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If you were affected by the bankruptcy of ES Appraisal Solutions then this is a must for you.

JP Morgan Chase is filing a request for entry of Bar order with the Florida Courts.

What this means is that JP Morgan Chase is trying to settle for $2,316,000. They then would not be liable for any other lawsuits or claims against them in the future regarding any appraisals or BPOs completed. Which means we will NEVER see a dime from the money owed to us.

The deadline to file this objection of the bar is May 24th, which means we have about a week to raise $5,000.

The money will go towards the lawyer fees to file the objection. If the goal is not reached, then all the money will be refunded back to each individual that donated.

The lawyer will also start the class action lawsuit at the same time. The lawyer fee is on contingency of the amount collect.

If you want to join this class action lawsuit please prepare the following first:

  1. Some proof to show that you were really working for Eval. It can be written contract, email trail of orders from Eval.
  2. Second, you need to really figure out how much money they owe you. You need to come up with a detailed list and the amount owed. This can be done by going through your emails or if you have a screen shot from Eval website that is even better.

Please Note: If we DO NOT reach our goal, everyone will be refunded.

Also, this case will start no matter if the goal is not fully reached.  The remaining amount will be paid by an anonymous source.  This fundraiser was created to take some of the burden off of the contributor.

If we work together as one, we can make a difference!

Nick Conteduca

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Have questions or need help? Please contact us with any comments, questions or concerns.

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Stop Chase from Filing Bar Order

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