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Everybody complains that the states aren’t doing enough to police the profession. Appraisers are running amok. Fraud is rampant and the states are twiddling their thumbs while caseloads grow exponentially.

The handful of published state disciplines nationwide are a mere droplet compared to the vast ocean of chicanery that’s rising out there.


My question is, where are all the settled cases from the various professional standards and ethics committees of the big appraisal organizations? There should be a generous compendium of meaty disciplines somewhere.

But there isn’t.

If you go to their websites you’ll find plenty of references to ethics and even how to file a complaint about a member. Most have nothing in the way of published results.

One prominent organization had four published disciplines for all of 2010. If IDFPR was only able to squeeze out four disciplines in 2010…I’d be greeting people at Walmart for a living.

This isn’t limited to the familiar appraisal groups.

Here’s what the AQB Instructor Bulletin had regarding instructor sanctions:

To date, the Instructor Review Panel has opened 36 cases, which include complaints against instructors and notification of disciplinary actions.

These cases have resulted in several instructors voluntarily surrendering their instructor certifications, as well as the following sanctions: suspension of an instructor’s certification, a letter of warning or formal letter of reprimand, and revocation of an instructor’s certification. Four cases were not deemed to have merit on their face and were therefore dismissed.

Who surrendered their certifications? Who was suspended? Revoked?

I can’t find that information. More importantly, I shouldn’t have to dig around for it.

How can regulators be held responsible to know whether a USPAP instructor is still eligible to teach when AQB won’t tell us who was suspended, revoked or when it happened?

Nobody wants to lose a case and nobody wants to get sued. We get that. Everybody gets that. But, these are what these organizations are promoting. High standards and ethics.


Then show us. Tell us.

Illinois Appraiser Newsletters, November 2011 Issue

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  1. Thanks for posting this. It’s hard to come across information related to claims against AMC bonds as well, and it really shouldn’t be.


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Show and Tell

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