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Has Mortgage Lending System Improved Due to AMCs? 34

The AMC Dog and Pony Show

From the HVCC to today, can we really say the mortgage lending system has improved due to AMCs? The AMC dog and pony show has been going on for the better part of a decade. Appraisers have been called out for every problem associated with a real estate closing. Ever silent is any talk of better educating Realtors®. They are the ones with the most power in the pricing process, and the majority of so-called “appraisal problems” are because they say it’s a problem. That’s a LOT of power. But somehow, they manage to stay under the radar and no...

Is the Non-appraiser Inspector Worthy of Belief? Can You Believe That? 27

Can You Believe That? Hybrid Appraisal Part 4

…non-appraiser inspector must not provide any significant appraisal assistance… This is Part Four in a series on Hybrid Appraisal. Be sure to read Part One, Part Two and Part Three. The term “hybrid appraisal” (as it’s currently used), means that the appraiser sits at a desk, while someone else (not an appraiser) looks at the property. It appears that the non-appraiser may or may not inspect the interior, measure the improvements – but always takes a front photo, similar to what can be found in MLS listings, or Google Earth street pictures. The basic claim is that the overall process is cheaper and faster, and...

Deal Falls Through & Everyone Blames the Appraiser - AppraisersBlogs 12

Blaming Appraisers

…deal falls through and everyone involved is convinced the appraiser ruined everything… We hear all about low appraisals, but we never seem to hear about homes that are flat-out over priced, often by an agent who wants to prove they are smarter than everyone else and will take advantage of any unusual feature or circumstance to push the value beyond any other homes in the local market. For example: A buyer finds a house in need of some updating. Medium sized market and things are selling between 90-120 days on average. The neighborhood is good and the house has a...

Size vs. Value - Finaly...The Truth About Price per Sq.ft. in Valuations 12

Truth About Price per Sq.ft. in Valuations

…has nothing to do with size… This article from realtor.com titled ‘Forget Price Per Square Foot: The More Accurate Ways to Determine Your Home’s Value’ explains why price per square foot is not a good gauge of value. Excerpt: A home’s price per square foot is a common way to quantify its value… Many home shoppers even use it as a determinant for whether or not they’ll even consider touring a home. But that doesn’t mean it’s the most accurate, end-all and be-all way to gauge a home’s value and compare it with other houses. Why? Because all homes are...

The RPR® Epidemic – Online Valuations vs Trained Appraisers 11

The RPR® Epidemic – Online Valuations vs Trained Appraisers

Consumer protection goes right out the door as consumers learn to trust these online valuations over a local, highly trained appraiser. Realtor Property Resource® is a private automated system just for Realtor® members. They are making great strides in promoting this service, and more and more agents are using this system to create their CMAs to present to owners. I recently reviewed a report provided by the listing agent which included sixty-nine pages of every imaginable piece of information. To an owner, this must look very impressive. However, to anyone who understands what a “Comparable” sale is, this report was...

Agents Blacklisting Appraisers 47

No I Won’t Work With This Appraiser

How much power do agents have over the appraisal process? The lender gets a call. Agent tells them that appraiser “X” just called to set up an appointment to do the appraisal for 123 Main St. That darn appraiser killed my last deal and if he is appraising this house, I will have my clients find another lender. I flat-out refuse to work with this appraiser. Whether it’s the listing or buyer’s agent, who put this person in charge of the appraisal process? Does the banker have to listen to them and risk losing the loan? It depends. What’s his...

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