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Racial Bias in Real Estate: Is it the Property Appraisers’ Fault? 16

Racial Bias in Real Estate: Is it the Appraisers’ Fault?

In the past year, the appraisal industry has been under attack from various academics who claim “racial bias” on the part of real property appraisers providing appraisal services to lenders who provide home mortgages. These academics do not fully understand various types of valuation specialties, the appraisers who practice in these specialties, and the myriad of laws that must be followed. Help is needed to explain the appraisal industry, including the specialties and the types of reports. An understanding of the different components of the appraisal industry is necessary to assist various academics, journalists, the media, the public, and the public...

Racial Bias Narrative to Remove Appraisers From the Lending Equation 10

Racial Bias Narrative to Remove Appraisers

…the racial bias narrative will be what is utilized to remove appraisers from the lending equation… Removing us will finally put the FOX completely in charge of the HEN HOUSE…this entire narrative could very well end up costing us all, our way to make a living… Unfortunately, Professional Appraisers have no organized voice and I don’t see that we ever will. There is no one to defend us. And that has been used against us for years. After all that Appraisers have been through over the last 15 years, the racial bias narrative and the allegations of racial discrimination in...

Independent Fee Appraisers Under Attack 45

Independent Fee Appraisers Under Attack

Appraisers, I have reached my boiling point about the negative press ‘we’ Independent Fee Appraisers have been receiving for many months – concerning supposed ‘systemic racial bias.’ It’s been done on purpose by a particular group of individuals whose main strategic objective is to keep many citizens teetering on their toes, always on the defensive, while the perpetrators claim they’ve been oppressed. It’s part of a new ‘culture’ of divisiveness promulgated by negative promoting people hell bent on disrupting society. There is no ‘unity’ in what they are doing. Only attacks. These stories make it seem like ‘we’ Independent Fee...

The Other Side, Racism in Appraisals 26

The Other Side, Racism in Appraisals

…the other side of things, the appraiser profession side since no other news media and organizations are willing to do so… Note: The following blog article is not to defend anyone or to place blame. It is simply a blog looking at this issue from the other side of things, the side that hasn’t been discussed in the media. A couple weeks ago, I was privileged to speak on The National Real Estate Post about appraisal issues. One of the issues we discussed briefly was the ever-growing number of articles being written about allegations of racial discrimination in the appraisal...

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Is Buying Property Near a Casino a Good Bet? 4

Is Buying Property Near a Casino a Good Bet?

Should you gamble on a home near a casino?… A house is probably the biggest single financial commitment that most people make in their lifetimes. So, when they do commit to a property, there are many questions that they need to ask themselves. The first is whether the price is fair for the property and, more to the point, whether the appraiser is going to agree with the market price that the sellers and buyers have agreed upon. This is especially important if the buyer is using a mortgage. If the appraiser’s valuation comes in lower, they’re going to have...

Statistically Supported Appraisal 14

Statistically Supported Appraisal

Lenders are convinced that a statistically supported appraisal is a more reliable valuation. Wow! Does anyone that understands the home valuation process really think a “statically supported” appraisal makes for a better quality report? This is not that hard to understand. What does “statically supported” really mean? It means you get a computerized report, similar to what Zillow or Trulia provides, based on the information in public records. Statistically speaking, the margins of error are frightening!!! Great products for entertainment, NOT for determining the value of your home. This all comes down to the Golden Rule. Lenders are looking for...

Another Bias Story... A Biased Line of Thinking - AppraisersBlogs 11

A Biased Line of Thinking

This ‘new’ bias story really ticks me off. Click the link below to read it: When My Home Appraisal Came Back Low, I Realized We Need to Change the System ( It was written by a notable self-promoter, the so-called “America’s Favorite Financial Educator”, also known as “The Budgetnista,” — Tiffany Aliche. I used to be in marketing. Those are clever. Perhaps even memorable. I question the first one, though, as I’ve never heard of Ms. Aliche until seeing the story and researching her. But I’m not black, either, so I guess that’s my problem. Most of the story is...

You are on the menu 7

You’re on the Menu

“If you don’t have a seat at the table, you are on the menu…” Would it be misleading to disclose you performed a personal inspection of a property done with significant appraisal assistance in which you relied on supported demographics? Well maybe… The Appraisal Foundation has issued a discussion draft to answer this question and others similar to it and wants your opinion. Now we understand that some of you will comment about what’s the point and some will state they don’t have time to participate; others will simply ignore it all together. Someone once said “If you don’t have a seat...

Alleged Systemic Racism in Appraisal Myth 37

Alleged Systemic Racism in Appraisal Myth

In virtually every single case of alleged racism to hit the media recently, admitted staged events were in play. One could argue staging was necessary to identify if a valuation difference resulted from perceptions of what race the occupants are. Fair enough. Provided that the staging itself does not alter the value scenarios. Provided that the results are being honestly reported. I’m skeptical. I’ve researched each case as far as can reasonably be done from the information provided. The American Guild of Appraisers has also offered (repeatedly) to conduct thorough reviews of each and every appraisal involved in the reported...

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