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AMC Request to Only Appraise the Residence of the Live-Work Building 13

Is This Something You’d Do?

An AMC for a lender contacted a residential appraiser with the request that the appraiser “appraise only the second floor residence” in a two story Live-Work building within a commercial district, where SFR’s are allowed by zoning. Ground floor area of this Live-Work building is an ice cream & gift shop. The second floor is a fully finished & functional residence. Entire property is being sold. There are numerous legitimate Live-Work buildings in Seattle (and likely elsewhere also). They are properly zoned as such, are listed that way, appraised by using similar type sales – and mortgaged. Typically these are 2-3...

$599 Appraisal Waiver to Save the Borrower Money? - Appraisers Blogs 16

$599 Waiver to Save the Borrower Money?

The consumer is being fed yet another lie! Remember when we heard an appraisal waiver will save the borrower money? Do you recall all those videos from loan officers and mortgage companies encouraging borrowers to obtain an appraisal waiver to save them money? News flash – they lied! But you already knew that. Well, fellow appraiser and blogger Krystal Schware of Paragon Appraisal Services has a story for you: “The Danger of Saying Yes to an Appraisal Waiver”. “For only $599, we will grant you an appraisal waiver to help you avoid having an appraisal that ‘comes in short’.” **...

Subject Street Scene Photos' Policy - Appraisers Blogs 13

Street Scene Photos of the Subject Property

Appraisers, the discussion of subject photos occurred recently on a forum I read. How many of you know the street scene “view” policy of FHA and FNMA? How many of you were trained to just take ONE photo from the very front of the subject, looking down the street in one direction or the other (without having the subject in the photo)? Is that ‘good enough’ for a lender to know the context of where the subject is on the street? If a ‘street view policy’ between agencies is more strict for one, would it be appropriate to adopt that policy for...

Cyber Threats Are Real Risks to Appraisal Firms. Corelogic's Data Hacked 14

Cyber Attacks on Corelogic

Recent Cyber Attacks on CoreLogic and a Large Appraisal Firm Expose a Real Business Risk to Valuation Firms and Companies. As two recent attacks show, cyber crimes pose a real risk – legally and economically – to appraisal firms, management companies and other businesses involved in property analytics. If an operation like CoreLogic can be victimized by criminal hackers seeking property information, as it was in an attack earlier this month, any valuation firm or property analytics company is at risk. And, more seriously, the losses suffered by an appraisal firm in the separate cyber attack discussed below demonstrate how...

Help Appraiser in a Coma...Support Barry Cleverdon - Appraisers Blogs 1

Help Appraiser in a Coma

Folks, a colleague named Barry Cleverdon was in a car accident three weeks ago and he has been in a coma ever since. With his wife’s permission here is a GoFundMe to help support him. Barry Cleverdon has over 35 years of appraisal experience in California and he’s been teaching appraisal classes since 1991. On February 5th while on his way to the Real Estate Appraisers Association (REAA) appraiser meeting in Sacramento he got into an accident with a large truck. After the incident he actually walked to a Walmart, called a cab, and was driven home. But he fell...

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