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USPAP Compliant Hybrid Online Forms? Risks With Hybrid Reports 14

What’s All the Fuss About?

There is no form that is USPAP compliant… There have been numerous articles and discussions on blogs, social media and other forums concerning alternative products, mainly Hybrid Appraisals. The profession is truly divided on the topic. Some see it as a race to the bottom, others see it as another revenue stream. Regardless if you are for or against completing these products, we need to remind all appraisers that there is no form that is USPAP compliant. The appraiser’s actions are what will make a report USPAP compliant. If the product is an online form, which most are, make sure you are able to...

Senior Citizen Homeowner Rejects Hybrid Appraisal - AppraisersBlogs 26

Homeowner Rejects Hybrid Appraisal

Appraiser Alert: Don’t Mess with a 4’ 10” Senior Citizen! Last week I called a borrower to schedule the appraisal appointment. She asked me some very odd questions; “Are you a licensed appraiser? What is your license number? How can I verify this information?” Well I had never been asked any of these questions in my entire career, but I answered as there really wasn’t anything I was hiding. It was 19 degrees outside when I arrived at the property and this senior citizen, not more than 4 feet 10 inches tall, was sitting on the porch. I proceeded up the porch...

Technology Forced Upon Appraisers Is About Money in AMC Pockets 35

Enough Already, Nobody is Listening

AMC technology is not about efficiency of the appraisal process… I am very tired of reading all the articles from appraisal management companies stating appraisers need to embrace new technologies and tools. Please stop telling me how to do my job! For the record, appraisers are professionally trained and licensed individuals. We use technology each and every day. We use analytical tools each and every day. Our most power tool, our brains, tells us most of these new technologies and analytical tools are pure garbage; not because the programs are flawed, but they do not have enough accurate data to...

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