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Don't Fear the AMC's Indemnity Clause - Indemnity Clauses Are Not to Be Feared 7

Don’t Fear

…appraiser who claims to NOT SIGN any kind of appraiser employment agreement with an Indemnity Clause in it… This essay is not positioned as a promotion of AMC’s, which after writing to the end I realized some may believe. I don’t like the AMC business model. But for the time being, we are stuck with AMC’s if one desires to work in the mortgage lending arena. However, some lenders are beginning to realize the AMC business model is proving unworkable and unwieldy, and are moving back to direct assignment placement, or use one of the available ‘portals’ to distribute and accept assignments...

TALCB States 70% of All Complaints Against Appraisers Are Unfounded 115

Frivolous Complaints Against Appraisers

TALCB noted that roughly 70% of all complaints against appraisers are unfounded… The American Guild of Appraiser recently wrote to Texas Sunset Commission expressing member concerns and suggested solutions. We urge readers to copy, paste, edit and send their own comments – even out of state appraisers. Click here to send your comments. Posted AGA comments and concerns Appraiser complaints are allowed to be filed against appraiser by third parties that are not the clients. The appraiser has no recourse to these for recouping costs of defense. Third party complaints by non clients (agents; brokers, buyers, sellers) serve only to...

1, 2, 3... Let's Go! The More of US, the Stronger Our Voices - Appraisers Blogs 2

1, 2, 3… Let’s Go!

Your Executive Committee met last week to discuss future events and issues that impact us all in our day to day lives as professional Appraisers. Everyone of us is an unpaid volunteer working for you on issues that you may not even be aware of. Bernie Bugg and I met with the president and director of WRVA radio to see how we get our story out there. They were surprised and shocked to hear what is going on in the mortgage Appraisal world. They see the looming potential dangers. We are in negotiations with them now. It looks very promising! VaCAP memberships/website address (appraiser...

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…. The Balance Between Art and Science 2

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions….

Each and every day we make decisions. Sometimes we base our decisions on sound, unbiased information, other times we may base our decisions on no information what so ever and are solely based on our opinions and perception. Right or wrong, we make a decision. Appraisers utilize sound unbiased information as well as our opinions and perceptions to complete appraisals. Markets are always changing and often historical data only represents just that, historical information. Historical data does not consider what is happening currently or what has been proposed for the future; both of which play an important role in how the...

“Spirited” Banks Treat Appraisers Like Cattle 15

“Spirited” Banks Treat Appraisers Like Cattle

Warning: lots of “spirited” inside jokes abound. No offense to the cows I’ve met in my lifetime (none are on a first name basis with me). When an institution has “spirit” it is all about the lowest bid and fastest turn time…period. Clerical staff usually makes the choice when institutions (with spirit) treat their appraisers whose spirit has been crushed, like this. In looking at this particular request, here’s what I find — we uploaded the request around 11:30 yesterday. The “huddle” on Appraisal Shield pushes each request out to an appraiser about once an hour — I did a...

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