know any real facts and they don’t want to know any real facts That is why they listen to Fox News, Fox is a traitor to our country, Fox is the reason the virus got so out of hand, Fox is the reason people didn’t want to take the vaccine or wear masks or social distance, Fox is the reason and will continue to be until removed from the air were made to be a real news station and at least have a disclaimer that their station is for entertainment purposes only.

                        We might be two different sides of the same coin, but buddy I’m not the one who’s down the rabbit hole.

                        • Baggins Baggins says:

                          Well maybe you should switch to infowars, Prager U, Dinesh, Larry Elder, Rogan, Ron, etc, more local news, I don’t know what to tell you. The information is out there, for those whom care to seek it out. Sometimes we can have a better understanding of the world by turning all of the informational mediums off and just experiencing life. We don’t need the government to save us. Try living life with a literal once a day commercial advertising limit now and then, really helps take the stress down. In pursuit of non commercialized spaces.

                          And stop kidding yourself, we know where it came from. You just refuse to believe it. The entire covid show was pre planned theater right down to the wargames ahead of time, the carefully planned sequence of developments and patents laid out the decades before, all brought to fruition on a global scale with intricate timing and coordination, including coordinated censorship and messaging. None of it was random They made a fortune and really don’t care about a few people dying. My rights are granted by god not government, they can keep all the instruments of control, still not subscribing to that.

                          For physics and such, lately I’m drawn to stick man stone and the electrical universe theory, that’s one fascinating hypotheses. Really makes a lot more sense because superstring theories relevance seems to be limited to the butterfly effect, just on an extreme micro scale. It is true, but the theory was never able to expand to the macro scale of planetary bodies. What filled the gap is arguably science fiction, fantastical theories, but mere theories none the less. Interestingly enough, what was observed as superstring theory may actually be micro scale electrical activity which would explain a lot, and also mirror on the macro scale what we see out there far away. Of course someone is going to actually have to take a legitimate photograph of earth first, getting tired of the CGI renderings… (Stickman group just did a face palm over that last comment, guaranteed! LOL)

                          It is human nature to land somewhere but sometimes it’s better to just be generally speculative of everything. What makes people ‘susceptible to propaganda’, is their incessant need to land, and their desire to influence others to land in the same space. Question everything and trust no one. For this article, if previous revelations did not turn people away from these special interest think tanks, nothing will. All we have left is funding and non profit reform.

                          Here, try my brand:

                          • Avatar Chris says:

                            Baggins., Now there is the man that I know and loved, I love how you write, I’ll respond to you tomorrow, but I think we’re making some progress you and I.

                            I will let you know when I land the Colorado, if you don’t want to visit with me for a couple hours I understand but I will definitely tell you where and when I will land, I can have fun anywhere in the world, I could have fun and a bus stop with people who do not know English, and I have, people or people, we’re all the same but we just look different, there’s just not two sexes there’s like seven and God knows how many more, 14-year-old shouldn’t have a baby, you can’t ask women to give up their dreams to raise a child instead, the middle class has no money left and we borrow and borrow and borrow, if you think there’s no way to have government without oversight there’s no way to have government without oversight my friend, we’re only voting for the lesser of the two evils every four years, and then every two years, for the life in me why does the Republican party want to back a guy who lost a house and the Senate and the presidency in just 4 years, with a thousand seats going to the Democrats in 2018, a guy who was lied to the American public 30,500 times document, who is a pathological liar, a spoiled rich kid with mental disabilities that were never addressed by his parents, for Christ’s sake, his aides ass special needs teachers how they could better communicate with Trump come and they said to him use more pictures and mention his name in more of the report, yet 74 million people, of course are great country, religious or not, voted for this maniac who perpetually lies, basically supports every ideology of I am the king and you will do what I tell you, so stupid that he looks at the sun without glasses, thinks that 409 cleaner could be injected in the door veins of our body to get rid of the virus, a guy who literally used a sharpie to change the path of a hurricane that he screwed up on instead of being a man and saying that he screwed up, he is an apathetical moron narcissist perpetual psychological liar, yet 74 million of our people voted for this man, I can’t wait to get out of this country, I can’t wait for this to end, the only way for it to end is to get out of this country, like millions and millions of other people, and it’s not the blue collars that are leaving, it’s the white collars like you and I that have enough of this bullshit, we’re taking our equity and our savings and our social Security and we’re getting the hell out of here.

                            I talked to right wing trumplicans and Republicans every other day when I do inspections up here in whoville republicanville, they are not educated, at best they have high school educations, they have no idea what they actually what they think about, when I ask him simple questions they do not know the answers, all they know is Democrats bad, liberals bad independence bad Gay’s bad, guns are good, it’s okay for an 18-year-old to be able to buy a military assault rifle and kill 200 people in less than a minute, but that’s okay? It is absolutely sickening to me The state of our country and our people, we are divided, we’re in an uncivil war, are people have been brainwashed, they were being triggered to do mass killings, and yet the Republican states allow this, the Republican stakes take the money from the federal government from the blue states, the blue states are the ones that have the educationals in them, the manufacturing the production, come on man, you are not oblivious to this but yet you are, that’s why I’m on you, because you of all people should see the truth, you of all people should be the one talking to these other people on this form, they will listen to you, but there’s no listening anymore, it’s tribal and that is what I’m finding against come I was a registered Republican for 40 years, but I was a McCain Republican, I’m not a trumpet couple Republican but even though I hope Trump would have the professionalism and the decorum to sit in the President’s chair as the most powerful person in the world, what did he do He lied, He lied about how many people were in his inauguration, he lied about it didn’t rain while Melania’s holding a fucking umbrella, he just continually lied and in the first six weeks he took away every government oversight that helped the American citizen, banking environmental, everything that mattered and that Obama Biden had done because that is with the deal he made with the top Republicans to get their endorsement.

                            If you ask yourself, just ask yourself think about what Trump did come and then ask yourself did it help out Putin and Russia and the authoritarianives in this world, I dare you to challenge yourself to ask you these questions.

                            That is why I’m on you about your cognitive dissonance, read the goddamn for paid summary of the meal report and then get back to me or to yourself and then listen to these hearings, and then listen to the perfect phone call or read the transcript as Trump says of the perfect phone call, he extorted a foreign leader who was under attack by Russia and holding up billions of dollars of weapons that you crane could have used against Russia, he gave Syria back to Putin, he gave Afghanistan back to fucking Putin, over and over again, it’s right in front of your eyes but you see it as lies and propaganda and bullshit, he actually wanted to Taliban to come to camp David, he saluted a North Korean general or that fuck who kills his own people, I mean come on man, it’s not me, it’s not CNN or MSNBC, it’s everything literally that he’s ever done, he doesn’t know the difference between good behavior and bad behavior and good attention and bad attention, he’s a spoiled rich kid who was left alone, passed along to military school cuz he had a knife blade fixation, switchblade if I remember correctly, and then we can’t see his grades, we can’t see his taxes, we can’t talk to his professors, he’s the only rich man you can’t see his taxes, he’s the only smart guy we can’t see is grades come he’s the only successful businessman we can’t see his freaking taxes, he declared bankruptcy seven times, what is that like 50 years, 7 / 50 are you freaking kidding me would you hire an accountant that declare bankruptcy seven times come and when no bank in the country will lend him any more money He ended up in Germany, Deutsche Bank who was laundering Russian dirty money, and it was perfect, laundry through all his condos and buildings and real estate throughout our country, all he had to do is give up his DNA to prove that he wasn’t in a sexual assault person for E. Jean Carroll, who want to give their day and I to prove they were innocent?

                            We got to do better my friend, we are Americans and we are the greatest in the world, but right now we are divided and it started with Trump with his bullshit about Obama being born in Africa and he’s a Muslim.

                            I do not like the right wing of America, they have lied and lied and lied to keep the advertising revenue coming in, they aren’t news organizations, they are entertainment stations and therefore cannot be held to a higher standard like CNN and MSNBC and all the others that have to do actual retractions when they make a mistake, at the very least make Fox say to their viewers this is for entertainment only, I dare them.

                            We are way off base with this form but either there’s no way to talk to you other than this forum, I will let you know when I get to a Colorado airport and I will be there for a couple days waiting on you to come. If you dare.

                            • Baggins Baggins says:

                              You’ve done a great job, I’ll take it from here.

                              FYI, fake news does terrible things to the mind.

                              • Avatar chris says:

                                Baggins…well at least you didn’t use any what-about-isms. I hate what-about-isms.

                                See my friend…facts don’t matter to the right anymore. Its all opinions now…..Except for us liberals, Dems, gays, transgendered, black, browns, yellows etc….Pretty much everyone else except the right.

                                Thanks for listening…we all need to blow off steam…especially us appraisers

                                Peace brother !!!

                                • Baggins Baggins says:

                                  This shtick is getting old.

                                  As long as you know you’re the only one still believing in it.

                                  Thank you.

  8. Mary Cummins on Facebook Mary Cummins on Facebook says:

    When Perry’s paper came out I did some research on Brookings. It’s not independent. Donors to the org direct their research direction. There have been quite a few scandals in this regard. Most importantly Perry’s paper was never peer reviewed or published in a journal. It’s not real research. AEI and others have debunked it.

    • Avatar Done says:

      That is true. I researched it as well. It appeared that Mr Perry had an agenda and used flawed material to support it. I’m not saying, though that there are no incidences of bias. There are. However, they are isolated instances and it is in no way systemic. And, Mr Biden, Maxine Waters and others are not educated in appraisal matters, yet seem to think there is a simple fix. Fixing what is not broken is not the answer.

      • Mary Cummins on Facebook Mary Cummins on Facebook says:

        Exactly. Biden and politicians have been using this made up problem to campaign to get votes from POC.

        • Baggins Baggins says:

          Oh boy, with the liberal language again. I mean why bother when the terminology becomes a tool of repression itself.

          My pronouns are as follows; Beef/Steak/Whiskey.


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