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E&O Binder Page in Appraisal Reports: Just Say No 21

Quit Doing This. Just Say NO!

E&O coverage has nothing at all to do with underwriting mortgage loans… Do not include your E&O binder page in any appraisal report. Period. End of story. Especially if you are being ‘managed’ by an AMC who has that in their engagement agreement, claiming it’s a lender requirement. A while ago, I received a “correction notice” via a prominent AMC for a report I submitted: “Per lender requirements, evidence of E&O coverage must be included in the report.” My response to the AMC directly via email, not in the report, was this: “To: AMC rep Is there any way you...

Executive Summary in Appraisal Reports 11

Executive Summary in Appraisal Reports

Executive Summary Appraisers, I spent two days last week at the Appraisal Summit and Expo in Las Vegas – which was extremely well planned and presented – co-sponsored by the Columbia Institute and the National Association of Appraisers. Over those two days, in just about every topic presentation seminar, we appraisers were cajoled and implored to improve info we provide in reports to back up our stated value.  We were told that most reports reviewed by lenders are deficient in this aspect.  I admit that my reports need improvement in that kind of presentation – although over the years many...

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