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ACI Sky Causing Distress for Appraisers 45

ACI Sky Causing Distress for Appraisers

Are you giving in to ACI Sky? An appraiser who will remain anonymous tells us… “within the last week, I have had two issue of concerns with “UAD” compliance and ACI Sky Delivery ( I can hardly write that; as, it is a significant source of stress when I have to deal with it). I have tried to submit reports, with issues that prevented the upload (no surprise with “Sky”). The first involved the 1004MC form. The comparables that were available for the subject were extremely minimal – something like 4-6. The last period only included 1 comparable (no valid...

Incorrect 1004MC Form Trend Reporting 22

Incorrect 1004MC Form Trend Reporting

Appraisers, I have ‘come in contact with’ an appraisal report, produced by a Certified appraiser and its Licensed Trainee – working in the area near my office. It’s clear to me that these two appraisers do not understand trend reporting that this form indicates. By the way, I’m no great fan of the MC form. However, since we are required to use it, we better darn well learn to use it properly. Report what the trends on it show and not something obtained from elsewhere, sometimes called “PFA.” If we don’t, or choose to ignore what the form shows, then the ENTIRE...

MC Form and Incorrect Reporting of DATA 3

MC Form & Incorrect Reporting of DATA

Appraisers, Wednesday last week (11/18/15) WorkingRE published, via their e-Newsletter, an article I submitted to them as an ‘exclusive.’  I was in a jet to Las Vegas to attend the Appraisal Summit & Expo that day.  In case you did not see the article, I’m letting you know about it here. You can access the WorkingRE version of the article here. I want to thank those appraisers who left comments on the WorkingRE site, included below the article, and to those appraisers who wrote me directly. Getting feedback is critical, and appreciated. And kudos to Isaac Peck, Editor and David Brauner, Publisher,...

Down the Rabbit Hole with the Form 1004MC 5

Down the Rabbit Hole with the Form 1004MC

OK, I admit it. I am old school. I still think you need to understand how to do something manually before you throw caution to the wind and buy into new technology to replace a good, old-fashioned, hands-on process that has worked fine for years. I honestly believe the use of technology without a complete understanding of how to do the basic process manually just lets us make more frequent and more complicated mistakes faster. In other words, if you can’t drive a Chevy Nova very well, don’t buy a Maserati Ghibli and expect it to fix your driving problems....

URAR pandoras box 0

URAR Form Ambiguities and Liabilities

Revisiting The Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac 2005 URAR Form Ambiguities and Liabilities It has been eight years since the URAR form was revised. From 2005 to mid-2008, the real estate market experienced a boom and a bust the likes of which we have never seen before, and we are finally seeing a slow recovery. Also during this period, the economic recession and poor lending practices lead to new regulations in both the appraisal and banking industries. Based on the new regulations, Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac mandated appraisers to add more information to the URAR form. As of March 2009, the Market Conditions...

Danger of 1004MC 2

Danger of 1004MC

1004MC : Danger! If you conduct appraisals for residential lending, you are familiar with the 1004MC. Many appraisers rely upon the data which populates the form for conclusions (e.g., trends for Property Values and Prices, relationship between Supply & Demand, etc.) which are later communicated on page 1 of a Fannie Mae appraisal report form. Of course, the data and analysis in the 1004MC are, in part, used by the appraiser in analysis in the Sales Comparison Approach. What could go wrong with this scenario? The correct answer is plenty, resulting in the appraiser communicating misleading opinions and conclusions. What...

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